MITSUBISHI SEMICONDUCTOR M54523P/FP 7-UNIT 500mA DARLINGTON TRANSISTOR-ARRAY WITH CLAMP DIODE DESCRIPTION M54523P and M54523FP are seven-circuit Darlington transistor arrays with clamping diodes. The circuits are made of NPN transistors. Both the semiconductor integrated circuits perform high-current driving with extremely low input-current supply. PIN CONFIGURATION IN1→ 1 IN2→ 2 14 →O3 IN4→ 4 13 →O4 IN5→ 5 INPUT 15 →O2 IN3→ 3 FEATURES q High breakdown voltage (BVCEO ≥ 50V) q High-current driving (IC(max) = 500mA) q With clamping diodes q Driving available with PMOS IC ouput 16 →O1 12 →O5 IN6→ 6 11 →O6 IN7→ 7 10 →O7 GND APPLICATION Drives of relays and printers, digit drives of indication elements (LEDs and lamps), and interfaces between standard MOS-bipolar logic IC FUNCTION The M54523P and M54523FP each have seven circuits consisting of NPN Darlington transistors. These ICs have resistance of 2.7kΩ between input transistor bases and input pins. A spike-killer clamping diode is provided between each output pin (collector) and COM pin. The output transistor emitters are all connected to the GND pin (pin 8). The collector current is 500mA maximum. Collector-emitter supply voltage is 50V maximum.The M54523FP is enclosed in a molded small flat package, enabling space-saving design. OUTPUT 9 8 COM COMMON 16P4(P) Package type 16P2N-A(FP) CIRCUIT DIAGRAM COM OUTPUT INPUT 2.7k 5k 3k GND The seven circuits share the COM and GND The diode, indicated with the dotted line, is parasitic, and cannot be used. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol VCEO IC VI IF VR Pd Topr Tstg (Unless otherwise noted, Ta = –20 ~ +75°C) Parameter Collector-emitter voltage Collector current Conditions Output, H Current per circuit output, L Input voltage Clamping diode forward current Clamping diode reverse voltage Power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature Unit : Ω Ta = 25°C, when mounted on board Ratings –0.5 ~ +50 500 –0.5 ~ +30 500 50 1.47(P)/1.00(FP) –20 ~ +75 –55 ~ +125 Unit V mA V mA V W °C °C Feb.2003



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