MAX691A/MAX693A/ MAX800L/MAX800M Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits General Description Features Applications Ordering Information The MAX691A/MAX693A/MAX800L/MAX800M microprocessor (μP) supervisory circuits are pin-compatible upgrades to the MAX691, MAX693, and MAX695. They improve performance with 30μA supply current, 200ms typ reset active delay on power-up, and 6ns chip-enable propagation delay. Features include write protection of CMOS RAM or EEPROM, separate watchdog outputs, backup-battery switchover, and a RESET output that is valid with VCC down to 1V. The MAX691A/ MAX800L have a 4.65V typical reset-threshold voltage, and the MAX693A/MAX800Ms’ reset threshold is 4.4V typical. The MAX800L/MAX800M guarantee power-fail accuracies to ±2%. ●● ●● ●● ●● Computers Controllers Intelligent Instruments Critical μP Power Monitoring PINPACKAGE MAX691ACUE -0°C to +70°C 16 TSSOP MAX691ACSE -0°C to +70°C 16 Narrow SO MAX691ACWE -0°C to +70°C 16 Wide SO MAX691ACPE -0°C to +70°C 16 Plastic DIP MAX691AC/D -0°C to +70°C Dice* MAX691AEUE -0°C to +70°C 16 TSSOP MAX691AESE -40°C to +85°C 16 Narrow SO MAX691AEWE -40°C to +85°C 16 Wide SO MAX691AEPE -40°C to +85°C 16 Plastic DIP Ordering Information continued at end of data sheet. *Dice are specified at TA = +25°C, DC parameters only. Devices in PDIP, SO, and TSSOP packages are available in both leaded and lead-free packaging. Specify lead free by adding the + symbol at the end of the part number when ordering. Lead free not available for CERDIP package. PART Typical Operating Circuit +8V 5V REGULATOR 0.1µF 3 VCC 1N4148 1 5 BATT ON VOUT VBATT CE OUT 0.47F* 2 12 MAX691A 9 MAX693A CE IN 13 PFI MAX800L MAX800M 4 7 NO CONNECTION 8 GND WDI OSC IN PFO OSC SEL LOW LINE WDO 6 14 *MaxCap RESET CMOS RAM ADDRESS DECODE TEMP RANGE Pin Configuration TOP VIEW 16 RESET VOUT 2 15 RESET NMI 11 VBATT 1 A0-A15 I/O GND 4 µP 10 15 RESET AUDIBLE ALARM SYSTEM STATUS INDICATORS MaxCap is a registered trademark of Kanthal Globar, Inc. 19-0094; Rev 12; 9/14 ●● 200ms Power-OK/Reset Timeout Period ●● 1μA Standby Current, 30μA Operating Current ●● On-Board Gating of Chip-Enable Signals, 10ns max Delay ●● MaxCap® or SuperCap Compatible ●● Guaranteed RESET Assertion to VCC = +1V ●● Voltage Monitor for Power-Fail or Low-Battery Warning ●● Power-Fail Accuracy Guaranteed to ±2% (MAX800L/M) ●● Available in 16-Pin Narrow SO, Plastic DIP, and TSSOP Packages VCC 3 BATT ON 5 MAX691A MAX693A MAX800L MAX800M 14 WDO 13 CE IN 12 CE OUT LOW LINE 6 11 WDI OSC IN 7 10 PFO OSC SEL 8 9 DIP/SO/TSSOP PFI




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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
MAX691ACSE 2114個    
MAX691ACSE 1815個    
MAX691ACSE 786個    
MAX691ACSE 89個    
MAX691ACSE 20個    
MAX691ACSE 1個    
MAX691ACSE+ 349個    
MAX691ACSE+ 74個    
MAX691ACSET 2187個