DM54LS373 DM74LS373 DM54LS374 DM74LS374 TRI-STATE Octal D-Type Transparent Latches and Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops General Description Features These 8-bit registers feature totem-pole TRI-STATE outputs designed specifically for driving highly-capacitive or relatively low-impedance loads The high-impedance state and increased high-logic level drive provide these registers with the capability of being connected directly to and driving the bus lines in a bus-organized system without need for interface or pull-up components They are particularly attractive for implementing buffer registers I O ports bidirectional bus drivers and working registers (Continued) Y Y Y Y Y Choice of 8 latches or 8 D-type flip-flops in a single package TRI-STATE bus-driving outputs Full parallel-access for loading Buffered control inputs P-N-P inputs reduce D-C loading on data lines Connection Diagrams Dual-In-Line Packages ’LS373 Order Number DM54LS373J DM54LS373W DM74LS373N or DM74LS373WM See NS Package Number J20A M20B N20A or W20A TL F 6431 – 1 ’LS374 Order Number DM54LS374J DM54LS374W DM74LS374WM or DM74LS374N See NS Package Number J20A M20B N20A or W20A TL F 6431 – 2 TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corp C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL F 6431 RRD-B30M105 Printed in U S A DM54LS373 DM74LS373 DM54LS374 DM74LS374 TRI-STATE Octal D-Type Transparent Latches and Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops May 1992 Absolute Maximum Ratings (See Note) Note The ‘‘Absolute Maximum Ratings’’ are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed The device should not be operated at these limits The parametric values defined in the ‘‘Electrical Characteristics’’ table are not guaranteed at the absolute maximum ratings The ‘‘Recommended Operating Conditions’’ table will define the conditions for actual device operation If Military Aerospace specified devices are required please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office Distributors for availability and specifications Supply Voltage Input Voltage Storage Temperature Range 7V 7V b 65 C to a 150 C Operating Free Air Temperature Range b 55 C to a 125 C DM54LS DM74LS 0 C to a 70 C Recommended Operating Conditions Symbol DM54LS373 Parameter DM74LS373 Units Min Nom Max Min Nom Max 45 5 55 4 75 5 5 25 VCC Supply Voltage VIH High Level Input Votage VIL Low Level Input Voltage 07 08 V IOH High Level Output Current b1 b2 6 mA IOL Low Level Output Current 24 mA tW Pulse Width (Note 2) 15 Enable Low 15 V V 12 15 15 Data Setup Time (Notes 1 tH Data Hold Time (Notes 1 5v ns 5v 20v 20v 2) 2) Free Air Operating Temperature Note 1 The symbol ( 2 Enable High tSU TA 2 b 55 125 ns ns 0 70 C v) indicates the falling edge of the clock pulse is used for reference Note 2 TA e 25 C and VCC e 5V ’LS373 Electrical Characteristics over recommended operating free air temperature range (unless otherwise noted) Symbol Parameter Conditions VI Input Clamp Voltage High Level Output Voltage VCC e Min IOH e Max VIL e Max VIH e Min Typ (Note 1) VOL Low Level Output Voltage DM54 V 34 24 Units 31 V DM74 VCC e Min IOL e Max VIL e Max VIH e Min DM54 0 25 04 0 35 DM74 IOL e 12 mA VCC e Min 05 DM74 V 04 II Input Current Input Voltage IIH High Level Input Current VCC e Max VI e 2 7V 20 mA IIL Low Level Input Current VCC e Max VI e 0 4V b0 4 mA IOZH Off-State Output Current with High Level Output Voltage Applied VCC e Max VO e 2 7V VIH e Min VIL e Max 20 mA Off-State Output Current with Low Level Output Voltage Applied VCC e Max VO e 0 4V VIH e Min VIL e Max b 20 mA Short Circuit Output Current VCC e Max (Note 2) Supply Current VCC e Max OC e 4 5V Dn Enable e GND IOZL IOS ICC Max 24 Max b1 5 VCC e Min II e b18 mA VOH Min VCC e Max VI e 7V 01 DM54 b 100 DM74 3 b 20 b 50 mA b 225 24 40 mA mA



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68LS373Nの取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

8 0001511120000  0501708070000 

68 680 6800 68000 68-000000-JNN
68000001ISS3 6800000301 68-000003-MRN 68-000008-MRN 68-000009-NON
680-0001-001 680000-104 680000-108 68-000010-NON 68-000011-MRN
68-000012-MRN 68-000017-MRN 680-0002ARDUINOCODINGK 680-0003-0000ACLOUDBIT 680-000301-00
68000032 680000-338 68-000033-JBN 68000040 6800004-0029
68000050 68000052 68000061 68-000065-IYN 68-000066-IYN
680-0007-0000AGIZMOSG 680-0008-00EUASTEAMSTU 680-0009-2-X 680000MHZOSCSMD 680000PF-50VDC
680000TI 6800010 680-001-000-3 680-001-002 68000-100H
68000-100HLF 68000-101 68000-101BZAJC 68000-101H 68000-101HLF
68000-101HLFPROTO 68000-102 68000-102H 68000-102HLF 68000-103
68000-103H 68000-103HLF 68000-104 68000-1044-PINHEADER 68000-104H
68000-104HLF 68000-105 68000-105H 68000-105HLF 68000-106
68000-106H 68000-106HLF 68000-107 68000-107HLF 68000-108
68000-108H 68000-108HLF 68000-109 68000-109HLF 68000-10BUA
68000-10BXAJC 68000-10BZAJC 68000-110 68000-110H 68000-110HLF
68000-111 68000-112HLF 68000-114 68000-114HLF 68000-115H
68000-116 68000-116HLF 68000-116HLP 68000-12 68000-120HLF
68-000123-001 68000-124HLF 68000-125 68000-125H 68000-126H
68000-12BXAJC 68-00013-0 68000-1-36 68000-136H 68000-136HLF
6800-0-15-15-34-14-04-0 6800-0-15-15-34-27-04-0 6800-0-15-80-34-14-04-0 68000-16 680001-693
680-001B26 680001J 6800-02 6800020 68000-200H
68000-200HLF 68000-202 68000-202H 68000-202HLF 68000-202HLFROHS
68000-203 68000-203H 68000-203HLF 68000-204 68000-204HLF
68000-205 68000-205HLF 68000-206HLF 68000-208H 68000-208HLF
68000-209H 68000-210 68000-210H 68000-210HLF 68000-212HLF
68000-213 68000213H 68000-214 68000-214HLF 68000-215HLF
68000-216HLF 68000-220HLF 68000-222 68000-224HLF 68000-227
68000-236 68000-236H 68000-236HLF 68000-240-3 680-002-501
68000-301 68000-302 68000-302H 68000-303 68000-305H
68000-306H 68000-314 68000-336 6800-03930-0001 6800-03930-0001REVE
68000-401 68000-401HLF 68000-401HLF609-3466 68000-402 68000-402H
68000-402HLF 68000-403 68000-403H 68000-403HLF 68000-404HLF
68000-405 68000-405HLF 68000-406 68000-406H 68000-406HLF
68000-407 68000-408HLF 68000-409 68000-410 68000-410HLF
68000-411 68000-412HLF 68000-414 68000-414HLF 68000-416HLF
68000-418HLF 68000-420HLF 68000-425 68000-426 68000-426HLF
68000-430H 68000-436 68000-436H 68000-436HLF 6800-0500W
68000-501 68000-501H 68000505 68000-506 68000-510
68000-512 6800052 68000-536 68000-602 68000-603
68000-604 68000-604H 68000-605 68000-606 68000-608
68000-609 68000-610H 68000-611 68000-618 680007
680007004 680-0072-238 6800075 680-007N01 680-007N02
680-007N05 680-008 68-0008-002 6800083 6800087
680-0088 6800088-6 6800088-8 6800088824 68000-8BUA
68000-8BUC 68000-8BXA 68000-8BXAJC 68000-8BXC 68000-8-BZAJC
68000-8HD68000-8 680009 680009B 68000-A05MIL 68000C8B883C-B
68000C8N64 68000C8YBDCC 68000C8YBRCC 68000CA164 68000CA-8
68000CFN10 68000CP16 68000CP8 68000FN10 68000FN10MC
68000FN8 68000G8 68000L10 68000L12 68000L12MOT
68000L8 68000L8BNMIL 68000ME1BC12 68000MEBC10Z1 68000MHZOSCSMD
68000P10 68000-P1012 68000P10MC 68000P-10TMP 68000P10TS
68000P10USED 68000P8 68000P-84 68000P-86 68000P-8HD
68000P-8TMP 68000PF 68000PF10V0402ROH 68000PF25V 68000PFX7R5080550V
68000PV7 68000UF75VCAPACITOR 68000Y-8HD68000Y-8 6800-1 6800-10
6800-100A-5 6800-1010 6800-102HLF 68-001031-416 6800-104-1
6800-10-500B 680-010-501 6800-10BXA 6800110 68001-100HLF
68001-101 68001-101H 68001-101HLF 68001-102 680011-022
68001-102H 68001-102HLF 68001-102T 68001-103 68001-103H
68001-103HALF 68001-103HLF 68001-103HLFLASTBUY 68001-104 68001-104H
68001-104HLF 68001-104LF 68001-105 68001-105H 68001-105HLF