X22C10 256 Bit 64 x 4 Nonvolatile Static RAM DESCRIPTION • High Performance CMOS —120ns RAM Access Time • High Reliability —Store Cycles: 1,000,000 —Data Retention: 100 Years • Low Power Consumption —Active: 40mA Max. —Standby: 100µA Max. • Infinite Array Recall, RAM Read and Write Cycles • Nonvolatile Store Inhibit: VCC = 3.5V Typical • Fully TTL and CMOS Compatible • JEDEC Standard 18-Pin 300-mil DIP • 100% Compatible with X2210 —With Timing Enhancements The X22C10 is a 64 x 4 CMOS NOVRAM featuring a high-speed static RAM overlaid bit-for-bit with a nonvolatile E2PROM. The NOVRAM design allows data to be easily transferred from RAM to E2PROM (STORE) and from E2PROM to RAM (RECALL). The STORE operation is completed within 5ms or less and the RECALL is completed within 1µs. ROW SELECT A1 CONTROL LOGIC bs STORE RECALL INPUT DATA CONTROL du c PIN CONFIGURATION PLASTIC DIP CERDIP ARRAY RECALL VCC COLUMN I/O CIRCUITS VSS 1 18 VCC A4 2 17 NC A3 3 16 A5 A2 STORE NC 4 15 I/O 4 A1 STATIC RAM MEMORY ARRAY ol A2 et A0 I/O3 ro e NONVOLATILE E2PROM MEMORY ARRAY I/O2 Xicor NOVRAMs are designed for unlimited write operations to the RAM, either RECALLs from E2PROM or writes from the host. The X22C10 will reliably endure 1,000,000 STORE cycles. Inherent data retention is greater than 100 years. P FUNCTIONAL DIAGRAM I/O1 t FEATURES 5 X22C10 14 I/O 3 A0 6 13 I/O 2 CS VSS 7 12 I/01 8 11 WE STORE 9 10 RECALL COLUMN SELECT SOIC A4 1 2 15 3 14 I/O 4 4 13 I/O 3 5 X22C10 12 I/O 2 CS VSS 6 11 I/01 7 10 WE 8 9 RECALL A3 A2 CS WE REV 1.0 1/30/01 VCC A0 A5 A5 A1 A4 O A3 16 STORE I/O4 www.xicor.com Characteristics subject to change without notice. 1 of 12




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X22C10P 100個 2003+Leaded  
X22C10P 100個 95+ leaded  


型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
X22C10P 4613個    
X22C10P 25個    
X22C10P 19個 94  
X22C10P 12個    
X22C10P 10個    
X22C10P(TESTDOTS) 148個    
X22C10PM 10602個    
X22C10PM 1493個 84  
X22C10PM 263個    
X22C10PM/P 951個    




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