To all our customers Regarding the change of names mentioned in the document, such as Hitachi Electric and Hitachi XX, to Renesas Technology Corp. The semiconductor operations of Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi were transferred to Renesas Technology Corporation on April 1st 2003. These operations include microcomputer, logic, analog and discrete devices, and memory chips other than DRAMs (flash memory, SRAMs etc.) Accordingly, although Hitachi, Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi Semiconductors, and other Hitachi brand names are mentioned in the document, these names have in fact all been changed to Renesas Technology Corp. Thank you for your understanding. Except for our corporate trademark, logo and corporate statement, no changes whatsoever have been made to the contents of the document, and these changes do not constitute any alteration to the contents of the document itself. Renesas Technology Home Page: http://www.renesas.com Renesas Technology Corp. Customer Support Dept. April 1, 2003




ルネサス エレクトロニクス株式会社




2010年(平成22年)4月に設立された大手半導体メーカー。半導体製品の研究開発・製造・販売・サービス。主力製品は、マイコン(CISC、RISC)、パワーデバイス、アナログ&ミックスドシグナルIC、汎用IC、高周波デバイス、光半導体、車載用LSI、産業用LSI、メモリ、ASIC、USB ASSP、システムLSI


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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
2SK1521 20個 N/A N/A
2SK1521 72個    






2SK1521の取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

ca 0001501300000  0991707150000  0991711141016  0912007211013 

2SK15 2SK150 2SK1500 2SK1500T 2SK1501
2SK1501Z 2SK1501-Z-E1 2SK1502 2SK1502-K 2SK1502K1502
2SK1503 2SK1503-01 2SK1504 2SK1504-01S 2SK1504-01S-TE24R
2SK1504L 2SK1504S 2SK1505 2SK1505-01MR 2SK1505+M
2SK1505-MR 2SK1506 2SK150650A120V 2SK1506FUJIT 2SK1507
2SK1507-01 2SK1507-01M 2SK1507-01M-F132 2SK1507-01MR 2SK1507-91
2SK1507-91M 2SK1507FUJIT 2SK1507TO 2SK1508 2SK1509
2SK150A 2SK150-BL 2SK150GR 2SK1510-01S 2SK1511
2SK1511-01 2SK1512 2SK1512-01 2SK1512-01FUJI900V 2SK1513
2SK1514 2SK1515 2SK1516 2SK1517 2SK1518
2SK1518-E 2SK1518-E-Q 2SK1518EREN 2SK1518REN 2SK1519
2SK1519-E 2SK152 2SK1520 2SK1520-E 2SK1521
2SK1521E 2SK1521-E1-E 2SK1522 2SK1522-E 2SK1522-E1-E
2SK1522REN 2SK152-3 2SK152-3SONY 2SK152-4 2SK1525
2SK1526 2SK1526-E 2SK1527 2SK1527-E 2SK1527-E1-E
2SK1528 2SK1528L 2SK1528L-E 2SK1528S 2SK1528S-E
2SK1528STR 2SK1528STR-E 2SK1529 2SK15292SJ200 2SK1529-Y
2SK1529YF 2SK1530 2SK15302SJ201 2SK1530L 2SK1530Y
2SK1531 2SK1531F 2SK1531G 2SK1531J 2SK1531TOSH
2SK1532 2SK1533 2SK1533-4101 2SK1534 2SK15344100
2SK1535 2SK1536 2SK1537 2SK1538 2SK1539
2SK1540 2SK1540L 2SK1540STR 2SK1541 2SK1542
2SK1543 2SK1543M 2SK1544 2SK1544Q 2SK1545
2SK1546 2SK1547 2SK1548 2SK1548-01MR 2SK1548-51M
2SK1549 2SK1549-01 2SK1549-R 2SK155 2SK1550
2SK1552 2SK1552-01LSC 2SK1553 2SK1554 2SK1555
2SK1556 2SK1557 2SK1558 2SK1559 2SK156
2SK1560 2SK1561 2SK1562 2SK1563 2SK1564
2SK1565 2SK1566 2SK1566-E 2SK1567 2SK1567-04-E
2SK1567-E 2SK1568 2SK1569 2SK156FETHSK156-C 2SK156-K2
2SK157 2SK1570 2SK1571 2SK1572 2SK1573
2SK1573-E 2SK1574 2SK1575 2SK1576AT106S 2SK1577
2SK1577-1 2SK1577-1-T7 2SK1577-2-T7 2SK1577-3 2SK1577-T7-2
2SK1578 2SK1578A 2SK1578AD 2SK1578B-S 2SK1578C-BSE
2SK1578D-BSE 2SK1579 2SK15790YTL 2SK1579DY-TL 2SK1579DYTL-E
2SK1579DYTLSMDHIT 2SK1579DYTR 2SK1579DYTR-E 2SK158 2SK1580
2SK15800-T1-AT 2SK1580-T1 2SK1580-T1-A 2SK1580-T1-A2UF103450P 2SK1580-T1B
2SK1580-T1G13 2SK1580-T1G13SMDN 2SK1580T1JM 2SK1580-T2 2SK1581
2SK1581-A 2SK1581-L 2SK1581-T1 2SK1581-T1B 2SK1581-T1B-A
2SK1581-T1BG14NEC 2SK1582 2SK15820T1B-A 2SK1582-A 2SK1582G15
2SK1582G15-T2B 2SK1582-L 2SK1582-T1 2SK1582-T1-B 2SK1582-T1B-A
2SK1582-T1B-AG15 2SK1582-T1B-AJM 2SK1582-T1BG15 2SK1582-T1BG15NEC 2SK1582-T1BJM
2SK1582-T1BJMSMDN 2SK1582-T2B 2SK1582-T2B-A 2SK1582-T2BG15 2SK1583-T1
2SK1583-T1-AZ 2SK1584 2SK15840-T1-AZ 2SK1584NH 2SK1584-T
2SK1584-T1 2SK1584-T1-AZ 2SK1584-T1NH 2SK1585 2SK1585-AZ
2SK1585-T1 2SK1585-T1-AZ 2SK1586 2SK1586-AZ 2SK1586-T1
2SK1586-T1-A 2SK1586-T1-AZ 2SK1586-T1N1 2SK1587 2SK1587-AZ
2SK1587-T1 2SK1587-T1-AZ 2SK1588 2SK1588-AZ 2SK1588-T1
2SK1588-T1-AZ 2SK1588T1-AZPBF 2SK1588-T1NECNGSO 2SK1589 2SK1589-SMD
2SK1589-T1 2SK1589-T1B 2SK1589-T1B-A 2SK1589-T1B-AT 2SK1589-T1BG17
2SK1589-T2B 2SK1589-T2B-A 2SK1589-T2BG17 2SK158-T1B 2SK1590
2SK1590A 2SK1590A-T1B-A 2SK1590G16 2SK1590L 2SK1590-T1
2SK1590-T1B 2SK1590-T1B-A 2SK1590-T1B-AJM 2SK1590-T1B-AT 2SK1590-T1BG16
2SK1590-T1BG16NEC 2SK1590-T1BG16SOT- 2SK1590-T1BNECSO 2SK1590-T1BSMDNEC 2SK1590-T2B
2SK1590-T2B-A 2SK1590-T2B-AG16 2SK1591 2SK1591G18 2SK1591-L
2SK1591-T1B 2SK1591-T1B-A 2SK1591-T2B 2SK1591-T2B-A 2SK1592
2SK1592-T1 2SK1592-T1-AZ 2SK1593 2SK1593NP 2SK1593-T1
2SK1593T1AZ 2SK1593-T2 2SK1594 2SK1595 2SK1596
2SK1597 2SK1598 2SK1599 2SK15-O 2SK15-Y