Established in 1976, Acer is an information and communication technology company dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale and support of innovative products that enhance people's lives. Acer's green supply chain delivers environmentally friendly PCs, displays, projectors, servers, tablets and smartphones — tools our customers need to explore beyond limits and experience more. Acer employs 7,400 people and ranks No. 4 for total PCs globally (IDC 2013). Estimated revenues for 2013 reached US$12.03 billion. Acer's channel business model is instrumental to the company's success. Acer designs environmentally friendly products and, with its vendors, has established a green supply chain. Acer's Commercial Division is dedicated to the business world, from SoHo, SMB, Large Enterprise, to Public Sector and Educational Sector. Acer delivers a full range of hardware and software products to meet the demands of today’s business environment. Our goal is to offer revolutionary performance, unmatched system responsiveness and energy efficiency without compromises. With over 30 years of experience, Acer is also dedicated to serving the needs of the education market and empowering knowledge through technology. By creating innovative technology for the classroom, Acer helps students explore beyond limits with new ways of communication and interaction. Empowering educators to keep pace with today’s high-tech world.






Notebooks, Tablets, Netbooks, All-in-Ones & Desktops, Monitors, Projectors, Servers, Storage, Smartphones


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G23 G230 G2300 G2300SOT-23 G2301
G2301047 G2301-F1 G2301SI2301 G2301SOT-23 G2301SOT-23LF
G2302 G2302B2G5 G2302SOT-23 G2303 G23032-301
G2304 G230404 G2304B4I G2304BG G2304S4EG
G2304S4G G2305 G2305A G2305A-LF G2305SOT-23
G2306 G2306A G2306A-F1 G2306B6I G2307
G2307S7Y2 G2308 G23084-001 G2308B8G5 G2308B8GT
G2308BY57G5 G2308E G2308S8G G230B4BC G230HAN011
G-230OHMS1 G231 G2310 G23-101 G23-102
G23-103 G23-104 G23-105 G23-106 G23-107
G23-108 G2310B3I7G G23-110 G-231100 G2-312-019
G23-120VAC G23-126 G2312HEX G2313 G2314
G231405 G2316 G231897-1 G2319-001-ROHS G231K
G232 G2320C219-002REV:B G23-21 G23-21YC-043 G23-21YR-043
G23232203001D G2324-22-1 G23270005 G23270006 G23270013
G23270023 G232720 G2328SOT-23LF G232C G232CMF
G232MF G233 G2332EP G2333 G2333-29-1
G234 G2340 G2341-38F5-4S-98 G2341-42F5-4S98 G2341-42H6-6S
G2341-45F5-4S98 G2341-45H9-6S G234-2222-3 G234404 G2344HEX
G23480A G2349-0076-00 G235 G235-039-001 G23-5-10
G2356HEX G23586-001 G23589-251 G235A015-104 G235A040-1
G235AA008-10 G2361 G2363 G2363AC G2363L18-125
G23642-003 G-2-3650 G2366C888-001 G2366C888-001H G2366C888-007
G2366C888-007H G2366C888-015H G2366C8888-001H G236HL G237
G2370-03P G2370-06P G237RW G2-38 G2380
G2380-06ST1 G2381C888-003H G23858 G2386K204-25B99 G238774-003
G23885-001 G238C G238HAN010 G-2-39 G239-101-002
G2391-1 G2391-5 G2391HEX G2392 G23-9423-1PLCC
G-2-39-5 G23AF5 G23AH G23AP G23AV
G23C929 G23CW G23KN G23KP G23KP-YA
G23KP-YB G23KP-YC G23L12 G23L12DS G23N60
G23N60UF G23N60UFD G23NNYA-42408 G23PA-240B G23PCBH6-BLK