Active-Semi Inc.




Founded in 2004 in Silicon Valley and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Active-Semi is a rapidly emerging leader in the multi-billion dollar power management IC and intelligent digital motor drive IC markets. The company's portfolio of analog and mixed signal SoCs (systems-on-chips) are scalable core platforms used in charging, powering and embedded digital control systems for end applications such as industrial, commercial and consumer equipment. The company offers power application microcontrollers, DC/DC, AC/DC, and PMU that significantly reduce solution size and cost while improving system-level reliability. Active-Semi's turnkey solutions deliver energy-saving power conversion architectures that minimize energy usage and compress system development cycle-time by greater than 50 percent. Active-Semi ships 30 million power ICs per quarter, and has so far shipped 1.5 billion ICs. The multi-national company focuses on commercializing industry leading power management IC solution platforms and has developed broad intellectual property with 155 patents granted and pending. Active-Semi International Inc. is a Cayman Island corporation.


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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
EN100/25/BULK 50個    
EN100/25/BULK 50個    
EN1010 5個    
EN1011C1 5個    
EN11235 1個    
EN11HNB0BQ20 400個    
EN11HSM1AF15 200個    
EN11VNB1AQ15 200個    
EN11VSM0AF20 200個    
EN1212C1 5500個 2010+  



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81 0001611120000 

E-0000-0024 E000001 E-00000-198-001-02 E00-0005-55 E000016
E000017 E000021 E000021-00150GL E000022 E00003753
E00003757 E00003762 E00004229 E00004952 E00005062
E00-0051001 E00005140 E00005145 E-00006 E00006559
E00006728 E00006886 E0000743 E00007564 E00007684
E00007907 E00008079 E00008752 E0000899605B E0000H128K
E0001 E00010242 E00010243 E00010249 E00010311
E00011488 E00012666 E0001271 E00012929 E0001299
E00013095 E0001390 E0001525 E0001536 E0001589
E000190-X6981GN E00019439 E00019919 E00020242 E00020896
E00021325 E00021694 E0002230A1PA1215101YAA E00022475 E00023431
E00023714 E00023827 E00024048 E00024731 E00-025
E00027259 E00027473 E00027474 E00027475 E00027489
E00027521 E0002777105B E00027788 E00027812 E00027861
E00028086 E00029694 E00030547 E0003123 E0003T
E000423P20 E000424P32 E0004340 E00-057-000 E00-061-200
E00-061-642 E000617 E00-061-851 E00-061-918 E-000624DFC
E-000624DFC-1000 E000784500 E00087802 E-0008BZ E000NIPHLZ
E001 E00102001011425 E001-0414 E0010511600 E001293-01
E001293-02 E001294-09REV2 E001294-09REV3 E001294-10REV2 E001294-18
E001294-31REV1 E001294-38 E001294-56 E001338-300 E001345-500
E001459-100 E001460-100 E001547-01 E001547-02 E001547-03
E001547-04 E001547-05 E001547-06 E001547-07 E001547-09
E001549-400 E001555 E001653-240 E001671 E001674
E001700 E001718-050 E001748 E001789 E001790
E00188 E0019 E00190200 E001937 E001938
E001939 E001940 E001B612 E002 E002002
E0020205C E002020H16000110K E-002-0300 E002046440 E002085REVA
E002086 E002087M005531 E002118E002118 E002281-02 E00-228-225
E002288800 E002378-02 E0024004 E002488-360 E00256429CEA0
E0026K255000 E002727-225 E002728-175 E002903X E0029327
E003 E003003 E003013 E003021 E003031
E003032 E003038 E003039 E003046 E003047
E003103X E00358400 E0036 E003601 E0036487
E0037336 E0038-TG E00390001 E003902X E003A112
E003PZ010SC E003-RPI E003SZ010SC E004 E0043-4COP
E0043-5CO E0046C922 E004743-02 E00485 E005
E005002X E-005-0092A E005087 E005088-150 E0050L0013
E0050L0023 E005-16 E0052N10B6PNE E0052N10B6PNF E0052N10B6PWE
E0052N10B6PWF E0052N10B6SNE E0052N10B6SNF E0052N10B6SWE E0052N10B6SWF
E0052N12B10PNE E0052N12B10PNF E0052N12B10PWE E0052N12B10PWF E0052N12B10PXE
E0052N12B10PXF E0052N12B10PYE E0052N12B10PYF E0052N12B10PZE E0052N12B10PZF
E0052N12B10SNE E0052N12B10SNF E0052N12B10SWE E0052N12B10SWF E0052N12B10SXE
E0052N12B10SXF E0052N12B10SYE E0052N12B10SYF E0052N12B10SZE E0052N12B10SZF
E0052N12B3PNE E0052N12B3PNF E0052N12B3PWE E0052N12B3PWF E0052N12B3PXE
E0052N12B3PXF E0052N12B3PYE E0052N12B3PYF E0052N12B3SNF E0052N12B3SWF
E0052N12B3SXF E0052N12B3SYF E0052N14B12PNE E0052N14B12PNF E0052N14B12PWE
E0052N14B12PWF E0052N14B12PXE E0052N14B12PXF E0052N14B12SNF E0052N14B12SWF
E0052N14B12SXF E0052N14B15PNE E0052N14B15PNF E0052N14B15PWE E0052N14B15PWF
E0052N14B15PXE E0052N14B15PXF E0052N14B15PYE E0052N14B15PYF E0052N14B15PZE
E0052N14B15PZF E0052N14B15SNF E0052N14B15SWF E0052N14B15SXF E0052N14B15SYF
E0052N14B15SZF E0052N14B19PNE E0052N14B19PNF E0052N14B19PWE E0052N14B19PWF
E0052N14B19PXE E0052N14B19PXF E0052N14B19PYE E0052N14B19PYF E0052N14B4PNF
E0052N14B4PWF E0052N14B4SNF E0052N14B4SWF E0052N14B5PNE E0052N14B5PNF
E0052N14B5PWE E0052N14B5PWF E0052N14B5PXE E0052N14B5PXF E0052N14B5PYE
E0052N14B5PYF E0052N14B5PZE E0052N14B5PZF E0052N14B5SNF E0052N14B5SWF
E0052N14B5SXF E0052N14B5SYF E0052N14B5SZF E0052N16B21PNE E0052N16B21PNF
E0052N16B21SNE E0052N16B21SNF E0052N16B26PNE E0052N16B26PNF E0052N16B26PWE
E0052N16B26PWF E0052N16B26PYE E0052N16B26PYF E0052N16B26PZE E0052N16B26PZF
E0052N16B26SNE E0052N16B26SNF E0052N16B26SWE E0052N16B26SWF E0052N16B26SYE