RF & MICROWAVE CAPACITORS Single layer ceramic & MOS capacitors - Ceramic SINGLE LAYER CERAMIC & MOS CAPACITORS PRE LIM INA RY CERAMIC CAPACITORS Applications • • • • Microwave integrated components GaAs Integrated circuits RF/Microwave components DC Block, By-pass, Tuning Very high Q – Low insertion loss. Thin film gold electrodes providing superior wire bonding & die attach performances. Thin film gold electrodes: -Standard metallization: “U” series - Single (“B” series) and double border (“V” series) series: Features double recessed (top and bottom) electrodes that help prevents shorting from conductive epoxy squeeze–up and also aids in visual recognition equipment and handling. Mechanical dimensions See drawings and tables page 7-43 Rated voltage 50 & 100V Capacitance range See tables page 7-41 Voltage proof 2.5 times the rated voltage Metallization TiW/Ni/Au: Titanium-Tungsten/Nickel/Gold (termination Code N) Pb/Sn or Au/Sn soldering Au/Sn Eutectic preform Moderate High temperature resistance (325° C) Long-term high temperature may cause Ni diffusion and wire bond problem on Au/Ge TiW/Au: Titanium-Tungsten/gold (termination code T) Wire/ribbon bonding Silver or gold conductive epoxy Au/Ge or Au/si eutectic preform Excellent high temperature resistance (400° C) Unsuitable for Pb/Sn or Au/Sn soldering SALES OFFICES: VISIT OUR WEB SITE AT http://www.temex.net 7-39 Vol. 1










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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
B40B-PUDKS-1 100個 N/A N/A






B40B-PUDKS-1の取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

ca 0001506150000  0621707180000  0541711090000 

B-4-0 B400 B-4000 B40-0001B B40-0002B
B40-0002BTR B4000-125 B400-0153-4F B4000-187 B40002-0590
B400031038-1 B400039 B4000-8-1 B4001 B4001090
B4001124 B4001125 B-400-11-4 B-400-1-2 B-400-1-4
B-400-1-6 B4001-74 B4001-75 B4001-75GOLD B-400-1-8
B400-19T B4001BDES2 B4002-0040LC86P6032 B4002-0288 B40021
B-400-2-2 B-400-2-4 B400-2-4KN B-400-2-6 B4002696
B4002790 B4002798 B-400-2-8 B4002806 B4002811
B4002874 B4002891 B4002896 B4002898 B4002901
B4002904 B4002907 B4002960 B4002963 B4002998
B4002999-1 B4002999-2 B4002D B4002DUAA4002DP B4003
B4003000-1 B4003000-2 B4003000-3 B4003000-6 B4003002
B4003003 B4003069 B4003086 B4003162 B4003249-1
B4003273-1 B4003273-101 B4003273-102 B4003273-103 B4003273-104
B4003273-105 B4003273-106 B4003273-107 B4003273-108 B4003273-2
B4003273-3 B4003273-4 B4003273-5 B4003273-6 B4003273-7
B4003273-8 B4003274-1 B4003274-101 B4003274-102 B4003274-2
B4003298-2 B4003321-11239 B4003327-3126 B4003327-3238 B4003327-3244
B4003327-3326 B4003337 B4003358-1 B4003358-2 B4003358-3
B4003358-4 B4003358-5 B4003358-6 B4003358-7 B4003358-8
B4003390-901 B4003391-901 B4003452 B-400-3-4TMT B-400-3-4TTF
B40-035TB034 B4003618 B4003625-3 B4003641 B4003644
B4003655 B4003714 B4003805 B4003818-002 B4003849-3
B4003LTB-3092014 B4003NL B4003NLT B4003NLTROHS B4003OBSLTB-3092
B4003PULSEB4003NL B4003T B-400-3TMT B-400-3TTF B-400-3TTM
B4004 B4004070-3 B4004091-1 B4004094-1 B4004106-001
B4004131-14 B4004163-1 B4004164 B4004164-1 B4004166
B4004166-001 B4004168-001 B4004686 B4004690 B4004700-001
B4004NL B4005 B40050004-C B40050007-C B40050017-C
B40050035-C B-4005045 B4005084-001 B-4005084-002 B4005084-6FT
B4005094 B4005096 B40050CNH B4005100 B4005102
B4005107 B4005111 B4005123 B4005168 B4005170
B4005179 B4005181-2 B4005181-3 B4005195 B4005244
B4005296 B4005298 B4005312 B4005316 B40053252
B4005404-1 B4005409 B4005413 B4005456 B4005458
B4005458-5FT B4005458-7FT B4005461 B4005504065 B4006
B4006-0063 B-400-61 B4006196-901 B-400-6-4AN B4006BBN
B4006BDES2 B4006NL B4006THTNL B4007 B-400-71-4
B-400-72-BG-P B4007325LG2 B-400-7-4 B4007546-1 B4007557-1
B4007557-2 B4007571 B4007584-1 B4007701 B4007723-1
B4007723-1E B4007731-1 B4007732-1 B-4007993 B4008
B40-0803R B40-0806ER B40-0811 B40-0811R B40-0813ER
B40-0813R B40-0816 B40-0825E B40083-11 B4008347
B-400-8-4 B4008485 B4008724 B-4008B-3V B4008BDES2
B4008M B4008SBSS3 B-400-9 B4009011 B4009061
B4009066 B4009067 B4009068 B4009069 B4009070
B4009073 B4009086 B4009088 B4009089 B4009104
B4009105 B4009111 B4009112 B4009114 B4009141
B4009143 B4009144 B4009146 B4009147 B4009149
B4009153 B4009160 B4009170 B4009186 B4009186-1
B4009187 B4009206 B4009208 B4009209 B4009225
B4009233 B4009237 B4009260 B4009273 B4009293
B4009301 B4009355 B4009360 B4009381 B4009382
B4009382-C B4009384 B4009384REVG B4009385 B4009386
B4009387 B4009390 B4009395 B4009395D B4009395REVD
B4009396 B4009397 B4009398-2F B4009399-1 B4009404
B40094040 B4009409-1 B4009409-2 B4009409-3 B4009409-4
B4009409-5 B4009409-6 B4009409-7 B4009410 B4009413-1
B4009413-4 B4009413-5 B4009413-6 B4009418 B4009419-1
B4009419-2 B4009419-3 B4009422-1 B4009422-2 B4009422-3