L149 4A LINEAR DRIVER s s s s s s s HIGH OUTPUT CURRENT (4A peak) HIGH CURRENT GAIN (10.000 typ.) OPERATION UP TO ± 20 V THERMAL PROTECTION SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION OPERATION WITHIN SOA HIGH SLEW-RATE (30 V/ms) DESCRIPTION Pentawatt V The L149 is a general purpose power booster in Pentawatt ® package consisting of a quasi-complentary darlington output stage with the associated biasing system an inhibit facility. uc d The device is particularly suited for use with an operational amplifier inside a closed loop configuration to increase output current. ORDERING NUMBER: L149V TEST CIRCUIT (s) ct te le s) t( ro P so Ob - du o Pr e let o bs O July 2003 1/6








パワー半導体の主力であるパワーモジュールは世界シェアトップ。 レーザーダイオード -主にCDドライブやDVDドライブに使用される赤色・緑色レーザーダイオードで世界シェアトップ。


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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
L149 250個    
L149 66個    
L149 22個    
L149 15個    
L1498AC309 500個    
L1498AC309 500個    
L149L 52680個    
L149V 23個 85+  
L149V 20個    




L149の取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

c9 0001511120000  0991708090000 

L1 L10 L100 L10-0001-000 L10000DCV1
L10000DCV3BL L10000R1 L10-005 L-1000-F2-CT L-1000-F2-T2
L1000J12K5 L1000J15RE L1000J250E L1000J250KE L1000J48RE
L1000J500E L1000J75R L1000J8K2E L10010RMV3 L10011BLACK
L10011P L10011RED L-1002YD L-10034VBCDS-D L-10034VR41CDR-C1
L-10034VW1CDR L-1004SEC-J3-LA15 L-1004SYDK-LA15 L-1004VGC-Z-LA15 L1007C100KPWST
L1007C100MDWIT L1007C101KPWST L1007C102KPWST L1007C102MPWST L1007C221KPWST
L1007C471KPWST L1007C4R7MPWST L100AD11-ST L100H50R L100J100
L100J100E L100J100E-MT1 L100J100K L100J100KE L100J10K
L100J10KE L100J10R L100J10R0 L100J10RE L100J110-6122
L100J125 L100J125E L100J130E L100J150 L100J150E
L100J150E-MT1 L100J15K L100J15KE L100J1K0 L100J1K0E
L100J1K2 L100J1K5 L100J1K5E L100J1K5E-B L100J1R0E
L100J1R30 L100J200 L100J200E L100J20K L100J20KE
L100J20RE L100J250 L100J250-B L100J250E L100J250K
L100J25KE L100J25R L100J25RE L100J2K0 L100J2K0E
L100J2K5 L100J2K5E L100J2R0 L100J2R0E L100J30K
L100J30KE L100J30R L100J3K0 L100J3K0E L100J3K5E
L100J3R0 L100J3R0E L100J400E L100J40KE L100J40R
L100J440-6122 L100J450 L100J4R0 L100J4R0E L100J500
L100J500E L100J500E-MT1 L100J50K L100J50KE L100J50R
L100J50RE L100J5K0 L100J5K0E L100J5R0 L100J5R0-600A
L100J5R0E L100J60KE L100J6K0E L100J6K8 L100J750
L100J750E L100J75K L100J75KE L100J75R L100J75RE
L100J7K5 L100J7K5E L100J7R0 L100J8K0 L100JR60
L10-0R681 L-100UWC-TRSMTWHITER L-100V102C-A100V100UF L100WNC2M18 L100WS2M1
L100WS2M2 L100WTL2M13 L100WTL2M14 L10100JF L101011MS02Q
L101011SS03Q L1-01037097MEGARAID2CHANNEL L-1010-AD-00 L-1010-AD-28 L1010J1CRV3BE2
L1010J1CRV3BE2X L10-1100K L10-1-101 L10-1-102-G L10-1-104-G
L10-110K L10110WM1 L10-11-120R25 L10-1120R L-1011-3
L10-1-151 L10-1-152 L10-1-153 L10-1-154 L10-115K
L10-1180R L10-1-182 L10-1-182G L10-11K L10-11M
L10-12120R L10-12180R L10-1220R L10-1-221 L10-1-222
L10-1222R L10-1-223-G L10-1-224 L10-122K2 L10-122R2
L10-1256K L-1012-6 L10-128,2K L10-1330R L10-1-331
L10-1-332 L10-1-333 L10-1-334 L10136 L10-1390S391
L10-13K3 L10-13K9 L1014563 L10-1-471 L10-1-472-G
L10-1-473-G L10-1-474 L10-147K L10-147K5 L10-14K7
L10-1560R L10-1-564 L-1015-AA02-203 L-1015-B72-05 L10-1680R
L10-1-681-G L10-1-683 L10-1-684 L10-1-684G L-1016-BA07-205
L10-182R L10-1C101 L10-1C102 L10-1C102G L101C103
L10-1C103ES L10-1C103G L10-1-C103LF L10-1C104 L101C105
L10-1C-105ES L10-1C105G L101C105LF L10-1C-111 L10-1C-122
L10-1C122G L10-1C-122T L101C123 L10-1C-151 L10-1C151G
L101C152 L10-1C152ES L10-1C153 L10-1C-154 L10-1C-181
L10-1C181G L101C183 L10-1C183G L10-1C-201 L10-1C202
L10-1C-203 L10-1C203G L10-1C-204 L10-1C-221 L10-1C222
L10-1C222G L10-1C223 L10-1C223G L10-1C-224 L10-1C-271
L10-1C271G L10-1C-272 L10-1C272G L10-1C273G L10-1C-301
L10-1C301G L10-1C-330 L10-1C331 L101C332 L10-1C332G
L10-1C333 L10-1C333G L10-1C-390 L101C392 L10-1C-470
L10-1C471 L10-1C471G L10-1C472 L10-1C472ES L10-1C-473
L10-1C473G L10-1C-474 L10-1C-511 L10-1C560 L10-1C-561
L10-1C561G L10-1C-562 L10-1C562G L10-1C-563 L10-1C-680
L10-1C681G L10-1C-820 L101C821 L10-1C-822 L10-1C822G
L10-1C-823 L10-1-CROSS L101DG L101DR L101DR-FL
L101DRG L101DY L101DYDRFL L10-1-R1K L10-1R470K
L10-1-R6,8K L10-1S-102 L101S102LF L101S103 L10-1S-103AP
L10-1S103B L101S103LF L101S104LF L10-1S-105 L10-1S121
L10-1S121G L101S151LF L101S152 L101S152LF L10-1S-153