Aces Electronics


Aces Electronics offers comprehensive connector solutions for a wide array of electronic applications, including NB Computers, Cellular Phones, Digital Cameras, etc., headquartered in Taoyuan Taiwan with overseas manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, Kunshan and Chongqing. Aces provides shorter product development and production cycles to meet business and development goals through its matured capability in product development, tooling design/ fabrication, and well-established manufacturing processes. Its highly experienced team is committed to realizing customers’ vision in business and technology. Meanwhile, Aces is reaching out to wider spectrum of customers with its recent development in the area of high-speed/high-frequency telecommunications and automotive electronics. Aces has always established itself on customer service excellence, delivering quality products with competitive lead-times. Aces will continually strive for technology breakthrough and be poised for global growth.


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50228-0067C-001の取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

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502-2 50220 502200-000 50-22-0010 50-22-0011
50-22-0014 50-22-0017 50-22-0018 50-22-0019 50-22-0020
50220103 5022-0717 502208 50220-B002JL 50220-B002PL
50220M-F 50221 5022-103J 5022-113J 5022-114J
5022-123J 5022-124J 5022-132J 5022-134J 5022-151J
50-2218-01-01 5022-184J 50-2219-01-01 50222 50-2220-01-01
5022-201J 5022-202J 5022-203J 5022-204J 50-2221-01-01
502222-1 5022-222J 5022-242J 5022-244J 502225-0801
5022-274J 5022-301J 502231-2400 502231-3300 5022-331J
5022-332J 50-2234C 5022-361J 5022-362J 502237-0517
5022-392J 5022-394J 50224 50224-00401-001 50224-00601-001
5022-431J 502244-1530 502244-3330 50224-7112 502249-1
50-2-25 50-2250 5022501791 502250-1791-C 502250-1791-TR750
502250-2191-TR750 502250-2391 502250-2391-C 502250-2791 502250-2791-C
502250-3391 502250-3391-C 502250-3391-TR750 502250-3591 502250-3591-C
502250-3991 502250-4191 502250-4191-C 502250-4191-TR750 502250-5191
502250-5191-TR750 5022508051 502-2511 5022-512J 5022-514J
5022-562J 5022-563J 5022-564J 502259-1 50225C
50225F20114 50225M20114 50225M-F 50225MPOT-F 50226
5022-621J 5022-622J 5022-623J 5022-624J 5022630
5022643 5022656 5022672 5022-683J 5022-684J
5022-752J 5022-754J 50228-00571-001 50228-0067C-001 50-228-0069
5022805 5022-823J 5022-824J 502286-00 502287-00
5022-914J 5022924 50-22-A 50-22A-20 50-22A-20MFB
50-22-B-10 5022BN 50-22CBC2AA 50-22CBJ2AA 5022CBK199
50-22CBS2AA 5022CSL001 5022CSL002 5022CSL005 5022D5311-0
50-22H-10 50-22HBJ3BB 5022K11 5022R-102J 5022R-103J
5022R-105J 5022R-132J 5022R-202J 5022R-204J 5022R-222J
5022R-304J 5022R-332J 5022R-391J 5022R-431J 5022R-473J
50-22-S 50-22S-10 50-22SN-12 50-22SN-5 5022W0809-0CS3263