C orporate Hom e | Electronic Components | Se gm e nts | W ho W e Are My Account Searc h Products Documentation Resources My Account Customer Support Home > Products > By Type > C ellular Phone Interconnection Products > Product Feature Selector > Product Details 560270-1 Product Details Live Product Chat .050 (1.27), .079 (2mm) C/L Low Profile System Product Photo Quick Links C heck Pricing & Availability Search for Tooling Product Feature Selector C ontact Us About This Product Always EU R oHS/ELV C om plia nt (Sta te m e nt of C om plia nce ) Product Highlights: l Receptacle l Number of Positions = 2 l 1.27 mm C enterline l PC B Mount Style = Surface Mount l Mounting Style = Above Board 560270-1 View all Features T E I nternal N umber: 5 6 0 2 7 0 - 1 Obsolete C ontact Product Information C enter A dd to M y P art L is t Reques t Sample Find Similar P roduc ts Buy P roduc t Documentation & Additional Information Product Drawings: l None Available Additional Information: l Product Line Information Catalog Pages/Data Sheets: l None Available Related Products: l Tooling Product Specifications: l None Available Application Specifications: l APPLIC ATION SPEC IFIC ATION, LPS (LOW PROFILE SYSTEM) ... (PDF, English) l LPS (Low Profile System) C onnectors (PDF, English) Instruction Sheets: l None Available CAD Files: l None Available List all Documents Product Features (Please use the Product Drawing for all design activity) Product Type Features: l Product Type = Receptacle l Number of Positions = 2 l PC B Mount Style = Surface Mount Industry Standards: l RoHS/ELV C ompliance = RoHS compliant, ELV compliant l Lead Free Solder Processes = Not relevant for lead free process l RoHS/ELV C ompliance History = Always was RoHS compliant Mechanical Attachment: l Mounting Style = Above Board Conditions for Usage: l Temperature Rating = High Body Related Features: l C enterline (mm [in]) = 1.27 [0.050] l Number of Rows = 2 Packaging Related Features: l Packaging Method = Tape & Reel Housing Related Features: l Housing C olor = Opaque l Housing Material = PVC l Housing Flammability Rating = UL 94V-0 Other: l Brand = AMP Provide Website Feedback | Need Help? Home | C ustomer Support | Suppliers | Site Map | Privacy Policy | Browser Support © 2009 Tyco Electronics C orporation All Rights Reserved




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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
5602701 2400個 9728