EL2002 Low Power, 180MHz Buffer Amplifier The EL2002 is a low cost monolithic, high slew rate, buffer amplifier. Built using the Elantec monolithic Complementary Bipolar process, this patented buffer has a -3dB bandwidth of 180MHz, and delivers 100mA, yet draws only 5mA of supply current. It typically operates from ±15V power supplies but will work with as little as ±5V. This high speed buffer may be used in a wide variety of applications in military, video and medical systems. Typical examples include fast op-amp output current boosters, coaxial cable drivers and A/D converter input buffers. Elantec's products and facilities comply with MIL-I-45208A, and other applicable quality specifications. For information on Elantec's processing, see the Elantec document, QRA-1: Elantec's Processing, Monolithic Integrated Circuits. Ordering Information PART NUMBER DATASHEET T UCT MEN ROD TE P EPLACE nter at OLE ED R t Ce /tsc OBS END m ppor OMM hnical Su ntersil.co EC NO R our Tec or www.i IL act cont -INTERS 888 1- TEMP. RANGE PACKAGE PKG. NO. EL2002ACN 0°C to +75°C P-DIP MDP0031 EL2002CM 0°C to +75°C 20-Pin SOL MDP0027 EL2002CN 0°C to +75°C P-DIP MDP0031 FN7021 Rev 0.00 December 1995 Features • 180MHz bandwidth • 2000V/µs slew rate • Low bias current, 3µA typical • 100mA output current • 5mA supply current • Short circuit protected • Low cost • Stable with capacitive loads • Wide supply range ±5V to ±15V • No thermal runaway Applications • Op amp output current booster • Cable/line driver • A/D input buffer • Isolation buffer Pinouts EL2002 (8-PIN DIP) TOP VIEW EL2002 (20-PIN SOL) TOP VIEW Manufactured under U.S. Patent No. 4,833,424, 4,827,223 U.K. Patent No. 2217134 FN7021 Rev 0.00 December 1995 Page 1 of 8



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