Amphenol Corporation




Founded in 1932, Amphenol has grown to be one of the world’s largest interconnect and cable manufacturers. The company designs, manufactures, and markets electrical, electronic, and fiber-optic connectors, interconnect systems, and coaxial and specialty cable. Today Amphenol has a diversified presence in high growth markets that it has cultivated over its 75 year history. Originally named The American Phenolic Corporation, Amphenol was founded by entrepreneur Arthur J. Schmitt in the Chicago area. Mr. Schmitt was focused on finding a better way to mass-produce vacuum tube sockets for the explosion of radio manufacturing at the time. He discovered that insulating plastic could effectively be used to produce tube sockets in a quicker and simpler method that using Bakelite or ceramic. With an initial order from RCA, Amphenol grew rapidly and has continued to profitably anticipate the needs of emerging markets ever since. Technology leadership has long been a corporate focus and Amphenol has been creating industry standards since its founding in 1932. We hope you enjoy the timeline below which gives a brief overview of how Amphenol has evolved into the global organization it is today.


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N200-002-BK N200-002-BL N200-002-GN N200-002-YW N200-003-BK
N200-003-BL N200-005-BK N200-005-BL N200-006-BL N200-007-BK
N200-007-BL N200-010-BK N200-010-BL N200-014-BK N200-014-BL
N200-015-BK N200-015-BL N200-020-BK N200-020-BL N200-025-BK
N200-025-BL N200-050-BL N20009 N2000A4 N2000ADPK
N2000-BTC N-2000CB N2000CRU N2000-FHSC N2000SC
N2000SC1LPBF N2000SC1LROHS N2000SC2BPPBF N2000SCPBF N2000X3000X0
N2001 N20015151000 N20015A N20017171000 N200200150-F10-T3
N20020A N20022221000 N2002E N-20-02P N2003AN
N20040 N2006B N2008P2081 N20099 N20099A
N2009LS N200A N200B N200CH58 N200CH58-65
N200CH58C N200CH60 N200CH60C N200CH62 N200CH62C
N200CH64 N200CH64C N200CH65 N200CH65C N200FH102G
N20-100000HMP0RM1PCT N201-001-BK N201-001-BL N201-001-BL50BP N201-001-GN
N201-001-GY N201-001-RD N201-001-WH N201-001-YW N201-002-BK
N201-002-BL N201-002-BL50BP N201-002-GN N201-002-GY N201-002-RD
N201-002-WH N201-002-YW N201-003-BK N201-003-BL N201-003-BL50BP
N201-003-GN N201-003-GY N201-003-OR N201-003-PU N201-003-RD
N201-003-WH N201-003-YW N201-004-BL N2010-04S N201-004-YW
N201-005-BK N201-005-BK50BP N201-005-BL N201-005-BL50BP N201-005-GN
N201-005-GY N201-005-OR N201-005-PU N201-005-RD N201-005-WH
N201-005-YW N201-006-BK N201-006-BL N201-006-GN N201-006-GY
N201-006-RD N201-006-YW N201-007-BK N201-007-BL N201-007-BL50BP
N201-007-BL-R N201-007-GN N201-007-GN-R N201-007-GY N201-007-OR
N201-007-ORNGE N201-007-PU N201-007-RD N201-007-WH N201-007-YW
N201-010-BK N201-010-BL N201-010-GN N201-010-GY N201-010-OR
N201-010-PU N201-010-RD N201-010-WH N201-010-YW N201-012-BL
N201-012-GN N201-014-BK N201-014-BL N201-014-BL-R N201-014-GN
N201-014-GN-R N201-014-GY N201-014-OR N201-014-PU N201-014-RD
N201-014-WH N201-014-YW N201-015-BK N201-015-BL N201-015-GN
N201-015-GY N201-015-RD N201-015-WH N201-015-YW N201-020-BK
N201-020-BL N201-020-GN N201-020-GY N201-020-OR N201-020-RD
N201-020-WH N201-020-YW N201-025-BK N201-025-BL N201-025-BL-FL
N201-025-GN N201-025-GY N201-025-OR N201-025-PU N201-025-RD
N201-025-WH N201-025-YW N201-030-BK N201-030-BL N201-030-GY
N201-035-BL N201-050-BK N201-050-BL N201-050-GN N201-050-GY
N201-050-GY-P N201-050-RD N201-050-WH N2010K N2011
N201-100-BK N201-100-BL N201-100-GY-P N2011S N2012PS121T60
N2012Z102 N2012Z102T01 N2012Z121 N2012Z121B03 N2012Z121T03
N2012Z202 N2012Z202T01 N2012Z202T02 N2012Z221 N2012Z221T02
N2012Z260T06 N2012Z301 N2012Z301T02 N2012Z601 N2012Z601T01
N2012Z601T02 N2012Z601T02TOKIN6 N2012Z601T102 N2012ZA102T01 N2012ZA121T03
N2012ZA202T01 N2012ZA221T02 N2012ZA400T06 N2012ZA420T06 N2012ZA601T01
N2012ZA601T02 N2012ZA800T03 N2012ZB N2012ZE102T01 N2012ZL121T03
N2012ZL500T03 N2012ZP221T20 N2012ZP600T25 N2012ZP600T26 N2012ZPS121T50
N2012ZPS121T60 N2012ZPS600T40A1 N2012ZPS800T80 N2013614 N20142Z260T06
N2014924 N2016024 N201610HWT N201610RT N201612HWT
N201612RT N201616HWT N201659276 N20166FHLWT N20166HWT
N20168FHLRT N20168FHLWT N20168HWT N20168RT N201848A
N201848B N201J4-L01 N201-S01-BL N201-S02-BL N201-S06-BL
N201-SR1-BL N201-SR2-BL N202 N20200-700-5-300 N202-01
N202-025-BL N202-050-BL N202-075-BL N20208 N20208HWT
N2020P N2020-T N202-100-BL N202-125-BL N202146
N202-150-BL N20215151000 N20-2153F N202-175-BL N202-200-BL
N2024 N2024NH N2024P-REF N202651 N202652
N20286 N202NF N202P21 N202S-01 N203
N203264-7 N203350A N20343 N20-34T-261-OUC2 N20352N1
N203661 N20-36T00001-2UL N20-36T00001-5UL N20-36T00001-R1-2UL N20-36T00001-R2-7UL