9 General-purpose Relay MY Versatile, Multi-featured, Two-and Four-Pole Miniature Power Relays for Sequence Control and Power Switching Applications 1 Increased reliability through automated production 1 Multiple features available, including LED indicator, test button, bifurcated contacts, built-in diode and CR (surge suppression) 1 Max. switching current: two-pole/10 A, four-pole/5 A 1 Environment-friendly cadmium-free èò contacts 1 Built-in operation indicator and nameplate is standard Ordering Information 3 RELAYS Standard Coil Polarity Ty e Type Contact form Part number Plug-in socket/Solder terminals With LED indicator and test button MY2IN Without LED indicator MY2 MY4N MY4IN MY4 MY4ZN MY4ZIN MY4Z DPDT MY2IN-D2 ------ 4PDT MY2N-D2 MY4N-D2 MY4IN-D2 ------ 4PDT (bifurcated) MY4ZN-D2 MY4ZIN-D2 ------ DPDT MY2N-CR MY2IN-CR ------ 4PDT MY4N-CR MY4IN-CR ------ 4PDT (bifurcated) With built-in CR (220/240 VAC, VAC 110/120 VAC only) Standard with LED indicator MY2N 4PDT (bifurcated) With built-in diode (DC only) l ) DPDT 4PDT Standard MY4ZN-CR MY4ZIN-CR ------ Note: 1. When ordering, add the rated coil voltage to the model number. Rated coil voltages are given in the coil ratings table. Example: MY2 AC6(S) Rated coil voltage 2. Arc barrier standard on all four-pole relays. 3. Other models also available, such as, three-pole versions, flangemount, PCB, etc. Contact your Omron Representative for details.








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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
MY2 1個 N/A N/A
MY2 190個    
MY2 4個    


型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
MY202DC12V 47個    
MY212VDC 174個    
MY2AC6 2個    
MY2D(DC12V) 7個    
MY2D(DC6V) 10個    
MY2FAC200/220 2個    
MY2FDC24V 3個    
MY2NDC100/110 1個    
MY2NDC48 3個    
MY2NYDC24 4個    




MY2の取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

cb 0001506150000  1001707150000  1001711091000 

M00 M000000090 M000006 M000008 M000011
M000012970 M000015 M000051 M0001 M00010
M00010B M00011B M000124 M00014VGM128064A0W01 M000155
M00018001 M0-001A M0001AX1000J M0001AX3901J M0001E
M0001F M0001G M0001GVGM128064A0Y05 M00-02-000 M000202C
M00-023-200-003 M0002AX122J M0002AX271J M00-02-M00 M00-02-MS0
M0003 M00030 M000302X M000306 M000349
M00036 M000390 M0003AX8201J M000-401 M00040VGM096064A1W01
M0004A M00061 M000622 M000694 M00070
M000746 M000796 M000970 M0009730 M0009A
M0009B M000D00252ACLS-3572N M000D00445 M000D40047 M000D60068
M000D60104S0202AS1402FK M000D60105S0202AS1502FK M000D60106S0202AS2001FK M000D60108S0202AS6002FK M000D70060
M000D70067 M000D70068 M000D70101 M000D70104-0 M000D80063
M000E10051 M000E10052 M000E10104 M001 M00100
M00-100-714 M00101 M001020 M00108 M00109
M00111 M001-13 M001-139 M0011567 M001191
M0011AP M001-2 M00120VGM096096A1W01 M0012A M001-3
M0013460 M001351 M001360 M001-4 M001-5
M0015-1 M001565 M001-6 M00160 M00162
M0016HVGM256064A0M01 M0016P M001-7 M00-171-620 M001-7506MB
M001773B M001-8 M00180 M0018831H M0018P
M0019 M00191 M00198 M0019H M001AG3000044HO
M001E M001-E11N-00R M001SGGF0 M002 M00200400
M00200600 M00-200-611 M00-200-613 M00-200-634 M00200-F
M00205-11122 M00206 M002-1000 M00210002BCB M002-2
M002-3 M00230 M002377BPA M00239 M002-4
M002402X M002-5 M-002546 M002-6 M002-7
M002-700-002 M00272 M00274 M0027731 M0027749
M002-8 M002897E M00290 M00292VGM064128A0W03 M002972G
M002-E08N-00R M002-G03N-01R M002-G08N-00R M002H M002I
M002M M003 M-003004-L M00300VGM96064A2F01 M00301-7074
M00302 M00304 M00307 M0030K M003177-5
M003201X M00328 M003280765 M0032A M0033
M0033001Y5 M003-3R16-F M003485B M003485C M00-35
M003501Y5 M00359 M00360 M00361 M003700A
M003797 M0038 M00381 M003820502 M00-383-001
M00385 M00390VGM128128A4W01 M0039HVGM128128A4M01 M-003A M003D000Y5
M003I M003IGC M0040 M004-0000 M00400400
M004004X M00400600 M0040089 M00400GNN-BLKA0 M004102X
M00415VGM256032A0W04 M00418 M0041F M0041HVGM256032A0M01 M004241A
M0043 M004317F M004372 M00439 M0044
M0045 M004576 M00457B-30 M004598C M004599C
M004599D M004599F M004617A M0047 M00472
M0048 M00482 M00485VGM128064B0Y03 M00486 M0048600
M0048E M0048F M0048HVGM128064B0M01 M0048J M0048R
M0049 M00490 M00491 M00491MF200 M004G0AGE1A-1GDD
M004N M0050 M00-50186-G1ITEM24,MA M00508 M00518
M005199C M005280B M00538 M00538VGM128032A3W09 M005436
M00-551-001-003 M00554 M00558-00 M00561 M00562
M005623B M005633B M00-566-001-002 M00-566-001-003 M005702X
M00-589-002 M00-589-003 M00590VGM128064B1W01 M00593 M00595
M00596 M00596VGM128064B1B03 M00599 M0059A M0059APANELM00591FPC
M0059F M0059H M005N M005T1 M00600400
M00600600 M006-01 M00604 M0063 M006670
M006701X M006733-00A M007 M007052720 M00707-4
M00710 M00719 M0071-DET2T4 M00720 M00722
M00727 M00733 M007402X M007502X M007-8800-012-ZREVC
M0079 M007902X M00790VGM096096A2F01 M00794 M008002Y5
M00820300 M00820400 M00820600 M008220V-60HZ M008302X
M00830VGM064048A0B01 M008348-1-1 M00863LC260 M00863LC300 M00863LC360