UM6000 / UM6200/UM6600 POWER PIN DIODES KEY FEATURES DESCRIPTION used successfully in switches in which low insertion loss at low bias current is required. The “A” style package for this series is the smallest Microsemi PIN diode package. It has been used successfully in many microwave applications using coaxial, microstrip, and stripline techniques at frequencies beyond XBand. The “B” and “E” style leaded packages offer the highest available power dissipation for a package this small. They have been used extensively as series switch elements in microstrip circuits. The “C” style package duplicates the physical outline available in conventional ceramic-metal packages but incorporates the many reliability advantages of the Microsemi construction. WWW . Microsemi .C OM These series of PIN diodes are designed for applications requiring small package size and moderate average power handling capability. The low capacitance of the UM6000 and UM6600 allows them to be used as series switching elements to 1 GHz. The low resistance of the UM6200 is useful in applications where forward bias current must be minimized. Because of its thick I-region width and long lifetime the UM6000 and UM6600 have been used in distortion sensitive and high peak power applications, including receiver protectors, TACN, and IFF equipment. Their low capacitance allows them to be useful as attenuator diodes at frequencies greater than 1 GHz. The UM6200 has been Voltage ratings to 1000V Average power dissipation to 6 W Series resistance as low as 0.4 Ω Carrier lifetime greater than 1.0 µs Non cavity design Thermally matched configuration Low capacitance at 0 V bias Low conductance at 0 V bias Compatible with automatic insertion equipment IMPORTANT: For the most current data, consult MICROSEMI’s website: http://www.microsemi.com ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS AT 25º C (UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED) Package Condition UM6000/UM6600 PD A & C 25 OC Pin Temperature 6W θ 25 OC/W B & E ½ in. total length to 25 OC Contact 2.5 W 60 OC/W Free Air 0.5 W SM 25 OC End Cap Temperature 4.5 W 27.5OC/W All UM6200 PD θ Isolated stud package available Surface mount package available RoHS compliant packaging available: use UMX6001B, etc. 4 W 37.5 oC/W 2.0 W 75 oC/W 0.5 W 3.0 W 42.5 oC/W UM6000 25 kW UM6600 13 kW 1 us pulse (Single) APPLICATIONS/BENEFITS 10 kW UM6000/UM62000/UM6600 UM6000/UM62000/UM6600 VOLTAGE RATINGS Reverse Voltage @ 10 uA 100 200 400 800 1000 Copyright  2005 Rev. 0, 2006-03-13 UM6001 UM6002 UM6006 UM6010 UM6201 UM6202 UM6204 - Microsemi UM6601 UM6602 UM6606 UM6610 Page 1 UM6000 / UM6200/UM6600 POWER PIN DIODES WWW . Microsemi .C OM UM6000/UM6200/UM6600 FORWARD VOLTAGE versus CURRENT FORWARD CURRENT (A) 100 10-1 UM6200 10-2 UM6000 UM6600 -3 10 10-4 10-5 0.0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.4 FORWARD VOLTAGE UM6000/UM6600 Rp versus Vr 103 102 f = 500 MHz ELECTRICALS ELECTRICALS Rp (kOhms) f = 100 MHz f = 1 GHz f = 3 GHz 101 100 100 101 102 103 Vr (Volts) Copyright  2005 Rev. 0, 2006-03-13 Microsemi Page 3



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660CR1Aの取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

8 0001511120000  0541708050000 

660 6600 66000001009 66000032 66000042
66000072 66000072MT1 66000082 66000082MT1 660000MHZ
660000MHZNDKHALF 660000MHZOSCSMD 660000MHZSG-51YH 660000MHZSMD 660-001B18
660-001M18 66-0003-001 660-003N10 66-0004-001 66-0004B
660-004B10R5-02 660-004B16R4-62 660-004B16S4-16 660-004B16S7-01 660-004B18D9-05
660-004B18F4-17 660-004B18G5-05 660-004B18S6-05 660-004B18S8-64 660-004B20D9-05
660-004B20F10-54 660-004B20G5-02 660-004B20G55-02 660-004B20S6-05 660-004B20S7-01
660-004B20S8-02 660-004B22D6-02 660-004B22F12-56 660-004B22S4-01 660-004B22S4-109
660-004B22S7-01 660-004B24D9-05 660-004B24S45-110 660-004B24S5-110 660-004B28D9-05
660-004B36S7-01 660-004B36S8-33 660-004C14S5-01 660-004C16N 660-004C20S55-03
660-004C40U6-06 660-004M10S5-10 660-004M12G6-52 660-004M14F6-01 660-004M14S6-04
660-004M16D8-02 660-004M16F6-01 660-004M18D6-208 660-004M18F10-01 660-004M18F6-01
660-004M20F10-02 660-004M20S4-108 660-004M28G6-56 660-004M28S10-02 660-004M28S4-78
660-004M32N 660-004M32S8-04 660-004M36G6-56 660-004N10N 660-004N10S4-12
660-004N12N 660-004N14R4-16 660-004N14R6-01 660-004N14S5-03 660-004N16S5-03
660-004N16S6-01 660-004N16S7-05 660-004N18R6-01 660-004N18S5-18 660-004N18S6-18
660-004N18S7-05 660-004N20F6-02 660-004N20H4-66 660-004N20R5-02 660-004N20R6-01
660-004N20S5-20 660-004N20S6-05 660-004N22S6-22 660-004N22S9-05 660-004N24F6-04
660-004N28F12-02 660-004N28S5-28 660-004N28S9-04 660-004N32S6-33 660-004N32S9-05
660-004NF10N 660-004NF10S6-104 660-004NF14H7-01 660-004NF14N 660-004NF14R4-01
660-004NF16H6-107 660-004NF16S4-02 660-004NF16S6-05 660-004NF16S6-10 660-004NF16S6-107
660-004NF16U7-05 660-004NF18F5-108 660-004NF18F6-06 660-004NF18H5-18 660-004NF18S4-02
660-004NF18U7-05 660-004NF20F5-208 660-004NF20G5-02 660-004NF20H6-206 660-004NF20N
660-004NF20S5-206 660-004NF20S5-208 660-004NF20S5-21 660-004NF20S6-62 660-004NF20S7-02
660-004NF20S7-04 660-004NF22G9-03 660-004NF22H5-22 660-004NF22R6-01 660-004NF22R6-02
660-004NF22S6-210 660-004NF22S8-03 660-004NF22U6-110 660-004NF24R6-01 660-004NF24R6-09
660-004NF24S4-03 660-004NF24S9-04 660-004NF28H5-213 660-004NF28N 660-004NF28S6-76
660-004NF32G9-03 660-004NF32N 660-004NF36S6-04 660-004R12N191 660-004Z124N
660-005B10F3-100 660-005B10N 660-005B10R3-06-102 660-005B12F3-01 660-005B14N
660-005B14S7-01 660-005B16D4-01 660-005B16F6-05 660-005B16F7-01 660-005B16G45-01
660-005B16N 660-005B16S35-106 660-005B16S4-17 660-005B18D6-01 660-005B18G45-01
660-005B18N 660-005B20D6-01 660-005B20F6-109 660-005B20F6-113 660-005B20F7-02
660-005B20G45-01 660-005B20N 660-005B22F6-110 660-005B22R4-209 660-005B22S5-110
660-005B24D6-01 660-005B24N 660-005B28D6-01 660-005B44S12-07 660-005C10N
660-005C10S4-104 660-005C12D4-01 660-005C12F775-01 660-005C12N 660-005C14H45-15
660-005C16G45-01 660-005C16N 660-005C16R8-01 660-005C18G45-01 660-005C18N
660-005C18S35-03 660-005C18S5-01 660-005C20H5-01 660-005C20S55-03 660-005C22N
660-005C24S3-05 660-005C24S5-05 660-005C28N 660-005C32H7-05 660-005C32N
660-005G12H6-04 660005M10F405 660-005M10F4-09 660-005M10H4-103 660-005M10H6-09
660-005M10N 660-005M10S4-01 660-005M12N 660-005M12S6-01 660-005M14F6-01
660-005M14F6-58 660-005M14H6-04 660-005M14N 660-005M14S5-01 660-005M14S6-01
660-005M16F6-01 660-005M16S55-09 660-005M18N 660-005M18S3-01 660-005M20D6-02
660-005M20F6-01 660-005M20S6-06 660-005M22D6-02 660-005M22F6-01 660-005M22S6-04
660-005M24D6-02 660-005M24N 660-005M24S55-02 660-005M24S6-02 660-005M28H4-09
660-005M28N 660-005M28S6-04 660-005M32H6-02 660-005M32S6-02 660-005M36S6-02
660-005M36S6-04 660-005M40N 660-005N10G5-01 660-005N10R4-103 660-005N10S2-103
660-005N12N 660-005N14G4-01 660-005N14R4-01 660-005N14S5-03 660-005N16F12-02
660-005N16S3-01 660-005N18F6-01 660-005N20H4-66 660-005N20N 660-005N20R4-01
660-005N20R5-01 660-005N20S3-01 660-005N20S4-09 660-005N22R4-01 660-005N22S4-01
660-005N22S6-02 660-005N24F6-04 660-005N24R4-01 660-005N28F12-02 660-005N32S4-01
660-005N32S6-02 660-005NF10S45-02 660-005NF10U4-06 660-005NF12S6-105 660-005NF14F6-15
660-005NF14N 660-005NF14R4-01 660-005NF14S6-56 660-005NF14S6-58 660-005NF16D6-06
660-005NF16F4-17 660-005NF16S4-02 660-005NF16S4-17 660-005NF16S45-01 660-005NF16S4-60
660-005NF16S5-207 660-005NF16S6-06 660-005NF16S6-107 660-005NF16S6-207 660-005NF18D6-06
660-005NF18F5-01 660-005NF18F6-06 660-005NF18G6-19 660-005NF18S4-02 660-005NF18S5-20-372
660-005NF18U5-01 660-005NF20F5-109 660-005NF20F6-109 660-005NF20H3-107 660-005NF20H5-208
660-005NF20N 660-005NF22G9-03 660-005NF22H4-05 660-005NF22H5-01 660-005NF24H5-02
660-005NF24H5-07-372 660-005NF24H8-05 660-005NF24S6-111 660-005NF28H5-213 660-005NF28N
660-005NF28S6-213 660-005NF28S6-76 660-005NF32F5-82 660-005NF32S4-04 660-005NF32S4-05
660-005NF32S6-78 660-005NF32S6-80 660-005NF36F9-09 660-005NF36N 660-005NF40N