Card Interface : e・MMC | MLC NAND | TOSHIBA Semiconductor & Storage Products Company 12/2/2013 English Site Map Part Number Home Products Applications Keyword Design/Support C ontact Us Other Searches Sample/Purchase Company Profile Home > Products > Memories/Storages Devices > NAND Flash Memory > MLC NAND > C ard Interface : e ・ MMC Memories/Storages Devices Card Interface : e・ MMC NAND Flash Memory MLC NAND Card Interface : e ・ MMC NAND Interface: SmartNAND™ e ·MMC™ is a family of NAND flash memories w ith control functionality such as ECC, w ear leveling and badblock management. e ·MMC™ also provides a high-speed memory card interface compliant w ith JEDEC/MMCA Version 4.41/4.5, eliminating the need for users to be concerned about directly controlling NAND flash memories. Thus, e ·MMC™ can easily be used as an embedded MultiMedia Card (MMC) memory. Product list of e ·MMC ™ Capacity SLC NAND Part Number Class e ·MMC Max. Speed V ersion (MHz) V CC Q (V ) 4.5 THGBM5G5A 1JBA IT* -25 to 85 4.41α P-WFBGA 1531110-0.50-001 THGBMA G5A 1JBA IT* MC P Memory Package P-V FBGA 1531113-0.50-002 Premium 4 GB O perating Temperature (°C) 4.41α THGBMA G5A 1JBA IR* Media C ard THGBM5G5A 1JBA IR Supply V oltage V CC (V ) 4.5 THGBMA G5A 1JBA WR** I-V er. THGBM5G6A 2JBA IR Documents -40 to 85 4.41α Premium 8 GB -25 to 85 THGBMA G6A 2JBA IR* 4.5 EOL Products THGBMA G6A 2JBA WR** I-V er. THGBM5G7A 2JBA IR* -40 to 85 P-V FBGA 1531113-0.50-002 4.41α Premium News Release/Topics THGBMA G7A 2JBA IR* 4.5 -25 to 85 16 GB THGBM5G7B2JBA IM 4.41α Supreme THGBMA G7B2JBA IM* 200 THGBMA G7B2JBA WM** I-V er. Category All THGBM7G8T4JBA IR* 2.7 to 3.6 1.70 to 1.95, 2.7 to 3.6 4.5 P-V FBGA 1691216-0.50-001 -40 to 85 Prime THGBM5G8A 4JBA IR* P-V FBGA 1531113-0.50-002 4.41α Premium 32 GB THGBMA G8A 4JBA 4R* 4.5 THGBM5G8B4JBA IM 4.41α P-V FBGA 1691216-0.50-001 Supreme THGBMA G8B4JBA IM* 4.5 THGBM7G9T8JBA IG* -25 to 85 Prime THGBM5G9A 8JBA IG* 4.41α Premium 64 GB THGBMA G9A 8JBA 4G* 4.5 THGBM5G9B8JBA IE 4.41α Supreme THGBMA G9B8JBA IE* P-TFBGA 1531113-0.50B4 4.5 P-TFBGA 1691216-0.50A 4 * : New product **: Under developm ent e ·MMC™ is the tradem ark of JEDEC/MMCA. Ver.4.41α is com patible with Ver.4.41 and has som e of the m ajor features of Ver.4.5. Contact the Toshiba sales representative for inform ation about RoHS com pliance before you purchase any com ponents. Contact the Toshiba sales representative for sam ple schedule about products under developm ent. Details about your intended usage would be check ed before subm itting sam ples of the I-Ver. class product. http://www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp/eng/product/memory/nand/mlc/emmc/ 1/2




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THGBM5G6A2JBAIR 500個 RoHS対応/鉛フリー  
THGBM5G6A2JBAIR 500個 13+ lead free  





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