DATASHEET IEC Inlet Filters FN 9222 General Performance IEC Inlet Filter Rated currents up to 20 A Excellent performance/size ratio Approvals Optional medical versions (B type) according to IEC/EN 60601-1 Snap-in versions (S and S1 type) Hot inlet versions (HI type) Optional overvoltage protection (Z type) (CQC except HI-types) The FN 9222 IEC inlet filter combines an IEC inlet and mains filter with excellent filter attenuation in a small form factor. Choosing the FN 9222 product line brings you the rapid availability of a standard filter associated with the necessary safety acceptances. Standard IEC connector filters are a practical solution helping you to pass EMI system approval in a short time. A wide selection on amperage ratings, output connections, mounting possibilities and filters for medical applications are designed to offer you the desired solution. Features and benefits Exceptional conducted attenuation performance, based on chokes with high saturation resistance and excellent thermal behavior Technical specifications Maximum continuous operating voltage Operating frequency Rated currents Approvals by rated current High potential test voltage 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz dc to 400 Hz 1 to 20 A @ 50 °C 1 to 10 A (ENEC, CQC) 16 A (ENEC, CQC) for 16 and 20 A types 1 to 20 A (UL, CSA) P –> PE 2000 VAC for 2 sec (standard types) P –> PE 2500 VAC for 2 sec (B types) P –> N 1000 VAC for 2 sec (1 to 10 A types, not Z types) P –> N 250 VAC for 2 sec (all Z types) Protection category Temperature range (operation and storage) Design corresponding to Flammability corresponding to Surge pulse protection (optional) MTBF @ 40°C/230V (Mil-HB-217F) P –> N 1100 VDC for 2 sec (16 and 20 A types, not Z types) IP40 according to IEC 60529 -25 °C to +85 °C (25/85/21) UL 1283, CSA 22.2 No. 8 1986, IEC/EN 60939 (X to XX A, not Z types) UL 94 V-2 or better 2 kV, IEC 61000-4-5 ≤15 A: 3,040,000 hours ≥16 A: 2,256,000 hours Rear/front or snap-in mounting Wide mounting flanges available Optional medical versions (B type) comply with the requirements of IEC/EN 60601-1 for creepage and clearance, leakage current and high potential testing 12 and 15 A types with hot inlet available Optional surge pulse protection Different output connections offering maximum flexibility for assembly Custom-specific versions are available on request Typical applications Portable electrical and electronic equipment Small to medium-sized machines and household equipment Single-phase power supplies, switch-mode power supplies Test and measurement equipment Medical equipment Rack mounting equipment




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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
FN9222B-3-06 4個 04+ N/A
FN9222B-3-06 85個    
FN9222B-3-06 1134個    
FN9222B-3-06 522個    


型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
FN9222B306 200個    




FN9222B-3-06の取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

8b 0001506150000  1001707150000  0901711090000 

FN9222-10-06 FN9222-10-07 FN9222-1-06 FN9222-1-07 FN9222-12-06
FN9222-12-07HI FN9222-15-06 FN9222-15-07 FN9222-15-07HI FN9222306
FN9222-3-07 FN9222-606 FN9222-607 FN9222B-10-06 FN9222B-10-07
FN9222B-1-06 FN9222B-1-07 FN9222B-12-06 FN9222B-12-06HI FN9222B-12-07
FN9222B-15-05E FN9222B-15-06 FN9222B-15-07 FN9222B-20-06 FN9222B-3-06
FN9222B-3-07 FN9222B-6-06 FN9222B-6-07 FN9222E-10-06 FN9222E-1-06
FN9222E-12-06 FN9222E-15-06 FN9222E-15-06HI FN9222E-3-06 FN9222E-6-06
FN9222EB-10-06 FN9222EB-1-06 FN9222EB-12-06 FN9222EB-12-06HI FN9222EB-15-06
FN9222EB-15-06HI FN9222EB-3-06 FN9222EB-6-06 FN9222ER-10-06 FN9222ER-15-06HI
FN9222ER-3-06 FN9222ER-6-06 FN9222ER-8-06 FN9222ES1-10-06 FN9222ES1-3-06
FN9222ES-15-06 FN9222ES1-6-06 FN9222ES1-8-06 FN9222ES1B-10-06 FN9222ES1B-1-06
FN9222ES1B-12-06 FN9222ES1B-15-06 FN9222ES1B-8-06 FN9222ES1R-12-06 FN9222ES1R-6-06
FN9222ES1R-8-06 FN9222ES-3-06 FN9222ES-6-06 FN9222ESB-1-06 FN9222ESB-12-06
FN9222ESB-15-06 FN9222ESB-8-06 FN9222ESR-10-06 FN9222ESR-15-06 FN9222ESR-3-06
FN9222ESR-8-06 FN9222EU-10-06 FN9222EU-1-06 FN9222EU-12-06 FN9222EU-15-06
FN9222EU-306 FN9222EU-6-06 FN9222EUB-3-06 FN9222EUB-6-06 FN9222R-10-06
FN9222R-10-06RDKN1194 FN9222R-10-07 FN9222R-1-06 FN9222R-1-07 FN9222R-12-06
FN9222R-12-06HI FN9222R-15-06 FN9222R-15-06HI FN9222R-15-07 FN9222R-16-06
FN9222R-20-06 FN9222R-3-06 FN9222R307 FN9222R-6-06 FN9222R-6-07
FN9222RA-6-06 FN9222RB-16-06 FN9222RB-20-06 FN9222S-10-06 FN9222S-10-06SNAPIN
FN9222S-10-07 FN9222S-1-06 FN9222S-1-06-05 FN9222S-1-07 FN9222S1-10-06
FN9222S1-10-07 FN9222S1-1-06 FN9222S1-1-07 FN9222S1-12-06 FN9222S1-15-06
FN9222S1-15-07 FN9222S-12-06 FN9222S-12-07 FN9222S1-3-06 FN9222S1-3-07
FN9222S-15-06 FN9222S1-6-06 FN9222S1-6-07 FN9222S1-8-06 FN9222S1B-10-06
FN9222S1B-10-07 FN9222S1B-1-06 FN9222S1B-12-06 FN9222S1B-12-07 FN9222S1B-15-06
FN9222S1B-15-07 FN9222S1B-3-06 FN9222S1B-3-07 FN9222S1B-6-06 FN9222S1B-6-07
FN9222S1B-8-06 FN9222S1R-10-06 FN9222S1R-10-07 FN9222S1R-1-06 FN9222S1R-1-07
FN9222S1R-12-06 FN9222S1R-15-06 FN9222S1R-15-07 FN9222S1R-3-07 FN9222S1R-6-06
FN9222S1R-6-07 FN9222S-20-06 FN9222S-3-06 FN9222S-3-06-20 FN9222S-3-07
FN9222S-6-06 FN9222S-6-06-05 FN9222S-6-06-10 FN9222S-606-15 FN9222S-6-07
FN9222SB-10-06 FN9222SB-10-07 FN9222SB-1-06 FN9222SB-1-07 FN9222SB-12-06
FN9222SB-12-07 FN9222SB-15-06 FN9222SB-15-07 FN9222SB-3-06 FN9222SB-3-06-15
FN9222SB-3-07 FN9222SB-6-06 FN9222SB-6-07 FN9222SR-10-06 FN9222SR-10-07
FN9222SR-1-06 FN9222SR-1-07 FN9222SR-12-06 FN9222SR-12-07 FN9222SR-15-06
FN9222SR-15-07 FN9222SR-15-07-20 FN9222SR-306 FN9222SR-3-07 FN9222SR-6-06
FN9222SR-6-07 FN9222SR-6-07-20 FN9222SR-8-06 FN9222U-10-06 FN9222U-1-06
FN9222U-12-06 FN9222U-3-06 FN9222U-6-06 FN9222U-8-06 FN9222UZ-15-06
FN9222UZ-3-06 FN9222UZ-6-06 FN9222UZ-8-06