Single-In-Line Conformal Coated Diode Array D Series · 4 to 14 Leads · Standard and custom circuits · Space saving design Not Recommended for New Designs Specification Reverse Voltage, VR 80V Reverse Current, IR 1.0µA (VR = 70V) Forward Current, IF 100mA Average, 300mA Surge (1µs Max.) Forward Voltage, VF 1.2V @ IF = 100mA Package Power, PPKG 200mW @ 25oC Reverse Recovery Time, trr Capacitance, C Storage Temperature Range Operating Temperature Range 4ns (VR = 6V, IF = 5mA, RL = 50Ω) 5.5pF (VR = 6V, f = 1MHz) - 55°C to 125°C - 25°C to 80°C General Note TT electronics reserves the right to make changes in product specification without notice or liability. All information is subject to TT electronics’ own data and is considered accurate at time of going to print. www.bitechnologies.com www.irctt.com www.welwyn-tt.com © TT electronics plc 02.14




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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
D7-2A 7個 N/A N/A
D7-2A 495個    






D7-2Aの取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

a 0001506150000  0991707140000  0991711100000 

D70 D700 D7000 D-700-00 D70000000703020
D70000000803020 D700000S0703020 D700000S0803020 D70000FI0503020 D70000FL0503020
D7000107 D7000109 D700029CFDCFEA D700033CFFE000 D700059CFSC000
D70007 D70007GRSI D70008 D70008A D70008A-816
D70008AC D70008AC-10 D70008AC-4 D70008AC-4-X D70008AC-6
D70008AC-8 D70008AC-8UPD70008AC-8 D70008C D70008DUPD70008D D70008GRSI
D7000BC D7000FI5 D7000FI5GRSI D7000FILS5GRSI D7000L100703020
D7000L17GRSI D7000Q D7000S7 D7000S7GRSI D7000S8GRSI
D7001 D70011C D7001C D7002 D7002C
D7002C-1 D7003C D7003C-9 D7003CNEC D7004C
D7004CA D7005 D7005107 D7005-35PCI-IDT D70-06-50
D7007-69001 D7007A D70-08-00 D7008628-FFB000 D7008850-FFB000
D7008C D7009 D70091001 D700AUT1B D700AVS1B
D-701 D-701-00 D7010014-0A D7010109 D7010207
D70103M3KVZ5U D70105AU D701080-5 D7010808 D70108-5
D70108-8 D70108B-10 D70108C D70108C-1 D70108C-10
D70108C-5 D70108C-5810 D70108C-5V20 D70108C8 D70108C-8NEC
D70108C-8NEC40PIN D70108D D70108D-10 D70108D-5 D70108D-8
D70108HCZ-10 D70108HCZ-16 D70108HG-10 D70108HG-10V20 D70108HG-12
D70108HGC-10 D70108HLM-10 D70108HLM-16 D70108L D70108L-10
D70108L-8 D70108L-8V20 D7010BC D7010BC-8 D70110000503020
D70-110VDC-PULL-CONT D70-110VDC-PULL-INT D70-11-16 D70-11-26 D70115GRSI
D70116 D701160-8 D701166C-10 D70116C D70116C-10
D70116C-5 D70116C-8 D70116C-8UPD70116C-8 D70116C-8UPD70116C-8NE D70116D
D70116D-10 D70116D-5 D70116D-8 D70116D-8UPD70116D-8 D70116D-8V30-8PROCNE
D70116HCZ-10 D70116HCZ-16 D70116HG-16 D70116L-10 D70116L10V30
D70116L8 D70116L-8UPD70116L-8-SP D70116L8V30 D7011C D70121-PH
D70123GJ D70-12VDC-PULL-CONT D70130 D70136AL-16 D70136L
D70136L-12V33 D70136L-16 D70136R-16 D7015207 D70-16
D7016HC-16 D7017610-01-R42 D70-1815 D7018C-8 D7018D
D70190-705 D7019PL D70200F1 D70202PZCXD9569D D70208GF-8
D70208GF-80 D70208HG-16V40 D70208HGF-10 D70208HGF-16 D70208HLM-16
D70208HLP-12 D70208HLP-1216 D70208HLP-16 D70208L-10 D70208L-8
D70208L-80 D70208L-810 D70208L-8SM D70208L-8UPD70208L-8 D70208L-8V40
D70208L-V4 D70208QF-8 D70208R-10 D70208R-8 D7021
D70216-10 D70216G-8 D70216GF-10 D70216GF-80 D70216HG-20
D70216HGF-16 D70216HLP-10 D70216HLP16 D70216L-10 D70216L-10UPD70216L-10
D70216L10V50 D70216L-8 D-70216L-810 D70216L-8UPD70216L-8 D70216L-8V50
D70216QF-10 D70216R-10 D70216R-8 D70218L-8 D70236AGD-12
D70236AGD-16 D70236AGD-16-V53A D70236AGD-20 D70236AGD-20V53A D70236AGJ-20-3EB
D70236AGJ-20V53A D70236GD-12 D70236GD-12V53 D70236GD-16 D70236GD-16753-002
D70236GD-16V53 D70236R-10 D70236R-16 D70-24VDC-PULL-CONT D70-24VDC-PULL-INT
D702511G30375 D7025-35PQ D70270GD D70-275 D70280GD
D7029 D702D-UJ862A-SATA-95 D702P69Z5UPABEM D702P69Z5UXAZAA D703
D703008 D703030BGC-P20-8EU-AJM D703032BYGF D703037HGF-A02-3BA D703038F1-A17
D703039F1 D703102GJ-33 D703103AGJ D703111AGM-13-V850EME2 D703111GM-15
D703125GC D703125GC-8ELL D703125GC-8EU D703186GC143 D70320-8V25
D70320GJ-50 D70320GJ8 D70320GJ-8D70325GJ8 D70320GJ-8-V25 D70320GJ-8V25PULL
D70320GJSM D70320L D70320L08 D70320L-10V25 D70320L-5
D70320L-5V25 D70320L-8 D70320L-8025 D70320L-8RENESASALT: D70320L-8V25
D70320L-8V25-84 D70320LV D70320L-V25 D703213GC108 D70322L-8
D70322L-8-214 D70322L-8-215 D70322L-8-228 D70322L-8-229 D70322L-8-230
D70322L8232 D70325G D70325G710S0 D70325GC- D70325GI-10
D70325GJ D70325GJ-10 D70325GJ-10V25 D70325GJ-8 D70325GJ-810
D70325GJ-9 D70325GJA-9 D70325GT-10 D70325L-10 D70325L-10V25
D70325L-8 D70325L8V25 D703263YGC-XXX-QT D7032-69000 D7032GJ-8
D7032OL D7032OL8 D7032OL8V25 D70330GJ-8 D70330GJ-8V35
D70330L-8 D70330L-80 D70335L-10 D70335L-10V35 D703361-22
D70339L-8 D7033R620CPUKIT D703422-053 D70369YGJ-153 D70381
D7038V12HBL D7039-26 D703BATTERYCHARGER D703E002BRFP200 D703F