Metal thin film chip resistors (precision) ■ RR series Features ● Excellent characteristics in resistance tolerance, temperature coefficient of resistance, current noise, and linearity Thin film surface mount resistors Applications ● Any electronics applications that require accuracy and reliability such as automotive electronics, industrial test and measurement, consumer electronics and many others. RR series Specifications Dimensions *Stocked items: E-24 series (TCR P and Q, resistance tolerance D), other E-24 and E-96 series are made to order. unit:mm L Dimension (inch) W RR0306 (0201) RR0510 (0402) RR0816 (0603) RR1220 (0805) RR1632 (1206) RR2632 (1210) B 0.30±0.05 0.50±0.05 0.80±0.20 1.25±0.20 1.60±0.20 2.60±0.20 0.12±0.05 0.20±0.10 0.30±0.20 0.40±0.20 0.50±0.20 0.50±0.20 B 0.12±0.05 0.25±0.05 0.30±0.20 0.40±0.20 0.45±0.20 0.45±0.20 T T 0.60±0.05 1.00±0.05 1.60±0.20 2.00±0.20 3.20±0.20 3.20±0.20 A A L W 0.23±0.03 0.35±0.05 0.40±0.10 0.40±0.10 0.40±0.10 0.40±0.10 Electrical characteristics Series name RR0306 RR0510 RR0816 RR1220 RR1632 RR2632 power E series offered 1/20W 1/16W 1/16W 1/10W 1/8W 1/4W E-24 E-24, E-96 10 ~ 33 ~ 10 ~ 100 ~ 10 ~ 100 ~ 10 ~ 100 ~ 10 ~ 51 ~ 100 ~ 10 ~ 51 ~ 100 ~ Resistance range (Ω) 30 22k 91 100k 91 360k 91 1M 47 1M 200k 47 1M 200k ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ○ ー ー ○ Resistance ±0.1%(B) tolerance ±0.5%(D) ー ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ー ○ ○ ー (%) ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ±1.0%(F) ○ ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ○ ー ー ○ ±5(V) Temperature ±10(N) ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ○ ー ー ○ coefficient of ー ○ ー ○ ー ○ ー ○ ー ○ ○ ー ○ ○ ±25(P) resistance ー ー ー ー ○ ー ○ ー ○ ー ー ○ ー ー ±50(Q) (ppm/℃) ー ○ ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ±100(R) ○ Maximum voltage 15V 25V 75V 100V 150V 200V Operating temperature −55 ℃~ 125 ℃ 5,000pcs ○ ー ○ ○ ○ ○ Packaging 10,000pcs ー ○ ー ー ー ー Contact us for the jumper resistor in RR0816 size (part number: RL0816-JMP) Part numbering system * Please refer to Page6. RR 0816 P - 102 - D - (M) - (T5) - (***) Only given to 3 digit codes for RR0816 E-96 series Taping quantity RR1632, RR2632 5000pcs : T5 Letter M is added for RR1220 E-96 series 4 digit codes. RR0306, RR0510, RR0816, Resistance tolerance RR1220:no code is given Resistance value RR0306, RR0510, RR0816, RR1220 E-24 series : 3digit RR0306, RR0510, RR0816, RR1220 E-96 series : 4digit RR1632, RR2632 : 4digit Rated power Temperature coefficient of resistance Size Series code 11 Complete Product Catalogue Thin Film Product










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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
RR0816P-752-D 5000個   PBF
RR0816P-752-D 4130個 N/A LEADED
RR0816P-752-D 38997個    
RR0816P-752-D 13500個    
RR0816P-752-D 10233個    






RR0816P-752-Dの取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

8a 0001506150000  1001707190000  1001711220000 

RR0816P-101-B RR0816P-101-B-T5 RR0816P-101-D RR0816P-101-D116W0603 RR0816P101D-C
RR0816P-101-DNH RR0816P-101-DSUSUMU060 RR0816P101D-T5-C RR0816P-102-B RR0816P102BN
RR0816P-102-BNH RR0816P-102-BROHS0 RR0816P-102-B-T5 RR0816P102BT5C RR0816P102BT5OZD
RR0816P-102-BTS RR0816P-102-D RR0816P102D-C RR0816P-102-D-L20 RR0816P102DN
RR0816P-102-DNH RR0816P-102-DPBF RR0816P-102-D-T5 RR0816P102D-T5-C RR0816P-103-B-T5
RR0816P-103-D RR0816P-103-D-01C RR0816P103D-C RR0816P-103-D-F RR0816P-103-DPBF
RR0816P-103-D-T1 RR0816P103D-T5-C RR0816P-104-B-T5 RR0816P-104-B-T5-61H RR0816P-104B-T5-C
RR0816P-104-B-T5SUSUMU RR0816P-104-D RR0816P-104-D-C RR0816P-1051-B-T5-03H RR0816P-1053-B-T5-03D
RR0816P-1071-B-T5-04H RR0816P-1073-D-04D RR0816P-111-D RR0816P-112-D RR0816P-112-D1K060305
RR0816P-1132-B-T5-06C RR0816P113B RR0816P-113-B-T5 RR0816P-113-D RR0816P-114-D
RR0816P-1212-B RR0816P-121-B-T5 RR0816P-121-D RR0816P-121-D060305S RR0816P-122-D
RR0816P-122-D-L20 RR0816P-122-DPBF RR0816P122D-T5-C RR0816P-123-D RR0816P-123-D-C
RR0816P-123-DPBF RR0816P-124-D RR0816P-1272-B-T5-11C RR0816P1302D RR0816P-131-D
RR0816P-132-D RR0816P133BT5-C RR0816P-133-D RR0816P-133-DPBF RR0816P-134-B-T5
RR0816P-134-D RR0816P-1403-B-T5-15D RR0816P-1470-B-17A RR0816P-1471-D-17H RR0816P-1472-B-T5-17C
RR0816P-1472-D-17C RR0816P-1473-D-17D RR0816P-150-D RR0816P-151-D RR0816P-151-DSUSUMU060
RR0816P-152-B-T5 RR0816P-152-D RR0816P152DT RR0816P-153-B-T5 RR0816P-153-D
RR0816P153D-C RR0816P-153-D-T1 RR0816P-1542-B-T5-19C RR0816P-154-B-T5 RR0816P-154-D
RR0816P-154-D-19A RR0816P-1582-D-20C RR0816P-161-D RR0816P-162-D RR0816P-163-D
RR0816P-164-D RR0816P-1651-D-22H RR0816P-1652-B-T5-22C RR0816P-1691-B-T5-23H RR0816P-181-D
RR0816P-181-D18006030 RR0816P-181-D180SUSUMU RR0816P-181-DPBF RR0816P-181-DR180116W RR0816P-182-B-T5
RR0816P-182-D RR0816P183B-C RR0816P-183-D RR0816P-184-B-T5 RR0816P-184-D
RR0816P-1872-B-T5-27C RR0816P-1913-D-28D RR0816P201B-T1-C RR0816P-201-D RR0816P-201-D-5
RR0816P201DT-5-C RR0816P202B RR0816P-202-B-T5 RR0816P-202-D RR0816P202D-C
RR0816P-202-DPBF RR0816P202D-T5-C RR0816P203B RR0816P-203-B-T5 RR0816P-203-D
RR0816P203D-C RR0816P-203-DPBF RR0816P-203-D-T5 RR0816P203D-T5-C RR0816P-204-D
RR0816P204D-C RR0816P2052D-C RR0816P-2101-B-T5-32H RR0816P-2103-D-32D RR0816P-2150-D-33A
RR0816P-2151-D-33H RR0816P2211D34H RR0816P2213D-C RR0816P-221-B-T5 RR0816P-221-D
RR0816P-222-B-T5 RR0816P-222-D RR0816P-223-B-T5 RR0816P-223-D RR0816P-223-D-T5
RR0816P-2323-B-T5-36D RR0816P-2323-D-36D RR0816P-240-D RR0816P-241-D RR0816P-241-DPBF
RR0816P-242-B-T5 RR0816P-242-D RR0816P-243-D RR0816P-243-D-C RR0816P-244-D
RR0816P-2491-B-T5-39H RR0816P2491D-C RR0816P-2493-B-T5-39D RR0816P-2493-D RR0816P-2493-D-390
RR0816P-2493-D-39D RR0816P-271-D RR0816P-271-D060305S RR0816P-272-D RR0816P-273-D
RR0816P-273-D-T5 RR0816P-273-D-T5-C RR0816P-2742-D-43C RR0816P-274-D RR0816P-2801B
RR0816P-2803-B-T5-44D RR0816P-2871B-T5-C RR0816P-2872-D-45C RR0816P3011B-C RR0816P-3013-D-47D
RR0816P301B-C RR0816P-301-B-T5 RR0816P-301-D RR0816P-302-B-T5 RR0816P-302-D
RR0816P-303-D RR0816P-304-B-T5 RR0816P-304-D RR0816P-304-D-T5-C RR0816P-3242-D-50C
RR0816P-331-D RR0816P-331-D33006030 RR0816P-331-D330SUSUMU RR0816P331DN RR0816P-331-DONLY
RR0816P3321B-C RR0816P-3322-B-T5-51C RR0816P3323BT5-C RR0816P-332-B-T5 RR0816P-332-D
RR0816P-332-D-C RR0816P333B RR0816P-333-B-T5 RR0816P-333-D RR0816P333D-C
RR0816P-334-D RR0816P-3480-D-53A RR0816P-3482B-T5-53C RR0816P-3571-D-54H RR0816P-3572-B-T5-54C
RR0816P-361-D RR0816P-361-DPBF RR0816P-362-D RR0816P-363-D RR0816P-364-D
RR0816P3650B-T5-C RR0816P-3650-D-55A RR0816P3740B RR0816P-3741-D-56H RR0816P-391-D
RR0816P-391-DPBF RR0816P-3921-B-T5-58H RR0816P3921D-C RR0816P-3922-B-T5-58C RR0816P-392-D
RR0816P392D-C RR0816P-393-D RR0816P-393-DPBF RR0816P-4020-B-T5-59A RR0816P-4121-B-T5-60H
RR0816P-4121-D-60H RR0816P-4222-B-T5-61C RR0816P-431-D RR0816P-432-B RR0816P-432-B-T5
RR0816P-432-D RR0816P-433-D RR0816P-4420-D-63A RR0816P-4421-D-63H RR0816P-4531-D-64H
RR0816P-4532-D-64C RR0816P-471-B-T5 RR0816P-471-D RR0816P-472-B-T5 RR0816P-472-D
RR0816P472D-C RR0816P-473-B-T5 RR0816P-473-D RR0816P-473-DPBF RR0816P-4752-D-66C
RR0816P4871D-C RR0816P-4990B RR0816P-4990-B-T5-68A RR0816P-4990-D-68A RR0816P-4991-B
RR0816P-4991-B-T5-68H RR0816P-4992-B-T5-68C RR0816P5111B-C RR0816P-5111-D-69H RR0816P5111D-C
RR0816P-511-B-T5 RR0816P-511-D RR0816P-511-D51006030 RR0816P-511D-69H RR0816P-511-DPBF
RR0816P-512-D RR0816P512D-C RR0816P-512-DPBF RR0816P-513-B-T5 RR0816P-513-D
RR0816P5230B RR0816P-5360-D-71A RR0816P-5490-B-T5-72A RR0816P-561-B-T5 RR0816P-561-D
RR0816P-561-D0603SUSUM RR0816P5620D RR0816P-5621-BT5C RR0816P-5621-D-73H RR0816P-562-D
RR0816P562D-C RR0816P-563-D RR0816P563D-C RR0816P-5902-D-75C RR0816P-6040-D-76A
RR0816P-6041-D-76H RR0816P-6042-D-76C RR0816P-6190-D-77A RR0816P-6191-D-77H RR0816P-6192-D-77C
RR0816P-621-D RR0816P-621-D05SMDSU RR0816P-621-D62006030 RR0816P-621D-C RR0816P-622-B-T5
RR0816P-622-D RR0816P-623-D RR0816P-6340-D-78A RR0816P-6341B RR0816P-6341-D-78H
RR0816P6341D-T5 RR0816P-6342-D-78C RR0816P-6490-D-79A RR0816P-6491-D-79H RR0816P-6492-D-79C