PRELIMINARY Am79C984A enhanced Integrated Multiport Repeater (eIMR™) DISTINCTIVE CHARACTERISTICS s Repeater functions comply with IEEE 802.3 Repeater Unit specifications s Full LED support for individual port status LEDs and network utilization LEDs s Four integral 10BASE-T transceivers with onchip filtering that eliminate the need for external filter modules on the 10BASE-T transmit-data (TXD) and receive-data (RXD) lines s Programmable extended distance mode on the RXD lines, allowing connection to cables longer than 100 meters s One Reversible Attachment Unit Interface (RAUI™) port that can be used either as a standard IEEE-compliant AUI port for connection to a Medium Attachment Unit (MAU), or as a reversed port for direct connection to a Media Access Controller (MAC) s Low cost suitable for non-managed multiport repeater designs s Expandable to increase number of repeater ports with support for up to seven eIMR devices without the need for an external arbiter s Twisted Pair Link Test capability conforming to the 10BASE-T standard. The Link Test function and the transmission of Link Test pulses can be optionally disabled through the control port to allow devices that do not implement the Link Test function to work with the eIMR device. s Programmable option of automatic polarity detection and correction permits automatic recovery due to wiring errors s Full amplitude and timing regeneration for retransmitted waveforms s CMOS device with a single +5-V supply s All ports can be individually isolated (partitioned) in response to excessive collision conditions or fault conditions. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The enhanced Integrated Multiport Repeater (eIMR) device is a VLSI integrated circuit that provides a system-level solution to designing non-managed multiport repeaters. The device integrates the repeater functions specified in Section 9 of the IEEE 802.3 standard and Twisted Pair Transceiver functions complying with the 10BASE-T standard. The eIMR device provides four Twisted Pair (TP) ports and one RAUI port for direct connection to a MAC. The total number of ports per repeater unit can be increased by connecting multiple eIMR devices through their expansion ports, hence, minimizing the total cost per repeater port. The device is fabricated in CMOS technology and requires a single +5-V supply. This document contains information on a product under development at Advanced Micro Devices. The information is intended to help you evaluate this product. AMD reserves the right to change or discontinue work on this proposed product without notice. Publication# 20650 Rev: B Amendment/0 Issue Date: January 1998




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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
AM79C30AJC 869個 88  
AM79C30AJC 92個    
AM79C30AJC 19個    
AM79C30AJC 13個    
AM79C30AJC 10個    
AM79C30AJC/D 5671個    
AM79C30AJC/D 2865個 93  
AM79C30AJC/D 165個    
AM79C30AJC/D 48個    
AM79C30AJC/DDV 105個