Air Electro,Inc.




Established in 1952, Air Electro (AEI) brings over 60 years of experience to the following industries: Civil Aviation, Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Avionics, as well as supporting the In-Flight Entertainment Market. Products and services include the manufacturing and distribution of electrical connectors, contacts, and related accessories. Since 1992 we have emerged as a specialist in the manufacturing of custom connectors, contacts, and cable assemblies. Today, AEI offers complete manufacturing capabilities for custom connectors and contacts, specializing in the manufacturing of printed circuit contacts. Manufacturing capabilities include Swiss precision screw machines with short run capabilities.


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80 0001511150000  1001711064000 

GE GE00117-M20-96MM GE00117-M20-9MM GE0015MFD1050V GE0018MFD10200V
GE001MFD1050V GE002207 GE0027MFD10200V GE0027MFD1050V GE003878-001
GE0039MFD1050V GE0056MFD10200V GE010C GE0110C GE012MFD10400V
GE012MFD1050V GE012MFD10600V GE014667 GE015MFD10400V GE018MFD1050V
GE01MFD10100V GE01MFD10600V GE021000 GE0250NC00130 GE030C
GE0368IOGVOFC-PF GE039MFD1050V GE04048REVH GE0407-BCSR01 GE04120
GE0500-045-2500-S GE05-002-00 GE050C GE050CMAL GE051
GE0514 GE05145-7HR GE0526-C GE05417X032 GE056MFD10200V
GE-05-SR GE-0603WWA2-C6W15-3B GE-0603WWA2-C6W15-3BWI GE-0603WWA2-C6W15-3BWIR GE060D
GE062510-000-AC0 GE06450X012REV1 GE0664 GE-06K-06060043 GE070D
GE07VO60 GE080D GE08490X012 GE08AS-B1141-H32 GE08-PCB-1G
GE0940500G2ZN GE09V275 GE09VD25 GE0J331MKYANG GE-1
GE10 GE100 GE10000 GE10001 GE10002
GE10003 GE10004 GE10005 GE10006 GE10007
GE10008 GE10009 GE-1000BASE-LX GE10012 GE10013
GE10015 GE1001503 GE10016 GE1002 GE10020
GE10021 GE10022 GE10023 GE1003 GE1004
GE1004-M4C025-22 GE-1005 GE10096227P2-LF-A GE10096241P2-LF GE100D
GE100LV GE100UF-10V GE100UF-6V3 GE100V82UF20 GE100Z15
GE-10102 GE101039472 GE101039475 GE101039484 GE101039918
GE101039925 GE101039926 GE101041392 GE101041393 GE101041394
GE101041395 GE101041396 GE101041396-0 GE101041397 GE101041398
GE101041399 GE101041612 GE101041687 GE101041688 GE101041689
GE101041690 GE101041729 GE101041730 GE101041800 GE101041859
GE101041860 GE101041861 GE10-106G GE101216 GE101219
GE10127MEG5 GE101308 GE101J1AQ0 GE101J1AV2Q GE101K
GE1021 GE-10250 GE102585-01 GE102595-01 GE-102G
GE102K GE102KMAL GE102M GE103 GE-10307
GE10-375 GE1039 GE1039-3 GE10395012-001 GE103G
GE103G4 GE103K GE103KMAL GE103M GE-103M1
GE-103-SS GE103Y GE10458 GE-1047 GE104701
GE104705 GE104707 GE104970 GE104B5015P1 GE104B5018P1
GE105245 GE105272 GE1057 GE1059 GE105970
GE10641722 GE10642314 GE10642415 GE10642417 GE10642420
GE106425-1 GE10642512 GE10642515 GE10642518 GE10642524
GE106425-4 GE106425-8 GE106426-1 GE106426-6 GE1065
GE106B6538G1 GE107187 GE1073 GE107B6511P11 GE-107B8368P2
GE1084 GE1084-ADJ GE1084-ADJ-F1 GE1085-33 GE1085A
GE109608 GE1099 GE109W8135P680 GE10A GE10C5
GE10C5206-02 GE10E GE-10-LLR GE10LLRA3C GE10N060M
GE11 GE1101-1 GE1102 GE11029624 GE1103
GE1104 GE110UK-2RS GE11-1 GE11-10 GE11-13
GE11-16 GE1117A-50 GE11-19 GE111C2434G10 GE111C2434G11
GE111C2434G7 GE111C2434G9 GE112 GE11-3 GE11-4
GE-1140 GE-1141 GE1147 GE1147-50 GE11-5
GE-1156 GE-1159 GE11-6 GE1162 GE1168
GE117 GE-1175 GE11768 GE11769 GE11770
GE11771 GE-1178 GE-1178NTE1178 GE-1179 GE11-8
GE-1183 GE-1195 G-E1196 GE11A61V40 GE11A61V60
GE11AGX515R GE11H12D GE11H6 GE12 GE120K
GE-120Z GE-121 GE-1211 GE-1213-02PL GE-1218
GE-1219 GE121K GE121KMAL GE-121MP GE1224
GE-1228 GE-123 GE-123AP GE1247-1 GE1251
GE125-10 GE125-3S5 GE1255323-LF GE1255333-LF GE-1257
GE1258537-V107-LF GE125-V6 GE1260 GE-1261-03 GE12661
GE128-7KV24K GE128A5289P-13 GE128-C GE128-C69 GE129438-01A
GE129A4039P1R2 GE12AU7A GE12B10V40 GE12B10V60 GE12C
GE12I05-P1J GE12I07-P1J GE12I09-P1J GE12I12-P1J GE12I15-P1J
GE-13 GE13006HCI GE1301 GE1302 GE1304