IR series Sealed pushbutton switches - bushing Ø 16 mm - momentary Distinctive features The IR series is a range of sealed momentary pushbutton switches with dia. 16 mm bushing. This series is divided into 2 families : standard models and microswitch technology models. UG1410-A-R1 Common features B1 • Sealed to IP67 • Illuminated or non-illuminated • Tactile feedback • Square or round actuator • Wide choice of bezel and actuator colours • Wide choice of illumination colours Standard versions • Numerous terminal options : solder, flying lead, straight PC, quickconnect, screw • Screw versions withstanding up to 4A • Electrical function : NO (2 terminals) NO - Screw terminals NO - Illuminated Flying lead terminals NO - Solder lug terminals Microswitch versions • Withstanding up to 5A • Two electrical functions : NC+NO (3 terminals) NC/NO combined (4 terminals) NC+NO - 3 terminals NC/NO - 4 terminals - Illuminated Optional marking Actuator marking is available on request for models with flat round actuator. Ø12.00 Maxi (.472DIA MAX.) Standard version Microswitch version Integrated resistor On wire lead illuminated versions, the LED resistor can be integrated in the product by APEM. On request. The company reserves the right to change specifications without notice. B1-66 www.apem.com APEM IR series Sealed pushbutton switches - bushing Ø 16 mm - momentary - standard version Overview IR SERIES Electrical function Actuator shapes C R P Square Round, curved Round, flat 3 Terminals Solder lugs Flying leads Straight PC Quick-connect (non-illuminated) V Screw (non-illuminated) silver contacts only Normally open (NO) 1 B 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A Blue Dark blue Black Green Grey Yellow Red White Bright chrome Orange Satin chrome Bushing & bezel 0 2 7 Transparent (round bezel only) New! Black (std) White 4 & 7 Silver, gold plated Silver (screw 2 terminals only) S F P Z B1 Actuator colours Contacts Illumination Blank Non-illuminated L B Central lens Bezel (round only) Other : on request. LED colours Blank Non-illuminated 0S 0Y 0G 0B 0W SG Super red Yellow Green Blue White Red/green ABOUT THIS SERIES On the following pages, you will find successively : model structure of switches and options in the same order as in above chart Dimensions : first dimensions are in mm while inches are shown as bracketed numbers. NOTICE : please note that not all combinations of above numbers are available. Refer to the following pages for further information. Mounting accessories : Standard hardware supplied : 1 hex nut 19 mm (.748) across flats and 1 flat seal Hex nut P/N U4116. Packaging unit : 25 pieces for flying lead models - 40 pieces for other models B1-68 www.apem.com APEM



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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
F0117742 32個    



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