TC358764XBG/TC358765XBG CMOS Digital Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TC358764XBG/TC358765XBG Mobile Peripheral Devices TC358764XBG Overview The primary function of TC358764XBG/TC358765XBG is DSI-to-LVDS Bridge, enabling video streaming output over DSI link to drive LVDS-compatible display panels. The chip supports up to 1366×768 24-bit pixel resolution for single-link LVDS and up to WUXGA (1920x1200 18-bit pixels) resolution for dual-link LVDS. As a secondary function, the chip also supports an I2C Master which is controlled by the DSI link; this may be used as an interface to any other control functions through I2C. The chip can be configured through the DSI link by sending write register commands through DSI Generic Long Write-packets. It can also be configured through the I2C Slave interface. ● DSI Receiver  Configurable 1- up to 4-Data-Lane DSI Link with bi-directional support on Data Lane 0  Maximum bit rate of 800 Mbps/lane  Video input data formats: - RGB565 16 bits per pixel - RGB666 18 bits per pixel - RGB666 loosely packed 24 bits per pixel - RGB888 24 bits per pixel.  Video frame size: - Up to 1366×768 24-bit/pixel resolution to single-link LVDS display panel - Up to WUXGA resolutions (1920×1200 18-bit pixels) to dual-link LVDS display panel  Supports Video Stream packets for video data transmission.  Supports generic long packets for accessing the chip’s register set  Supports the path for Host to control the on-chip I2C Master © 2014 Toshiba Corporation TC358765XBG P-TFBGA64-0606-0.65AZ Weight: 74.7 mg (Typ.) Features ● LVDS FPD Link Transmitter  Supports single-link or dual-link  Maximum pixel clock frequency of 85 MHz  Maximum throughput of 297.5 MBytes/sec for single-link or 595 Mbytes/sec for dual-link  Supports display up to 1366×768 24-bit/pixel resolution for single-link, or up to WUXGA (18 bit/pixel) resolutions for dual-link  Supports the following pixel formats: - RGB666 18 bits per pixel - RGB888 24 bits per pixel  Features Toshiba Magic Square algorithm which enables a RGB666 display panel to produce a display quality equivalent to that of an RGB888 24-bit panel  Flexible mapping of parallel data input bit ordering P-TFBGA49-0505-0.65AZ Weight: 53.8 mg (Typ.)  Supports programmable clock polarity  Supports power-down ● System Operation  Host configures the chip through DSI link  Through DSI link, Host accesses the chip register set using Generic Write and Read packets. One Generic Long Write packet can write to multiple contiguous register addresses  Includes an I2C Master function which is controlled by Host through DSI link (multi-master is not supported)  Power management features to save power  Configuration registers is also accessible through I2C Slave interface ● Clock Source  LVDS pixel clock source is either from external clock EXTCLK or derived from DSICLK.  A built-in PLL generates the high-speed LVDS serializing clock requiring no external components ● Digital Input/Output Signals  All Digital Input signals are 3.3V tolerant  All Digital Output signals can output ranging from 1.8V to 3.3V depending on IO supply voltage ● Power supply  MIPI DSI D-PHY: 1.2 V  LVDS PHY: 3.3 V  I/O: 1.8 V - 3.3V (all IO supply pins must be same level)  Digital Core: 1.2 V ● Power Consumption  Power –down mode is achieved by: 1. Disable PLL (0x04A0[8] = 1) and LVDS (0x049C[0] = 0) after stopping video stream (in DSI LP11 state) 2. Drive DSI Data Lanes to LP00 state 1 / 26 2014-05-29




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