Amphenol Corporation




Founded in 1932, Amphenol has grown to be one of the world’s largest interconnect and cable manufacturers. The company designs, manufactures, and markets electrical, electronic, and fiber-optic connectors, interconnect systems, and coaxial and specialty cable. Today Amphenol has a diversified presence in high growth markets that it has cultivated over its 75 year history. Originally named The American Phenolic Corporation, Amphenol was founded by entrepreneur Arthur J. Schmitt in the Chicago area. Mr. Schmitt was focused on finding a better way to mass-produce vacuum tube sockets for the explosion of radio manufacturing at the time. He discovered that insulating plastic could effectively be used to produce tube sockets in a quicker and simpler method that using Bakelite or ceramic. With an initial order from RCA, Amphenol grew rapidly and has continued to profitably anticipate the needs of emerging markets ever since. Technology leadership has long been a corporate focus and Amphenol has been creating industry standards since its founding in 1932. We hope you enjoy the timeline below which gives a brief overview of how Amphenol has evolved into the global organization it is today.


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7671 767100-6 767100-7 76710-11 767103-2
767111-9 767114-1 767114-2 767114-8 767114-9
767115-1 76711H 767121-2 767123-9 767-125-26
767127-4 767127-5 767128-7 767129-7 767130-2
767130-3 767130-4 767130-5 767130-6 767130-7
767140-4 767140-6 767141101G 767141102G 767141102GP
767-141-103G 767141103GCTS 767141103GP 767-141-103GTR 767141104G
767141104GP 76714110LG 767141151G 767141224G 767141332G
767141470G 767141472G 767-141-472GSP 767141512G 767-141-560G
76714172-G 767141750G 767-141-R10K 767-141R1K 767-141R20K
767-141R471 767-141R68K 767143100G 767143101G 767143102GP
767143103G 767143105GTR 767143151G 767143154GP 767143201GP
767143203G 767143220G 767143221G 767143221GP 767-143-329G
767143330G 767143332G 767143332GTR13 767143-4 767143472G
767143472GP 767143472GPTR13 767143472GTR13 767-143-473G 767143473GP
767143510G 767-143-R330G 767145131AP 767-145R-330390 76-7147
76-7148 767148-1 767148-4 76-7151 767161103
767-161-103FTR 767161103G 767-161-103G-P 767161103GTR13 767161104G
767161122G 767161152G 767161220G 767161221G 767161222G
767161222GTR 767161223G 767-161-271G 767-161-272-DIP 767-161-272G
767161330G 767161332G 767-161-391G 767161392G 767-161-471G
767-161-471-GTR 767-161-472 767161472G 767161472GTR13 767161473G
767161473GSP 767161473GTR13 767161512G 767-161-562G 767161681G
767-161-750GTR 767-161-820GTR 767-161-R103G 767-161-R10K 767-161-R22K
767-161-R270T 767-161-R472G 767-161R47K 767-161-R56K 767-163-101G
767163101GP 767163101GPTR13 767163101GSP 767163101GTR 767163101GTR13
767-163-102G 767163102GP 767163102GPTR 767-163-102GPTR13 767163102GSP
767163102GTR 767-163-103F 767163103G 767163103GP 767163103GPTR13
767163103GSP 767163103GTR13 767163104D 767-163-104G 767163104GP
767163104GPTR 767163104GPTR13 767163104GSP 767163104GTR 767163104GTR13
767163105G 767-163-121G 767163121GP 767163122GSP 767-163-151G
767163152GP-TR 767-163-153G 767163153GP-TR13 767163182G 767163201G
767-163-202G 767163202GP 767163220G 767163220GP 767163220GPTR13
767163220GSOMC-1603- 767163220GSOMC-1603-22 767163220GSOMC1603220 767163220GSP 767163220GTR
767163221G 767-163-222G 767163223G 767163271G 767-163-272G
767163330G 767163330GP 767-16-3331G 767163331GP 767163332GP
767-163-333G 767163333GP 767163333GPTR 76716333OG 767-163-390G
767-163-391G 767163470G 767-163-471-G 767163471GP 767163472G
767163472GP 767163473G 767-163-510G 767163510GTR13 767-163-551G
767-163-560G 767-163-680G 767163680GP 767163680GTR 767-163-R100-ND
767-163R100OHM 767-163R10K 767-163-R180K 767-163R190OHM 767-163R1M
767-163-R220 767-163R2200 767-163-R220G 767-163R220OHM 767-163-R33
767-163-R33-ND 767-163R33OHM 767-163-R390 767-163-R39K 767-163R47OHM
767-163-R56-ND 767-163-R68 767-163-R75 767-163R95OHM 767165121A
767165131A 767-165-191A 767-165-191AGTR 767165191AP 767-165-191APTR
767165191APTR13 767165191ATR 767165191ATR13 767165351A 767165392A
767165392ATR13 767-165-R330470 767171-1 767-1795-001 767-193-2