SN74LVC1T45 SINGLE-BIT DUAL-SUPPLY BUS TRANSCEIVER WITH CONFIGURABLE VOLTAGE TRANSLATION AND 3-STATE OUTPUTS www.ti.com SCES515G – DECEMBER 2003 – REVISED DECEMBER 2005 FEATURES • • • • • • • • Available in the Texas Instruments NanoStar™ and NanoFree™ Packages Fully Configurable Dual-Rail Design Allows Each Port to Operate Over the Full 1.65-V to 5.5-V Power-Supply Range VCC Isolation Feature – If Either VCC Input Is at GND, Both Ports Are in the High-Impedance State DIR Input Circuit Referenced to VCCA Low Power Consumption, 4-µA Max ICC ±24-mA Output Drive at 3.3 V Ioff Supports Partial-Power-Down Mode Operation DBV PACKAGE (TOP VIEW) VCCA 1 6 Max Data Rates – 420 Mbps (3.3-V to 5-V Translation) – 210 Mbps (Translate to 3.3 V) – 140 Mbps (Translate to 2.5 V) – 75 Mbps (Translate to 1.8 V) Latch-Up Performance Exceeds 100 mA Per JESD 78, Class II ESD Protection Exceeds JESD 22 – 2000-V Human-Body Model (A114-A) – 200-V Machine Model (A115-A) – 1000-V Charged-Device Model (C101) • • DCK PACKAGE (TOP VIEW) VCCB VCCA 1 2 5 DIR A 3 4 VCCB VCCA 1 6 VCCB 5 DIR GND 2 5 DIR A 2 GND GND 6 DRL PACKAGE (TOP VIEW) 3 4 B YEP OR YZP PACKAGE (BOTTOM VIEW) A GND VCCA C1 3 4 C2 B1 2 5 B2 A1 1 6 A2 B DIR VCCB B 3 A 4 B See mechanical drawings for dimensions. DESCRIPTION/ORDERING INFORMATION This single-bit noninverting bus transceiver uses two separate configurable power-supply rails. The A port is designed to track VCCA. VCCA accepts any supply voltage from 1.65 V to 5.5 V. The B port is designed to track VCCB. VCCB accepts any supply voltage from 1.65 V to 5.5 V. This allows for universal low-voltage bidirectional translation between any of the 1.8-V, 2.5-V, 3.3-V, and 5-V voltage nodes. ORDERING INFORMATION PACKAGE (1) TA NanoStar™ – WCSP (DSBGA) 0.23-mm Large Bump – YEP NanoFree™ – WCSP (DSBGA) 0.23-mm Large Bump – YZP (Pb-free) –40°C to 85°C SOT (SOT-23) – DBV SOT (SC-70) – DCK SOT (SOT-533) – DRL (1) (2) ORDERABLE PART NUMBER TOP-SIDE MARKING (2) SN74LVC1T45YEPR Reel of 3000 _ _ _TA_ SN74LVC1T45YZPR Reel of 3000 SN74LVC1T45DBVR Reel of 250 SN74LVC1T45DBVT Reel of 3000 SN74LVC1T45DCKR Reel of 250 SN74LVC1T45DCKT Reel of 4000 SN74LVC1T45DRLR CT1_ TA_ Package drawings, standard packing quantities, thermal data, symbolization, and PCB design guidelines are available at www.ti.com/sc/package. DBV/DCK/DRL: The actual top-side marking has one additional character that designates the assembly/test site. YEP/YZP: The actual top-side marking has three preceding characters to denote year, month, and sequence code, and one following character to designate the assembly/test site. Pin 1 identifier indicates solder-bump composition (1 = SnPb, • = Pb-free). Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. NanoStar, NanoFree are trademarks of Texas Instruments. PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to specifications per the terms of the Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. Copyright © 2003–2005, Texas Instruments Incorporated




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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
SN74LVC1T45DCKR 2525個 08+ PBF
SN74LVC1T45DCKR 2525個 2008+ PBF  


型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
SN74LVC1T45DCKR 63155個    
SN74LVC1T45DCKR 3000個    
SN74LVC1T45DCKRG4 3000個    



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