PRELIMINARY Am79C864A Physical Layer Controller With Scrambler (PLC-S) Advanced Micro Devices DISTINCTIVE CHARACTERISTICS s Implements FDDI PHY layer protocol for ISO standard (FDDI) 9314-1 s Line state detection s Implements ANSI standard Stream Cipher Scrambling/Descrambling s Elasticity buffer and smoother functions s Hardware Physical Connection Management (PCM) support s Full duplex operation s Performs Physical Connection insertion and removal s Repeat filter s 4B/5B encoding/decoding s Data framing s Built-in Self Test s On-chip Link Error Monitor (LEM) and Link Confidence Test (LCT) GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Physical Layer Controller with Scrambler (PLC-S) is a CMOS device which along with Physical Data Transmitter (PDT) and Physical Data Receiver (PDR) implements the Physical Layer Protocol (PHY) and portions of the Station Management (SMT) of the ANSI Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) standard. The PLC-S, PDT and PDR are collectively known as the AmPHY. PHY functions performed by the PLC-S include framing of data on symbol pair boundaries, the elasticity buffer function, the smoothing function, 4B/5B encoding and decoding of symbols, line state detection, the repeat filter function, and Stream Cipher Scrambling/Descrambling. SMT functions performed include Physical Connection Management (PCM), Physical Connection insertion and removal and Link Error Monitor. The PLC-S chip receives symbol-wide (5 bits) data along with a 25 MHz recovered clock from the PDR chip and searches for a JK symbol pair (also known as Starting Delimiter). It uses the starting delimiter to establish byte boundaries (i.e. to frame the data). Framed data is then sent to the Elasticity Buffer which serves to compensate for the frequency difference between the recovered clock and the local clock. Data output by the Elasticity Buffer is checked by the Smoother and when necessary, Idle symbols are inserted between frames to maintain a minimum number of Idle symbols in the interframe gap. The data is then decoded and sent to the Media Access Control (MAC) chip. The data is byte-wide (10 bits) and is clocked by a 12.5 MHz local clock. Publication# 15535 Rev. B Amendment /0 Issue Date: November 1993 The PLC-S receives byte-wide data from the MAC at 12.5 million bytes per second, encodes the data and sends out symbol-wide data at 25 million symbols per second to PDT chip. In the transmit path, there is a Repeat Filter to detect corrupted symbols and convert them into the specified pattern of Halt and Idle symbols. The Repeat Filter in each PLC-S chip converts the last byte of a frame fragment into Idle symbols and thus eventually removing fragments from the ring. The PLC-S device includes a Stream Cipher Scrambler/ Descrambler as prescribed in the ANSI TP-PMD standard for transmission over twisted-pair cable. For copper-based designs, the scrambler/descrambler may be enabled either through software or hardware. For fiber-based designs, the scrambler/descrambler is disabled by default. For a detailed description of the ANSI-compliant copper FDDI system using the PLC-S device, refer to AMD PID #18258A, Implementing FDDI over Copper; The ANSI X3T9.5 Standard. The PCM initializes the connection of neighboring PHYs and manages the PHY signaling. PCM consists of the PCM state machine, which determines the timing and state requirements for PCM, and the PCM Pseudo Code, which provides the information to be communicated to the neighboring PCM and specifies the connection policies. The PLC-S chip contains the PCM State Machine, while the PCM Pseudo Code is controlled by software. The PCM State Machine communicates with other PCMs using a bit signaling mechanism whereby certain line states are received and transmitted. The PCM also makes use of the Link Error Monitor in the This document contains information on a product under development at Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. The information is intended to help you to evaluate this product. AMD reserves the right to change or discontinue work on this proposed product without notice. 3-3




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AM79C864AKC/W 1698個    



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