MAX690–MAX695 Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits General Description The MAX690 family of supervisory circuits reduces the complexity and number of components required for power supply monitoring and battery control functions in microprocessor systems. These include µP reset and backup-battery switchover, watchdog timer, CMOS RAM write protection, and power-failure warning. The MAX690 family significantly improves system reliability and accuracy compared to that obtainable with separate ICs or discrete components. The MAX690, MAX692, and MAX694 are supplied in 8-pin packages and provide four functions: ●● A reset output during power-up, power-down, and brownout conditions. ●● Battery backup switching for CMOS RAM, CMOS microprocessor or other low power logic. ●● A Reset pulse if the optional watchdog timer has not been toggled within a specified time. ●● A 1.3V threshold detector for power fail warning, low battery detection, or to monitor a power supply other than +5V. Benefits and Features ●● Supervisory Function Integration Saves Board Space while Fully Protecting Microprocessor-Based Systems • Precision Voltage Monitor -- 4.65V (MAX690, MAX691, MAX694, MAX695) -- 4.40V (MAX692, MAX693) • Power OK/Reset Time Delay -- 50ms, 200ms, or Adjustable • Watchdog Timer -- 100ms, 1.6s, or Adjustable • Battery Backup Power Switching • Voltage Monitor for Power Fail or Low Battery Warning • Minimum External Component Count ●● Low Power Consumption in Battery Backup Mode Extends Battery Life • 1µA Standby Current ●● Onboard Gating of Chip Enable Signals Protects Against Erroneous Data Written to RAM During Low VCC Events Applications ●● Write protection of CMOS RAM or EEPROM. ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● ●● Adjustable reset and watchdog timeout periods. Ordering information appears at end of data sheet. The MAX691, MAX693, and MAX695 are supplied in 16-pin packages and perform all MAX690, MAX692, MAX694 functions, plus: ●● Separate outputs for indicating a watchdog timeout, backup-battery switchover, and low VCC. Computers Controllers Intelligent Instruments Automotive Systems Critical µP Power Monitoring Pin Configurations TOP VIEW Typical Operating Circuit VOUT 1 VCC 2 GND 3 MAX690 MAX692 MAX694 PFI 4 +5V VOUT VCC VBATT POWER TO CMOS RAM RESET PFI µP RESET PFO µP NMI WDI 7 RESET 6 WDI 5 PFO µP POWER µP SYSTEM MAX690 8 VBATT I/O LINE VBATT 1 16 RESET VOUT 2 VCC 3 GND 4 BATT ON 5 15 RESET MAX691 MAX693 MAX695 14 WDO 13 CE IN 12 CE OUT MAX690 TYPICAL APPLICATION 19-0218; Rev 5; 4/15 11 WDI OSC IN 7 GND LOW LINE 6 10 PFO OSC SEL 8 9 PFI




Maxim Integrated




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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
MAX691CWE 3436個    
MAX691CWE 2953個 95+  
MAX691CWE 1022個 93+  
MAX691CWE 930個    
MAX691CWE 930個    
MAX691CWE 565個    
MAX691CWE 520個    
MAX691CWE 402個 95+  
MAX691CWE 292個 94+  
MAX691CWE 270個    



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