G6B PCB Power Relay High Capacity and High Dielectric Strength Miniature Relay with Fully Sealed Construction in 5 A (8 A) SPST-NO (1a), SPST-NC (1b), DPST-NO (2a), DPST-NC (2b) Types • High sensitive with operating power of 98 mW. (G6B-1114P-US and G6B-1174P-US models) • High insulation with dielectric strength of 3,000VAC between coil and contacts (impulse withstand voltage of 6 kV). G 6 B • Stick packing models are provided in consideration of compatibility to the automatic production line. • Standard model conforms to UL/CSA standards. Other SEV approved models are also available. • AgSnIn contacts suitable for loads that generate surge voltage (inductive load, capacity load, etc.) available. (-FD type) • Ultrasonic cleanable models available. (-U type) • Operation indicator & built-in surge absorption diode available. (-ND type) • 2-Pole type available. ■Application Examples RoHS Compliant • Ideal for output applications of control equipments ■Model Number Legend G6B -@ - @ @ @ @ @ -@ - @ -@ - @- @ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1. Relay Function None: Single-side stable U : Single-winding latching (G6B@-1114 models only) K : Double-winding latching (G6B@-1114 models only) 2. Contact Form 21: SPST-NO + SPST-NC 22: DPST-NO 20: DPST-NC 11: SPST-NO 8 9 10 3. Classification 1: Standard 7: High-capacity 4. Enclosure rating 4: Fully sealed 7: Flux protection 5. Terminal Shape P: PCB terminals Socket mounting terminals 6. Contact material None: Standard (Ag-alloy (Cd free)) FD : AgSnIn contact (Suitable for DC inductive load with high inrush current) 7. Operation Indicator Diode Availability None: Standard ND : Operation indicator & coil surge absorption diode (for -1177 type only) 8. Approved Standards US: UL/CSA 9. Washability None: Standard U : For ultrasonically cleanable 10. Mounting None: Mounted directly to PCB P6B : Mounted to Socket 1








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