Aero-Electric Connector, Inc.




With roots dating back to 1983, Conesys is an ISO 9001 and AS9100-certified, vertically integrated provider of circular and rectangular connectors including filter and transient protection connectors, mil-spec circular connectors, fiber optic termini, copper and fiber interconnect systems, specialty cable assemblies and application specific connectors. Conesys connectors are widely used in all types of applications spanning different markets including Military/Aerospace, Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Aircraft Engines, Marine Applications, Heavy Equipment, Transportation, Rail Mass Transit, Geophysical, Machine Automation/Motion Control, Medical Equipment, General Industrial and Telecommunications. We supply our valued customers quality products, cost-effectively and on-time, while meeting a full range of requirements from standard applications to customized solutions. Our mission is to be a world-class supplier of electronic connector products through customer satisfaction and leading-edge technology. Manufacturing and assembly facilities in Torrance California and Tecate Mexico, serve the needs of customers throughout the Americas and Asia. Conesys Europe located in Toulouse, France and ATI-Interco located in Courcouronnes, France, focuses on serving customers in Europe, Africa and Middle East and demonstrates our commitment to being a global organization. Conesys is privately held and headquartered in Torrance, California. The company markets under the brand names Aero-Electric Connector, Aero Industrial Products, EMP Connectors, J-Tech, Conesys Europe, and ATI-Interco. With roughly 1,000 employees Worldwide, Conesys combines the financial strength with the flexibility and responsiveness of a world class supplier of Interconnect Solutions.


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A3JG08-180の取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

80 0001607020000 

A3 A3-COL-#1 A-30 A-300 A3000
A300004-01E A300004HP09K3810 A3000058-3 A-3000-100 A3000285
A300035K1 A3000713 A3000785 A3000817 A3000FC-KIT
A3001 A300-1144 A300-14 A3001FC A3001FC-KIT
A3001S-35129N1055 A3002 A3002091 A3002-348-010-000-53-Z A3002-34B-010-202-Z
A300242 A3002872 A-30029-10REV10 A-30029-8REV10 A3003
A300-30-11-80 A300-30-11-81 A300-30-11-84 A300-30-22-84 A3003427
A3003596-9 A3003599 A3003668-2 A3003756 A3003813-6
A3003890 A3003980-1 A3003985-5 A-3003YZHM A-3003YZVM
A3004013 A3004017-2 A3004304-2 A-30046-12REV14 A3004939
A3004939-1 A3004S55329S1455 A3005031 A3005036 A3005328
A3005328-1 A300-5492-1 A3005535 A3005778 A3005782
A3006206 A3006206-1 A3006206-2 A-30066-10 A3006751-1
A300677-1 A3006838-1 A-300-75 A3007-E2-96T A3008A
A3009072 A3009681 A300A A300A050K A300B-CV
A300BL A300BYU125FR1033I A300G0W A300GST06A A-300GUN120-175LBS
A300-K A300L A300R A300-TC2 A300W-20-11-84
A300W-30-11-84 A-300X A301 A3010 A30100LED
A301034R50AB A-301072-2 A30-108-260-909 A30-108-960-903 A-301-1
A301-100-F3 A301103 A301104 A30110404MT A301105
A30110607 A301109-07 A301110 A301116 A3011241-001
A3011241-002 A301-150-B2 A301-150-F3 A-30119-JC2 A30-1-1-A4NLOP
A301-1K0-B2 A301-1K0-F3 A301-1K7-B2 A301-1K7-F3 A301203
A301204SST2930B4L1 A30122866-5 A30-125-50-10-40 A3012572-4 A3012572-4-80063
A3012575-12-80063 A3012597-1 A3012598-1 A3012605-11 A3012615-1
A3012646-4 A3012683-2 A3012683-280063 A3012688-1 A3012689-1
A3012698-1 A3012708-180063 A3012713-1 A3012715-1 A3012715-1E
A3012715-1PHO A3012716-2 A3012716-25386 A3012716-2-80063 A3012730-4
A3012739-3P A3012750-1 A3012753-1 A3012761-1 A3012761-4
A3012762-2 A3012763-2 A3012763-4 A3012765-19 A3012765-20
A3012765-21 A3012768-1 A3012768-1LNUT A3012769-1 A3012771-1
A3012771-2 A3012771-3 A3012772-1 A3012774-5 A3012777-7
A3012778-2 A3012786-1 A3012786-1-80063 A3012790-2-80063 A3012790-3
A3012798-1-80063 A30-128 A3012808-110 A3012808-115 A3012808-614
A3012819-3 A3012819-3REVG A3012825-12 A3012830-1D A3012847280063
A3012857-120 A3012857-176 A3012857-4 A3012857-80063176 A3012858-135
A3012858-160DAAB07- A3012858-58 A3012859-115 A3012859-134 A3012859-144
A3012859-184 A3012860-80063164 A3012861-128 A3012861-130 A3012861-140-80063
A3012861-161 A3012861-182 A3012861-98 A3012866-2 A3012866-4
A3012866-5 A3012867-1 A3012868-12 A3012890-15 A3012929-1
A3012932-1 A3012932-180063H A3012936-1 A3012936-2 A3012945-1
A3012956-4 A3012961-1 A3012961-1-80063 A3012996-3-80063 A301-2K5-B4
A30-12S-3P-10-1A A3013001-1 A3013003-1-8006-3 A3013004-1 A301-300-B2
A301-300-F3 A301302 A301303 A3013068-2GROMMET A30130703MP
A30130724 A3013080 A3013083-1 A3013083-11 A3013083-13
A3013083-2 A3013083-7 A301320 A3013335-1 A3013361-1
A3013362-1 A3013374-1 A3013410 A3013410-007 A3013410-10
A3013410-6 A3013410-7 A3013410-8 A3013422-1 A3013423-1
A3013552- A3013589-3 A3013735-8 A3013824-3 A3013885
A3013902- A301402 A3014031 A3014031-13 A3014031-16
A3014031-17 A3014031-2 A3014031-4 A3014031-5 A3014031-7
A3014032-16 A3014032-4 A3014032-8 A3014034-1 A3014034-6
A3014037-1 A3014038-6 A3014039 A3014039-1 A3014039-5
A3014039-7 A3014039-8 A3014040-3 A3014044-1 A3014057-1
A3014060-1 A3014084-1 A301412 A3014549-1 A3014723-1
A3014741 A3014744-1 A3014815-1 A3014BAM1 A3015359-7
A3015359-9 A3015360-6 A301-600-B2 A301-600-F3 A3016048
A3016049 A3016068 A3016069 A-301606LP A30-16-10P-10-1B
A3016638 A3016639 A301685 A30-16S-1PN-10-1B A30-16S-8P-10-1A
A3017142 A3017196 A3017886-4 A3017891-1 A3017893-1