CY2308 3.3V Zero Delay Buffer Features ■ Zero input-output propagation delay, adjustable by capacitive load on FBK input ■ Multiple configurations, see Available CY2308 Configurations on page 3 ■ Multiple low skew outputs ■ Two banks of four outputs, three-stateable by two select inputs ■ 10 MHz to 133 MHz operating range ■ 75 ps typical cycle-to-cycle jitter (15 pF, 66 MHz) ■ Space saving 16-pin 150 mil SOIC package or 16-pin TSSOP ■ 3.3V operation ■ Industrial temperature available The CY2308 has two banks of four outputs each that is controlled by the select inputs as shown in the table Select Input Decoding on page 2. If all output clocks are not required, Bank B is three-stated. The input clock is directly applied to the output for chip and system testing purposes by the select inputs. The CY2308 PLL enters a power down state when there are no rising edges on the REF input. In this mode, all outputs are three-stated and the PLL is turned off resulting in less than 50 μA of current draw. The PLL shuts down in two additional cases as shown in the table Select Input Decoding on page 2. Multiple CY2308 devices accept the same input clock and distribute it in a system. In this case, the skew between the outputs of two devices is less than 700 ps. Functional Description The CY2308 is a 3.3V Zero Delay Buffer designed to distribute high speed clocks in PC, workstation, datacom, telecom, and other high performance applications. The part has an on-chip PLL that locks to an input clock presented on the REF pin. The PLL feedback is driven into the FBK pin and obtained from one of the outputs. The input-to-output skew is less than 350 ps and output-to-output skew is less than 200 ps. The CY2308 is available in five different configurations as shown in the table Available CY2308 Configurations on page 3. The CY2308–1 is the base part where the output frequencies equal the reference if there is no counter in the feedback path. The CY2308–1H is the high drive version of the –1 and rise and fall times on this device are much faster. The CY2308–2 enables the user to obtain 2X and 1X frequencies on each output bank. The exact configuration and output frequencies depend on the output that drives the feedback pin. The CY2308–3 enables the user to obtain 4X and 2X frequencies on the outputs. The CY2308–4 enables the user to obtain 2X clocks on all outputs. Thus, the part is extremely versatile and is used in a variety of applications. The CY2308–5H is a high drive version with REF/2 on both banks. Logic Block Diagram /2 REF FBK PLL MUX /2 CLKA1 CLKA2 Extra Divider (–3, –4) CLKA3 Extra Divider (–5H) CLKA4 S2 Select Input Decoding S1 /2 CLKB1 CLKB2 CLKB3 Extra Divider (–2, –3) Cypress Semiconductor Corporation Document Number: 38-07146 Rev. *H • 198 Champion Court CLKB4 • San Jose, CA 95134-1709 • 408-943-2600 Revised March 12, 2009 [+] Feedback CY2308 Available CY2308 Configurations Device Feedback From Bank A Frequency Bank B Frequency CY2308–1 Bank A or Bank B Reference Reference CY2308–1H Bank A or Bank B Reference Reference CY2308–2 Bank A Reference Reference/2 CY2308–2 Bank B 2 X Reference Reference CY2308–3 Bank A 2 X Reference Reference or Reference[5] CY2308–3 Bank B 4 X Reference 2 X Reference CY2308–4 Bank A or Bank B 2 X Reference 2 X Reference CY2308–5H Bank A or Bank B Reference /2 Reference /2 Zero Delay and Skew Control Figure 2. REF. Input to CLKA/CLKB Delay Versus Difference in Loading between FBK Pin and CLKA/CLKB Pins To close the feedback loop of the CY2308, the FBK pin is driven from any of the eight available output pins. The output driving the FBK pin drives a total load of 7 pF plus any additional load that it drives. The relative loading of this output to the remaining outputs adjusts the input-output delay. This is shown in the Figure 2. If input-output delay adjustments are required, use the Zero Delay and Skew Control graph to calculate loading differences between the feedback output and remaining outputs. For zero output-output skew, outputs are loaded equally. For further information on using CY2308, refer to the application note “CY2308: Zero Delay Buffer.” For applications requiring zero input-output delay, all outputs including the one providing feedback is equally loaded. Note 5. Output phase is indeterminant (0° or 180° from input clock). If phase integrity is required, use the CY2308–2. Document Number: 38-07146 Rev. *H Page 3 of 15 [+] Feedback




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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
CY2308SC-1 6個 N/A N/A
CY2308S-C1 188個 98+  
CY2308S-C1 123個    
CY2308S-C1 82個    


型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
CY2308SC1 1762個    
CY2308SC1 502個    
CY2308SC1 9個    
CY2308SC1 4個    
CY2308SC1H 120個    



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