Single-In-Line Conformal Coated Diode Array D Series · 4 to 14 Leads · Standard and custom circuits · Space saving design Not Recommended for New Designs Specification Reverse Voltage, VR 80V Reverse Current, IR 1.0µA (VR = 70V) Forward Current, IF 100mA Average, 300mA Surge (1µs Max.) Forward Voltage, VF 1.2V @ IF = 100mA Package Power, PPKG 200mW @ 25oC Reverse Recovery Time, trr Capacitance, C Storage Temperature Range Operating Temperature Range 4ns (VR = 6V, IF = 5mA, RL = 50Ω) 5.5pF (VR = 6V, f = 1MHz) - 55°C to 125°C - 25°C to 80°C General Note TT electronics reserves the right to make changes in product specification without notice or liability. All information is subject to TT electronics’ own data and is considered accurate at time of going to print. www.bitechnologies.com www.irctt.com www.welwyn-tt.com © TT electronics plc 02.14




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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
D5-1A 38個    
D5-1A 70個 RoHS対応  
D5-1A 70個 RoHS対応  
D5-1A 1080個    
D5-1A 843個    
D5-1A 360個    


型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
D51A 38個    
D51A05 100個    
D51A05 100個    
D51A05D 1636個    
D51A05D 270個    
D51A05D 270個    
D51A05DP50 25個    
D51A12D 25個    




D5-1Aの取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

b 0001509140000  0991707140000  0991711100000 

D50 D-500 D-5000 D500000V30 D500000V30AA
D50000ANE0 D50000ANE0AA D50000GE0 D50000GVL0 D50000J00
D50000J00AA D50000JVL0 D50000LVL0 D-500-0173 D-500-0255-008
D-500-0255-011 D-500-0255-021 D-500-0255-021-01 D-500-0255-021-01CS252 D-500-0255-021-02
D-500-0255-021-03 D-500-0255-212 D-500-0255-225 D-500-0255-240-1 D-500-0255-431
D-500-0255-521-1 D-500-0255-523-1 D-500-0255-533-2 D-500-0255-541-1 D-500-0255-543-1
D-500-0255-543-2 D-500-0255-571-1 D-500-0255-573-1 D-500-0255-583-1 D-500-0263-017
D-500-0455-1-612-012 D-500-0455-1-612-078 D-500-0455-1-612-120 D-500-0455-1-612-360 D-500-0455-2-612-012
D-500-0455-2-612-078 D-500-0455-2-612-120 D-500-0455-2-612-236 D-500-0455-2-613-078 D-500-0456-1-612-012
D-500-0456-2-612-012 D-500-0457-1-612-120 D-500-0457-1-613-078 D-500-0457-2-612-012 D-500-0457-2-612-079
D-500-0457-2-613-078 D-500-0457-2-613-120 D-500-0457-3-613-120 D-500-0458-1-612-078 D-500-0458-1-613-078
D-500-0458-1-613-120 D-500-0458-1-613-236 D-500-0458-2-612-012 D-500-0458-2-612-078 D-500-0458-2-612-120
D-500-0458-2-613-078 D-500-0458-2-613-110 D-500-0458-2-613-120 D-500-0463-613 D-500-0463-H44-R120
D-500-0465-1-612-236 D-500-0465-1-613-236 D-500-0465-2-612-240 D-500-0465-2-613-079 D-500-0466-1-614-120
D-500-0467-2-613-079 D-500-0468-1-612-012 D-500-0468-2-614-120 D-500-04-C03-072 D-500-04-C20-072
D-5000FT D-5000WT D-5000WTPANA D500-12 D5001-609FGTI0R
D5001-625MGTI0 D500-18 D5001-809FGTI0R D5001-809MGTI0 D5001UK
D500-24 D500-6 D50060-55 D5006UK D5007-12
D-500-9455-022-E D500-AB10 D500AIM205 D500AIM210 D500AOM205
D500ASC32 D500CC45 D500CIB99 D500CPM40 D500CPU20
D500CPU50A D500DIM1615A D500DIM1624D D500DIM3224D D500DM32A24A
D500DM32D24R D500DOM1615A D500DOM1616R D500DOM1624D D500DOM3215A
D500DOM3224D D500ECM16 D-500F D500GPP50 D500J500E
D500K100E D500K10R D500K1K0E D500K1R0E D500K275E
D500K29S3NNAAAL D500K3R2 D500K50RE D500K5R0E D500K65RE
D-500-L455-1-612-120 D-500-L455-1-613-120 D-500-L455-2-612-360 D-500-L455-2-613-120 D-500-L455-3-613-120
D-500-L455-5-613-120 D-500-L456-1-4Y3-120 D-500-L456-2-4Y3-120 D-500-L456-2-612-360 D-500-L456-2-614-360
D-500-L458-2-612-240 D-500-L458-2-614-360 D500PCM50 D500PMC8 D500RAC4
D500RAC8 D500RAP10 D500RPS8 D500RTD410 D500RTD450
D500THM8 D501 D50-100FR D5011147 D5011UK
D5012 D5017607 D50184-000 D501AM D501AN
D501AS D501CN D501CS D-501F D501J12B215QF
D501J12S205DQA D501J12S205PQA D501J12S205Q D501J12S205QA D501J12S205QF
D501J12S206HQA D501J12S215PQA D501J12S215PQF D501J12S215QA D501J12S215QF
D501L12S215-PQT D-502-0192 D50210 D502-10-INS D50212
D502-16 D50-23B-43 D5026 D-5029 D-502F
D502J12B215PQA D502J12B215PQF D502J12G215PQA D502J12S202PQF D502J12S202QA
D502J12S205PQA D502J12S205QA D502J12S215DQA D502J12S215HQA D502J12S215NQA
D502J12S215PQA D502J12S215QA D502J12S215QF D502J12S2AHQA D502J12S2APQF
D502J17S215NQA D502J1S205PQA D5030 D503-10 D503-12
D5032 D5039 D50-3C0-E D503J12S205DQA D503J12S205QA
D5040 D504-10 D504-10B D504-7 D50489
D5050 D5050MM-09 D5050MM-2 D506-10 D506-12
D506-15 D5062B D5063 D5063E5063 D506-4
D506-6 D507 D507-1 D507-10 D507-12
D507-6 D507-8 D50-7A-BT-09-1-C-L50-MB- D50-7A-BT-09-1-C-L50-MB-H D5080E5080
D508J12S105QA D508J12S205HQA D508J12S205PQA D508J12S205QA D5094-60101
D509-8 D50-A2 D50AA20Z4 D50AA30Z4A D50AIM410V
D50AOM210V D50BG101J1PX D50CBL10 D50CCS35D D50CPM475
D50ER14 D50ERA14 D50HC-067-NC-NEC-31C-TAS2 D50K100 D50K100-B
D50K100E D50K100K D50K100KE D50K10K D50K10KE
D50K10R D50K10RE D50K12KE D50K150 D50K150E
D50K15K D50K15KE D50K1K0 D50K1K0E D50K1K25
D50K1K25E D50K1K5 D50K1K5E D50K1R0 D50K1R0E
D50K200 D50K200E D50K20K D50K20KE D50K250
D50K250E D50K25K D50K25KE D50K25R D50K25R-B
D50K25RE D50K2K0 D50K2K0E D50K2K25E D50K2K5
D50K2K5E D50K2R0 D50K2R0E D50K300E D50K30KE
D50K3220R1 D50K3K0 D50K3K0E D50K3K5 D50K3K5E