Aero-Electric Connector, Inc.




With roots dating back to 1983, Conesys is an ISO 9001 and AS9100-certified, vertically integrated provider of circular and rectangular connectors including filter and transient protection connectors, mil-spec circular connectors, fiber optic termini, copper and fiber interconnect systems, specialty cable assemblies and application specific connectors. Conesys connectors are widely used in all types of applications spanning different markets including Military/Aerospace, Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Aircraft Engines, Marine Applications, Heavy Equipment, Transportation, Rail Mass Transit, Geophysical, Machine Automation/Motion Control, Medical Equipment, General Industrial and Telecommunications. We supply our valued customers quality products, cost-effectively and on-time, while meeting a full range of requirements from standard applications to customized solutions. Our mission is to be a world-class supplier of electronic connector products through customer satisfaction and leading-edge technology. Manufacturing and assembly facilities in Torrance California and Tecate Mexico, serve the needs of customers throughout the Americas and Asia. Conesys Europe located in Toulouse, France and ATI-Interco located in Courcouronnes, France, focuses on serving customers in Europe, Africa and Middle East and demonstrates our commitment to being a global organization. Conesys is privately held and headquartered in Torrance, California. The company markets under the brand names Aero-Electric Connector, Aero Industrial Products, EMP Connectors, J-Tech, Conesys Europe, and ATI-Interco. With roughly 1,000 employees Worldwide, Conesys combines the financial strength with the flexibility and responsiveness of a world class supplier of Interconnect Solutions.


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K-62 K6200 K6200203E-0618 K6200ALR K6200ALYD
K-6203978G-3 K62051 K62058US K62061B K62066F
K6207-0016-0500 K6207-0016-1600 K6207-0016-2000 K62081BF K62097F
K620J15COGFTTWA K-621 K6210161CJC15 K62127CEFDT K62-127CEFST
K6213 K62144NA K62146NA K62147NA K62148
K-622 K6-2200ALR K62220D K62238A K622412
K6225024 K62256BLG-10L K6-2266AFR K6-2-266MHZ22V33V K622B
K6-22Z K6-22Z-01 K6-22Z-80 K6-22Z-84 K623
K62300 K6-2300AFR K6-2300AFR-66 K6-2300ANZ-66 K6-2300BNZ
K6231ALM K6231WHI K6233 K6-2-333 K6-2333AFR
K62-337 K6-2337AFR K6-233ANR K6233-V6A K62340C
K62340D K62348 K62-350 K6-2-350AFK K6-2350AFR
K6-2366 K6238055 K6-2-380AFK K6-2380AFR K62385AM
K62386AM K62397AM K62398AM K623B075 K623D120
K-624 K6-2400 K6-2400ACK K6-2400AFK K6-2400AFQ
K6-2400AFR K62400ALR K6-2400ATZ K62401AM K62402AM
K6242B K6-2433 K6-2433ADK K6-2450 K6-2450ACK
K6-2450ACZ K6-2450ADK K6-2450AFX K6-2450AHX K6-2450AHXAMDK6-2450A
K6-2475ACK K6-2475AFX K6-2475AHX K6-24-9 K6-24V
K6-24V440-4800 K6-24V-9 K-625 K6-2500 K6-2500ADK
K6-2500AFX K62500AFX22V K6-2500AFXAMDK6-2500A K6251 K6252310M
K6-2533 K6-2533AFX K6-2533AFX22V K62533USA K6253B
K6-2550 K6-2550AGR K6255K K62560US K62561USB
K62562USB K62563US K62563USB K6256715 K62567USA
K62568US K62569USA K6256K K62571US K62575WW
K62576WW K625772 K6257K K62589AM K62590AM
K62591AM K62594AM K6259K K626 K62609WW
K6260K K62610WW K62611WW K62614WW K62617WW
K62618WW K62619WW K62622WW K62623WW K6262K
K62634NA K6263K K6263K1KBM9 K6264K K6264L-15
K6265K K6266 K6-266ADZ K6-266AFR K6266K
K6267 K6267CA K62682US K62690NA K62691NA
K6269M K626BED00TA8H K6271290 K6274K K6275081G18
K6275K K6276K K627P K6281214 K6281215
K62813USF K62816USF K62817USF K62820USF K6282345
K62824US K6282946 K6283391 K62835USF K6283K
K6283K0 K6284247 K62844US K6284A K6284K
K62850WW K628M209 K628M236 K-629 K62903
K629079 K6292K K-6293 K-6297 K62A2217
K62A2294 K62A2537 K62A2906 K62A3220 K62A741
K62AM206 K62AM209 K62AZ2 K62B2291 K62B2298
K62B2391 K62B2537 K62B2905 K62B3260 K62B3290
K62B841 K62BM239 K62C2GS K62C3139 K62C3295
K62C4290 K62C881 K62D3260 K62D3261 K6-2E266AFR
K6-2E266AMZ K62E300AFR K6-2E350AFR K6-2E400AFR K6-2E400ATZ
K62L3491 K62PN K62R3328D21CB K62R3340E K62-T3005
K62Z3160 K62Z3294