A²SI™ Advanced AS-Interface IC Data Sheet 1 Features 2 AS-i Complete Specification V2.11 compliant Description A²SI™ is a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit certified for AS-i (Actuator Sensor-interface) networks. AS-i networks are intended for industrial automation. Integrated EEPROM Additional addressing channel using an optoelectronic interface Extended address mode operation as programmable option (up to 62 slaves) High impedance AS-i line input, additional pins for further impedance optimizations DC voltage output, approximately 24 volts, not stabilized 5 volt DC voltage output, stabilized, CMOS logic can be supplied directly (e.g. µC) LED status indicator output (compliant to the standard indication recommendation) Integrated watchdog The main advantage of AS-i solutions is that actuators and sensors are connected using a twowire unshielded cable that is easy to install. This cable transports both power and information/data. AS-i network communication is based on the masterslave principle. The network can be extended (to cable lengths greater than 100m) by using the A²SI™ in the repeater mode configuration. AS-i is a standard for the automation industry based on IEC 62026-2 and EN 50295. The device is available in a 28-pin SSOP package. 3 Block Diagram 1 µF 5V 24V 8 MHz 10 µF U IN CAP A2SI™ U OUT U5R ELECTRONIC INDUCTOR U5RD POWER SUPPLY OSC1/2 OSCILLATOR POWERFAIL DETECTION ASI+ ASI– 4 4 ASIP DIGITAL LOGIC DIx DSR PST ASIN TRANSMIT THERMAL PROTECTION GND2 4 GND1 0V GND Figure 1: Block Diagram Revision 2.2 June 2001 Pages (total): 28 DOx RECEIVE 1 IRD AMP IRD LED FID Px




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