SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE ST SERIES - MINIATURE TOGGLE SWITCHES K FEATURES Dry circuit through power ratings . Ultra-rugged construction SPDT & DPDT models with numerous options. Panel, panel & p.c. and p.c. mounting models, lighted and unlighted. SPECIFICATIONS Contact ratings (resistive loads): Initial contact resistance: Insulation resistance: Dielectric strength: Electrical life (resistive loads): Operating temperature range: (Q) power models - coin silver: 6 Amps at 125 VAC, 3 Amps at 250 VAC or 7 Amps at 30 VDC. (B) dry circuit models - gold over nickel over brass: 0.4 VA max. at 20 V max. UL models - coin silver: 6 Amps at 125 VAC or 3 Amps at 250 VAC (75% power factor). UL file no. E66367. CSA models - coin silver: same ratings as UL models. CSA file no. LR54592-1. 3 milliohms max. at 3 VDC, 0.1 Amp. Greater than 200,000 megohms between terminals & case ground. Greater than 2000 VAC for 1 minute between terminals & case ground. 100,000 cycles min.for ST1-1 & ST2-1. Other models, 40,000 cycles min. -30°C to +85°C MATERIALS Contacts: Actuator: Bushing: Strap: Case: Terminal seal: Support bracket: Spring mounting bracket: Bezel & bezel insert: Hardware: LED: Coin silver for power,UL & CSA models. Gold over nickel over brass for dry circuit models. Brass, bright nickel or chrome plated. Nickel plated brass Stainless steel DAP, color blue Epoxy (optional) Brass or steel, tin plated Stainless steel Nylon. Available in black, red & white. Consult factory for other colors. See 'Miscellaneous' section. Intensity: 2.0 mcd at 10 mA. Forward voltage: 2.0V (3.0V max.). Max. continuous forward current: 15 mA for red, 30 mA for green & 20 mA for yellow. Red is standard. Yellow & green are optional. Specifications are subject to change without notice - consult factory. AGENCY RECOGNITION UL, & CSA. Marking: Switches ordered by UL model number are supplied with recognition marking. Switches ordered by UL model no. and with '/CSA' added at end of model no. are supplied with both recognitions marked. ABOUT THIS SERIES The material in this series is organized in the following sequence: a. Completely specified switch models b. Miscellaneous c. 'build your own switch' order format d. Option drawings & information e. Panel cut-outs APEM, PO BOX 8288, HAVERHILL, MA USA 01835-0788 TOLL FREE: (877) 246-7890 FAX: (978) 372-3534 E-mail: info@apem.com K45








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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
ST-2-1 1851個 N/A N/A
ST2-1 4個    


型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
ST21 18個    
ST212 152個    
ST2129BQTR 2989個    
ST2129QTR 2983個    
ST2149BQTR 2598個    
ST2149QTR 11837個    
ST2149QTR 3000個    
ST2189QTR 3000個    



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ST-2-1の取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

cb 0001506150000  0991707150000  0991711130000  0992007210000 

ST0001 ST000-20B ST0005 ST000508-77M7 ST0009-4
ST001 ST-001-003 ST-0011 ST0014U ST0017
ST001910 ST0019E ST-001B ST-001R ST001SMD
ST002 ST-0022 ST0022U ST-002B ST-002R
ST003 ST-0033 ST-003B ST-003R ST004
ST00418 ST-0043 ST00440-04HB-312A00 ST00440-06HB-250N00 ST00440-08HB-250N00
ST00440-08HC-0250N00 ST00440-24HB-250SZN ST-0048 ST00505 ST0056P2
ST-00576 ST00596REV ST00596REVA ST-005B-T ST005PCN50
ST-005R ST-005R-T ST-005Y ST-005Y-T ST006
ST00601 ST00632-06HB-250AIC ST00632-08HB-250AIC ST00632-48HB-250SNC ST-0068
ST006BG2SPRF ST-006M-07-EN ST007 ST008 ST00832-24HB-250SNC
ST-008Y ST0093 ST01 ST01030100081FA ST01032-06HB-375AIC
ST-0108701112-40 ST010ALE ST-010B ST-010B-T ST-010R
ST-010R-T ST0-10T-110-5 ST0-10T-110-8 ST0-10T-110N-5 ST-010Y
ST-010Y-T ST011 ST-011-11-09-07 ST-011B ST-011R
ST-01213 ST0122 ST0124 ST-012B ST-012R
ST013 ST-014 ST0140 ST-014015 ST0147
ST015 ST0150-08-33 ST0150AB0072 ST0150AB0072-1 ST0150AB0072-14
ST0150AB0072-34 ST0150AB007238 ST015211 ST015PV1SPCF ST015PV2BPCF
ST016-103H345GLR0300 ST0161DP ST0172 ST0-175 ST01A
ST-01CL ST01D147-W39 ST01GB ST01M ST02
ST0200Y2W-RSLW-F ST0201-0500Q-01 ST0202 ST0203 ST0204
ST0205 ST0206 ST0208 ST-020B ST-020R
ST-020Y ST-021 ST0210 ST0-210SC ST02110HDNN
ST0212 ST0-21-250N ST02-140F1-5103 ST-021B ST-021R
ST-021SL ST-0226S00-041-142 ST02-27G1 ST02-27G1-5063R ST023
ST-0230 ST02-320F1 ST02-320F1-5103 ST02-33G1 ST02-33G1-5063
ST0234 ST024 ST02402HDNC ST02-43G ST02-43G1
ST0250 ST02502HDNC ST02503HDNC ST02504HDNC ST0251104HDNC
ST-025BH ST-025BL ST-025BLA ST-025BT ST025M0220A3F-0811
ST025M1500A5S-1325 ST025PG1BPCF ST025S12P ST0270704HDNC ST02-75F1-5103
ST-027C-06-A ST-027SMT ST0281 ST02-82F1-5103 ST0292-1
ST-029-303SMT ST029745 ST0299-2 ST-02-BP ST-02-BPS
ST02C ST02D-140 ST02D-140-4060 ST02D-140-7000 ST02D-140F2-5103
ST02D-170-7000 ST02D-170F2-5063 ST02D-170F2-5103 ST02D-200 ST02D-200-4060
ST02D-200-4070 ST02D-200-7000 ST02D-82-7000 ST-02H-BP ST03
ST0302-0240L-01 ST-030B ST-030R-T ST-030Y ST03140-0032
ST-031B ST031R ST03-240F1 ST03-240F1-5103 ST-032B
ST-032R ST034010 ST03-43F1-5103 ST03-47F1-5103 ST-034B
ST034LT02-01-001 ST034LT02-02-001 ST034LT02-03-001 ST034LT02-06-001 ST034LT02-07-001
ST034LT02-08-001 ST034LT02-09-001 ST034LT02-11-001 ST-034R ST034TT04-01-001
ST03-58F1-5053 ST03-58F1-5063 ST03-58F1-5103 ST036721 ST03-68F1
ST03-68F1-5053 ST03-68F15103 ST-036R ST0375 ST-03AH
ST-03BH ST-03BH-P ST-03BL ST03C08B1 ST-03CH
ST03D-140-7000 ST03D-170-7000 ST03D-200-7000 ST03D-82-7000 ST-03D-BPTS
ST03DH-240-7000 ST04 ST040-0037-01 ST-0400-BLT-STD ST040120TEMP-2010
ST040120TEMP60-120 ST0402 ST0402-AS ST-0402S ST-0402T
ST0403 ST04038 ST0404 ST0405 ST0406
ST0407-12B ST0407-28B ST0408 ST-040R ST041
ST0410 ST04104DDNN ST04106DDNN ST0412 ST04-12F1-5103
ST04-14F1-5103 ST04-16-B ST04-16F1 ST04-16F1-4063 ST04-16F1-5063
ST04-16F1-5103 ST04-18F1 ST04-18F1-5103 ST-041B ST-041Y
ST04-20F1-5103 ST-0421 ST0422 ST0423 ST04-24F1-5103
ST-0425 ST-0426 ST-0427 ST04-27F1 ST04-27F1-4063
ST04-27F1-5053 ST04-27F1-5063- ST04-27F1-5103 ST-0429 ST043012RBSLWF
ST043013RBSLWF ST04-30F1-5103 ST0430Q1CBH ST04-33F1-5103 ST04-39F1-5103
ST044-2 ST044AS182 ST04502DDNC ST04503DDNC ST04504DDNC
ST04506DDNC ST04508DDNC ST046 ST-0466 ST0467