SCR050 Product Brief 3.3V and 5V TTL, Low Jitter PLL Module with Internal VCXO Description The SCR050 series offers a versatile PLL solution with an embedded high-performance VCXO for use in networking and telecommunications applications. The SCR050 module performs clock recovery and data retiming (CDR), jitter filtering of an input clock signal, or frequency translation to meet the specific requirements of a given application. Features ▪ Integrated PLL with quartz-stabilized VCXO ▪ User-defined PLL loop response ▪ Input data rates from 8 kbps to 65 kbps, TTL compatible ▪ Two-frequency output with Tri-state control ▪ Recovered clock & data outputs, TTL compatible ▪ NRZ data compatible ▪ Loss of Signal (LOS) status alarm with automatic free-run switching ▪ Input control for forced free-run operating mode ▪ Rugged, shielded FR4 package available in thru-hole and true SMD Applications ▪ CDR for T1/E1 and T3/E3 equipment ▪ CDR for video distribution systems ▪ CDR for telemetric/satellite systems ▪ Frequency translation (step-up) of a reference signal for synchronous applications ▪ Jitter filtering of a distributed or recovered clock signal LOSIN HIZ Phase Detector & LOS Circuit Specification Input data rate (NRZ) 8 kbps to 65.536 Mbps Input data rate (RZ) 8 kbps to 32.768 Mbps Operating Frequency (CLK1) 12 to 65.536 MHz (as specified) 0.05 to 32.768 MHz (as specified) +/-20 ppM through +/-100 ppM max (as specified) over all conditions including operating temperature, calibration tolerance, rated input (supply) voltage, load changes, aging*, shock and vibration 10 years @ 40°C average ambient operating temperature *Aging: OPP OpA OPOUT www.saronix.com +/-20 ppM through +/-100 ppM min (as specified) Input Lock Acquisition Time 15ms typ Supply Voltage 3.3V or 5V (7V absolute max) (as specified) Output Logic TTL compatible, 5 TTL load 5ns max (measured between 0.5 and 2.5V) > 50dB (RDATA, RCLK) Jitter generation < 0.001 UI (when locked to input) Phase (computed) jitter CLK2 0 to +70°C or –40 to +85°C (as specified) Track and hold range Jitter attenuation RDAT A Operating Range Rise/Fall Time ÷N VC Rev A.1 Parameter RCLK CLK1 PB-249 Performance Features Free-Run Accuracy DATA IN LOS PHO OPN Owing to unique invention, the SCR050 is an RFI-shielded modular design set on an FR4 base, available with true SMD pads or a molded leadframe, and featuring a body thickness less than 3.5mm. The SCR050 solution is mechanically interchangeable and socket-compatible with similar devices available on the market. Operating Frequency (CLK2) Functional Block Diagram CLK IN The SCR050 device combines flexible IC functionality from Pericom® with high-performance fundamental-mode quartz VCXO technology from SaRonix™ into a single, modular solution for ultra-low output jitter and fast acquisition of the data/clock inputs. The TTL-compatible device features a userconfigurable loop filter to fine-tune the PLL response for the particular application, output disable controls, and a Loss of Signal (LOS) alarm. 0.7ps RMS (1-sigma) max, 12kHz to 40MHz frequency band (free run mode)










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