DIPPED RADIAL LEAD MULTILAYER CERAMIC CAPACITORS NTD Series RoHS Compliant ◆FEATURES 1. Small in size and wide capacitance range. Max. 33µF is available. 2. Temperature characteristic is X7R in EIA code. 3. Superior humidity characteristic and long life. 4. Excellent high frequency characteristic due to low ESR. 5. High rated ripple current. 6. 250Vdc items are available. 7. Resin(UL94 V-0) used for coating. 8. Pb-free design(also ceramic dielectric) ◆APPLICATIONS 1. Smoothing circuit of switching mode AC-DC or DC-DC converter. 2. Noise suppressor for various kinds of equipments. 3. By-pass or decoupling circuits. 4. Automotive equipments. ◆CONSTRUCTION Coating Resin Ceramic Dielectric Termination Solder (Pb-free) Internal Electrode Lead Wire ◆RATINGS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Category Temperature Range Rated Voltage Range Rated Capacitance Range Rated Capacitance Tolerance Temperature Characteristics Rated Ripple Current -55 to +125℃ 25, 50, 100, 250 Vdc 0.1 to 33µF M(±20%) X7R See No.5 on the following table ◆SPECIFICATIONS No. 1 Items Withstand Voltage Between Terminals Specification Test Condition No abnormality. 250% of rated voltage shall be applied for 5 seconds. (Only 250Vdc products : 475V) Rated voltage shall be applied for 60±5 seconds at temperature 25±2℃. Terminals to Coating Resin 2 Insulation Resistance 100/CR(MΩ) or 4000(MΩ) whichever is less. 3 Rated Capacitance Within specified tolerance. CR>10µF CR≦10µF Temperature 25±2℃ Dissipation Factor Frequency 5.0% maximum. 1±0.1kHz 120±12Hz Voltage 4 1±0.2Vrms 0.5±0.2Vrms Product specifications in this catalog are subject to change without notice.Request our product specifications before purchase and/or use. Please use our products based on the information contained in this catalog and product specifications. (1/3) CAT. No. E1002R



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