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AVX continues to invest heavily in R&D with many patents granted, and new applications submitted annually. Our strong technology base is further expanded by these innovative new products. AVX is set apart from the competition by the broad array of specialty products that we offer below.


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CH432C185KA30A0EADSの取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

80 0001511150000  0021711010000 

CH4 CH-40 CH-400 CH40000G5ZZR2 CH400060
C-H-4000M-50-B CH400147 CH4001-5E04 CH400-500 CH400D
CH-4-01 CH401034A3UH CH-40106-50-FX CH4010CR-ZN-406 CH4014AE
CH401D CH402 CH402D CH4042BF CH-4050-CR-ZN-218
CH4055ASTB100KF01 CH4055STB100KF CH4060S103K0051 CH4-0697-000 CH408F
CH4096G3ZZR2 C-H-4096M-50-B CH4096RFMODULE CH4099 CH40M200SH
CH40SPA CH40UL CH-4-1 CH4100 CH41002KB93
CH410037 CH41004K910 CH41004ZA33 CH4101 CH4103
CH4-1038-4YSC504205CZP CH4104K9B03 -CH4104W25 CH410625 CH4107
-CH410925 CH41192001 CH411C225MA3000 CH411C225MA30A0 CH411C225MA30A022
CH411C225MA40A022 CH411C225MA80A0 CH411C225MA80A02 CH411C275A4003 CH411C275KA40A3
CH411C275KA40A7 CH411C275KG30A327MFD1 CH411C275KG40A CH411D CH411DGP
CH411DPT CH4126-DL CH4128-BL CH412A CH412A473KA40A0
CH-41336-50 CH4136 CH4145-BL CH4148 CH414817
-CH415017 CH4152K9B02 CH4153 CH4153-402000 CH4153-450000
CH415C335MA4000 CH415C335MA40A0 CH417C124KA40A8X7R012 CH418 CH41900G5X0E00
CH41936001 CH41AC124KA80A8 CH41AC124KA80A8012 CH4200 CH-4200-SS-PL-175
CH420-10 CH420-10C CH420-10CF CH420-10LM CH420-10Z48W
CH420-12 CH420-12DP CH420-12ZC CH420-14 CH420-14ZC
CH420-16 CH420-16DP CH420-18ZC CH420-20 CH420-20ZC
CH420-22 CH420-24 CH420-24ZC CH420-28 CH420-32
CH420-36 CH420-40 CH420-40ZC CH420-6 CH420-8
CH420-8LM CH420-8X CH420-8ZB CH420-8ZC CH420D
CH420DPT CH421A CH421C335KEBC00 CH421C475KA80A0 CH421C475KA80A7
CH421C475KA80A8 CH421C475KA80A84700NF CH4224K9904 CH422A124GG80A8012MFD CH422G
CH4235-AL CH423D CH423S CH424 CH424PL400
CH424Q CH425C685KG30A868MFD1 CH425CH75KA80A0 CH427C474KA80A0 CH428-10
CH428-12 CH428-14 CH428-32 CH-4299 CH42B200K
CH42B200KP CH42B200R CH42B200V CH42B225K CH42B225R
CH42B3200L CH42B3200R CH42B3225L CH42BPN200K CH42L225G
CH42L225GP CH42L225R CH42L3225G CH42N225K CH42N225R
CH42NL225K CH42NLPN225K CH42S-12H CH43 CH430
CH4-3100 CH-4314 CH4320-000 CH432C185KA30A0EADS CH432C185KA8000
CH432Q CH432T CH4331K9B06 CH438L CH438Q
CH438W CH-43PF-1 CH440 CH440-10 CH440-10ZC
CH440-10ZI CH440-12 CH440-12ZC CH440-14 CH440-16
CH440-18BL CH440-18ZC CH4401-EL CH440-20 CH440-3
CH440-4 CH440-4C CH440-4ZC CH440-5 CH440-5C
CH440-5ZC CH440-6 CH440-6ZC CH440-7 CH440-8
CH440-8C CH440-8CC CH440-8ZC CH-44095-50-A CH440G
CH441C106MA80A010MFD2 CH-4427 CH442C225KA80A0 CH444 CH444G
CH446Q CH44704ZA37 CH4471R37 CH4474K1907 CH447A683KG90A0
CH44-S10-M CH4501 CH4502A CH450H CH450K
CH451 CH4518A CH451D CH451H-30 CH451L
CH451S CH452 CH452A CH452L CH452S
CH453 CH453D CH453S CH454D CH454S
CH455G CH455H CH455K CH-457 CH4584
CH4592-A CH45UL CH4600 CH-460002-222 CH4610147
CH461437 CH461FGP CH461FPT CH462 CH4-6207
CH462325 CH46251LC704YB CH4626 CH462600505 -CH4626W37
CH4-6293E120D3A CH4-6293E121D3A CH462Q CH462X CH4-6301
CH46313 CH46313000 CH4-6336 CH4-6338 CH463Q
CH4-6405 CH464KOHM1125MW CH464RAC CH4-6501 CH-4654
CH-4,65,5 CH4659- CH4659-AL CH4659-ALB CH4659-ALD
CH467060250UH CH468 -CH4683D20 CH46T4100OHMSPORMO CH-46T4-20OHMPORM0005-
CH470225 CH470J50V CH470J5H46UA CH4744 CH4747
CH4750 -CH4753A37 CH4754A CH-47PF-1 CH47U-1H86
CH47U-3G09 CH47U-3G63 CH47U-3JC8 CH47U-3JHO CH47U-3VJ2
CH47U-4404 CH47U-4A92 CH47U-4D29 CH47U-4E64 CH47U-4KV6
CH47U-4PD5 CH47U-4PU9 CH47U-5JV9 CH47UG-4K23 CH47UG-4NJ3