EL6839 ® Data Sheet PRELIMINARY July 15, 2004 FN7227.2 Dual 4-Channel Driver with Oscillator and LVDS Features The EL6839 is a high performance, dual output, laser driver for writeable DVD drives. The ENA pin enables the chip, while the SEL1 pin selects the IOUT pin. Various waveforms can be generated where the amplitude is determined by the currents flowing into IINR, IIN2, IIN3, and IIN4. The timing is determined by the signals at WEN2WEN2B, WEN3-WEN3B, and WEN4-WEN4B. The oscillator is enabled when OSEN is high. The amplified IINR current of the selected channel is enabled when the ENA pin is high. The total output current is the sum of the read current, the enabled write currents, and the oscillator current when enabled. • Voltage-controlled output current source requiring one external set resistor per channel Usually a voltage DAC will drive a resistor that is in series with the IINR, IIN2, IIN3, and IIN4 input. The resistor allows the user to optimize the current gain for each channel. • Oscillator frequency to 600MHz WEN2-WEN2B, WEN3-WEN3B and WEN4-WEN4B are LVDS input pins with 100Ω external termination. Output write current pulses are enabled when a high is applied to the WEN2-WEN2B, WEN3-WEN3B, or WEN4-WEN4B pin. The write current will flow to the selected output. When SEL1 is high IOUT1 is selected. WENRB enables read and oscillator current when low. • Two channels for CD or DVD • LVDS interface • Rise time = 0.8ns • Fall time = 0.8ns • Channel 2 to 250mA max • Channel 3 to 150mA max • Channel 4 to 100mA max • External 100Ω LVDS termination • On chip oscillator with frequency and amplitude control by use of external resistors to ground • Oscillator amplitude to 100mAP-P • Single +5V supply (±10%) • Chip ENAs for power savings • Pb-free available Applications • Super combo drives • DVD drives The RF oscillators frequency is determined by RFREQ1 or RFREQ2, and its amplitude by RAMP1 or RAMP2. Ordering Information PART NUMBER TEMP. RANGE PACKAGE PKG. DWG. # EL6839CL 32-Pin QFN - MDP0046 EL6839CL-T7 32-Pin QFN 7” MDP0046 EL6839CL-T13 32-Pin QFN 13” MDP0046 EL6839CLZ (See Note) 32-Pin QFN (Pb-free) - MDP0046 EL6839CLZ-T7 (See Note) 32-Pin QFN (Pb-free) 7” MDP0046 EL6839CLZT13 (See Note) 32-Pin QFN (Pb-free) 13” MDP0046 Get FULL DATASHEET NOTE: Intersil Pb-free products employ special Pb-free material sets; molding compounds/die attach materials and 100% matte tin plate termination finish, which is compatible with both SnPb and Pb-free soldering operations. Intersil Pb-free products are MSL classified at Pb-free peak reflow temperatures that meet or exceed the Pb-free requirements of IPC/JEDEC J Std-020B. 1 CAUTION: These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures. 1-888-INTERSIL or 321-724-7143 | Intersil (and design) is a registered trademark of Intersil Americas Inc. Copyright © Intersil Americas Inc. 2004. All Rights Reserved. Elantec is a registered trademark of Elantec Semiconductor, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.




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