This document was generated on 04/03/2012 PLEASE CHECK WWW.MOLEX.COM FOR LATEST PART INFORMATION Part Number: Status: Description: 502231-3300 Active 0.50mm Pitch Easy-On™ Type FFC/FPC Connector, For LVDS, 6.05mm Height, Vertical, SMT, ZIF, 33 Circuits, Lead-Free Documents: 3D Model Drawing (PDF) Product Specification PS-502231-001 (PDF) RoHS Certificate of Compliance (PDF) Series General Product Family Series Product Name FFC/FPC Connectors 502231 Easy-On™ Physical Circuits (Loaded) Color - Resin Contact Position Durability (mating cycles max) Entry Angle Mated Height Material - Metal Material - Plating Mating Material - Plating Termination Number of Rows Orientation PCB Locator PCB Retention Packaging Type Pitch - Mating Interface Pitch - Termination Interface Polarized to PCB Stackable Temperature Range - Operating Termination Interface: Style Wire/Cable Type 33 Brown, Natural Top 20 Vertical 6.05mm Phosphor Bronze Gold, Tin Gold, Tin 1 Vertical No Yes Embossed Tape on Reel 0.50mm 0.50mm Yes No -25°C to +85°C Surface Mount FFC only image - Reference only EU RoHS ELV and RoHS Compliant REACH SVHC Contains SVHC: No Low-Halogen Status Not Low-Halogen Need more information on product environmental compliance? Email productcompliance@molex.com For a multiple part number RoHS Certificate of Compliance, click here Please visit the Contact Us section for any non-product compliance questions. Search Parts in this Series 502231Series Electrical Current - Maximum per Contact Voltage - Maximum 0.4A 50V AC (RMS)/DC Material Info Reference - Drawing Numbers Product Specification Sales Drawing China RoHS PS-502231-001, RPS-502231-001 SD-502231-001, SD-502231-002 This document was generated on 04/03/2012 PLEASE CHECK WWW.MOLEX.COM FOR LATEST PART INFORMATION










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502231-3300の取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

c8 0001509080000  0991707280000  0881801190000 

502-2 50220 502200-000 50-22-0010 50-22-0011
50-22-0014 50-22-0017 50-22-0018 50-22-0019 50-22-0020
50220103 5022-0717 502208 50220-B002JL 50220-B002PL
50220M-F 50221 5022-103J 5022-113J 5022-114J
5022-123J 5022-124J 5022-132J 5022-134J 5022-151J
50-2218-01-01 5022-184J 50-2219-01-01 50222 50-2220-01-01
5022-201J 5022-202J 5022-203J 5022-204J 50-2221-01-01
502222-1 5022-222J 5022-242J 5022-244J 502225-0801
5022-274J 5022-301J 502231-2400 502231-3300 5022-331J
5022-332J 50-2234C 5022-361J 5022-362J 502237-0517
5022-392J 5022-394J 50224 50224-00401-001 50224-00601-001
5022-431J 502244-1530 502244-3330 50224-7112 502249-1
50-2-25 50-2250 5022501791 502250-1791-C 502250-1791-TR750
502250-2191-TR750 502250-2391 502250-2391-C 502250-2791 502250-2791-C
502250-3391 502250-3391-C 502250-3391-TR750 502250-3591 502250-3591-C
502250-3991 502250-4191 502250-4191-C 502250-4191-TR750 502250-5191
502250-5191-TR750 5022508051 502-2511 5022-512J 5022-514J
5022-562J 5022-563J 5022-564J 502259-1 50225C
50225F20114 50225M20114 50225M-F 50225MPOT-F 50226
5022-621J 5022-622J 5022-623J 5022-624J 5022630
5022643 5022656 5022672 5022-683J 5022-684J
5022-752J 5022-754J 50228-00571-001 50228-0067C-001 50-228-0069
5022805 5022-823J 5022-824J 502286-00 502287-00
5022-914J 5022924 50-22-A 50-22A-20 50-22A-20MFB
50-22-B-10 5022BN 50-22CBC2AA 50-22CBJ2AA 5022CBK199
50-22CBS2AA 5022CSL001 5022CSL002 5022CSL005 5022D5311-0
50-22H-10 50-22HBJ3BB 5022K11 5022R-102J 5022R-103J
5022R-105J 5022R-132J 5022R-202J 5022R-204J 5022R-222J
5022R-304J 5022R-332J 5022R-391J 5022R-431J 5022R-473J
50-22-S 50-22S-10 50-22SN-12 50-22SN-5 5022W0809-0CS3263