Features • Fast Read Access Time – 45 ns • Low-Power CMOS Operation • • • • • • • • – 100 µA Max Standby – 25 mA Max Active at 5 MHz JEDEC Standard Packages – 32-lead PDIP – 32-lead PLCC – 32-lead TSOP 5V ± 10% Supply High Reliability CMOS Technology – 2000V ESD Protection – 200 mA Latchup Immunity Rapid Programming Algorithm – 100 µs/Byte (Typical) CMOS and TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs Integrated Product Identification Code Industrial Temperature Range Green (Pb/Halide-free) Packaging Option 1-Megabit (128K x 8) OTP EPROM AT27C010 1. Description The AT27C010 is a low-power, high-performance 1,048,576-bit one-time programmable read-only memory (OTP EPROM) organized as 128K by 8 bits. They require only one 5V power supply in normal read mode operation. Any byte can be accessed in less than 45 ns, eliminating the need for speed reducing WAIT states on high-performance microprocessor systems. In read mode, the AT27C010 typically consumes only 8 mA. Standby mode supply current is typically less than 10 µA. The AT27C010 is available in a choice of industry-standard JEDEC-approved onetime programmable (OTP) plastic PDIP, PLCC, and TSOP packages. All devices feature two line control (CE, OE) to give designers the flexibility to prevent bus contention. With 128K byte storage capability, the AT27C010 allows firmware to be stored reliably and to be accessed by the system without the delays of mass storage media. Atmel’s AT27C010 has additional features to ensure high quality and efficient production use. The Rapid Programming Algorithm reduces the time required to program the part and guarantees reliable programming. Programming time is typically only 100 µs/byte. The Integrated Product Identification Code electronically identifies the device and manufacturer. This feature is used by industry-standard programming equipment to select the proper programming algorithms and voltages. 0321M–EPROM–12/07




Atmel Corporation






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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
AT27C01045TU 222個    
AT27C01045TU 150個 2006  
AT27C01045TU 150個    
AT27C01045TU 97個    




AT27C010-45TUの取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

c9 0001509080000  1001707283065  1001803033000 

AT27C010 AT27C010-10DC AT27C010-10JC AT27C010-120C AT27C010-120DC
AT27C010-120JC AT27C010-12CK AT27C010-12DC AT27C010-12DI AT27C010-12DM
AT27C010-12J1 AT27C010-12JC AT27C010-12JC93+ AT27C010-12JI AT27C010-12JL
AT27C010-12KC AT27C010-12KI AT27C010-12KM883C AT27C010-12LC AT27C010-12PC
AT27C010-12PCATML9 AT27C010-12PI AT27C010-12TC AT27C010-15 AT27C010-150DC
AT27C010-15DC AT27C010-15DI AT27C010-15DM883 AT27C010-15DM883C AT27C010-15JC
AT27C010-15JCPROG AT27C010-15JI AT27C010-15KC AT27C010-15KI AT27C010-15LC
AT27C01015LM883 AT27C010-15PC AT27C010-15PCLASTBUY AT27C010-15PI AT27C01015TC
AT27C010-17DM883C AT27C010-17JC AT27C010-200 AT27C010-200DC AT27C010-20D
AT27C010-20DC AT27C010-20DI AT27C010-20JC AT27C010-20JI AT27C010-20KI
AT27C010-20LC AT27C010-20LI AT27C010-20PC AT27C010-20TC AT27C010-25DC
AT27C010-25DI AT27C010-25DI-9 AT27C010-25DM883 AT27C010-25-F AT27C010-25JC
AT27C010-25JI AT27C010-25KC AT27C010-25PC AT27C010-25PI AT27C010-2KC
AT27C010-45 AT27C010-45DC AT27C010-45DCATMEL AT27C010-45DI AT27C010-45JC
AT27C010-45JC-70JC AT27C010-45JI AT27C010-45JU AT27C010-45JUSL425 AT27C010-45PC
AT27C010-45PI AT27C010-45PU AT27C010-45TC AT27C010-45TU AT27C010-50JC
AT27C010-55DC AT27C010-55JC AT27C010-55PC AT27C010-55PI AT27C010-70DC
AT27C010-70JC AT27C010-70JI AT27C010-70JIPROG AT27C010-70JU AT27C01070JUPBF
AT27C010-70JUSL383 AT27C010-70JUSL383PLCC32 AT27C010-70KC AT27C010-70LC AT27C010-70PC
AT27C010-70PI AT27C010-70PU AT27C010-70TC AT27C010-70TU AT27C010-90
AT27C010-90JA AT27C010-90JC AT27C010-90JI AT27C010-90K AT27C010-90KC
AT27C010-90LC AT27C010-90LI AT27C010-90PC AT27C010-90PI AT27C010-90TC
AT27C010A AT27C010A-70JC AT27C010A-70PC AT27C010-DM-ES AT27C010-JC
AT27C010L AT27C010L100C AT27C010L-12DC AT27C010L-12DI AT27C010L-12DM883
AT27C010L-12DM883C AT27C010L-12JC AT27C010L-12JI AT27C010L-12KI AT27C010L-12KM883
AT27C010L12LI AT27C010L-12PC AT27C010L-12PI AT27C010L-12TC AT27C010L-150DC
AT27C010L-15DC AT27C010L-15DI AT27C010L15DM AT27C010L-15DM883C AT27C010L-15J
AT27C010L-15JC AT27C010L-15JI AT27C010L-15KC AT27C010L-15KI AT27C010L-15KM883
AT27C010L-15LC AT27C010L-15PC AT27C010L-15PI AT27C010L-15TI AT27C010L-17DC
AT27C010L-17DI AT27C010L-2 AT27C010L20D1 AT27C010L-20DC AT27C010L-20DI
AT27C010L-20DM883 AT27C010L-20DM883C AT27C010L-20JC AT27C010L-20JI AT27C010L20LM
AT27C010L-20TI AT27C010L-25DC AT27C010L-25DI AT27C010L25DM883 AT27C010L25J
AT27C010L-25JC AT27C010L-25JI AT27C010L-30DC AT27C010L-30DI AT27C010L-45JC
AT27C010L-45JI AT27C010L-45TC AT27C010L-45TI AT27C010L-55JC AT27C010L-55PI
AT27C010L-70DC AT27C010L-70DI AT27C010L-70JC AT27C010L-70JI AT27C010L-70PC
AT27C010L-70TC AT27C010L-90DC AT27C010L-90DI AT27C010L90JC AT27C010L-90JCATMEL
AT27C010L-90JC-TR AT27C010L-90JI AT27C010L-90KM883 AT27C010L90PC AT27C010L90TC