G2R PCB Power Relay The Best Seller G2R • 1General purpose power Relays of single-pole10 A and double-pole 5 A. • Safety-oriented design with dielectric strength of 5,000 V between coil and contacts, and surge resistance of 10,000 V. • AC and DC types are both available for operational coils. RoHS Compliant ■Model Number Legend G2R- @ - @ @ @@ -@@ — ———— —— 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1. Relay Function None: Single-side stable K : Double-winding latching 4. Contact Type None: Single Z : Bifurcated contact 2. Number of poles 1: 1-pole 2: 2-pole 5. Enclosure rating None: Flux protection (T-type is an enclosed relay) 4 : Fully sealed 3. Contact Form None: NO/NC A : NO 6. Terminal Shape None: PCB terminals T : Quick-connect (upper bracket mounting #187) 7. Classification None: Standard E : High-capacity H : High-sensitivity U : For ultrasonically cleanable Z : Full-wave rectifier G 2 R ■Model Configuration Number of poles Terminal Shape Classification Enclosure rating Flux protection Standard Fully sealed Bifurcated PCB terminals contact Flux protection Fully sealed Contact form AC DC AC DC DC AC 1-pole SPST-NO (1a) G2R-1A 2-pole SPDT (1c) G2R-1 DPST-NO (2a) G2R-2A DPDT (2c) Minimum packing unit G2R-2 100 pcs/tray G2R-1A4 G2R-14 G2R-2A4 G2R-24 G2R-1AZ G2R-1Z − − G2R-1AZ4 G2R-1Z4 − − G2R-1A-E G2R-1-E − − 50 pcs/tray High-capacity Flux protection High-sensitivity Flux protection DC G2R-1A-H G2R-1-H G2R-2A-H G2R-2-H Double-winding latching Flux protection DC G2RK-1A G2RK-1 G2RK-2A G2RK-2 50 pcs/tray G2R-1A-T G2R-1-T − − 100 pcs/tray Quick-connect Standard Unsealed DC AC DC 100 pcs/tray Note 1. Full-wave rectifier and supersonic cleaner compatible models are also available. Refer to page 3. 2. Sockets for PCB terminal models are not provided. 1








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