The product information in this catalog is for reference only. Please request the Engineering Drawing for the most current and accurate design information. All non-RoHS products have been discontinued, or will be discontinued soon. Please check the products status on the Hirose website RoHS search at www.hirose-connectors.com, or contact your Hirose sales representative. Ribbon Cable connector Compliant with MIL Standard HIF3B Series sFeatures 1. Product Compliant with MIL Standard HIF3B series has been developed as a product compliant with MIL standard, and used for wide applications. 2. UL Approval Product HIF3B series connectors are UL approved. 3. Mechanism to Prevent Mis-insertion This connector is equipped with the mechanism to prevent Misinsertion as follows. 1 The system provides the convex area to insert the guide-key on the pin header side, and to guide it in combination with the socket convex area (MIL standard). 2 The system embeds and guides the polarizing key in the socket holes. 4. Applicable Cable AWG#28 The applicable cable is UL2651 AWG#28 flat cable (7 cores./ 0.127mm, jacket dia. 0.9±0.1mm). sProduct Specifications Current rating : 1A Rating Operating Temperature Range : –55 to +85ç (Note 1) Storage Temperature Range : –10 to +60ç (Note 2) Storage Humidity Range : 40 to 70% (Note 2) Voltage rating : 200V AC Operating Moisture Range : 40 to 80% Item Specification 1. Insulation Resistance Condition 1000M ohms min. 500V DC 2. Withstanding voltage No flashover or insulation breakdown. 650V AC/1 minute 3. Contact Resistance 15m ohms max. 0.1A 4. Vibration No electrical discontinuity of 1µs or more Frequency: 10 to 55 Hz, single amplitude of 0.75 mm, 2 hours in each of the 3 directions. 5. Humidity (Steady state) Insulation resistance: 1000M ohms min. 6. Temperature Cycle 96 hours at temperature of 40ç and humidity of 90% to 95% (-65ç: 30 minutes ➝ 15 to 35ç: 5 minutes max. No damage, cracks, or parts looseness. 125ç: 30 minutes ➝ 15 to 35ç: 5 minutes max.) 5 cycles 7. Durability (Mating/un-mating) Contact resistance: 15m ohms max. 500 cycles Flow: 260ç for 10 seconds 8. Resistance to Soldering heat No deformation of components affecting performance. Manual soldering: 300ç for 3 seconds Note 1: Includes temperature rise caused by current flow. Note 2: The term "storage" refers to products stored for long period of time prior to mounting and use. Operating Temperature Range and Humidity range covers non conducting condition of installed connectors in storage, shipment or during transportation. sMaterial Part Material Finish Remarks Insulator PBT Black UL94V-0 D Beryllium copper Socket Contact DA Pin header contact Copper alloy Brass Connection area Gold plated Connection area Gold plated Connection area Gold plated Connection area Tin lead plated Selective Gold plated ––––––– ––––––– B15








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