Crystal oscillator SELECTABLE-OUTPUT CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR SPG series • Capable of selecting 57 varieties of frequency output. • Low current consumption. • Easy to mount DIP 16-pin package. Actual size Specifications (characteristics) Item Specifications Symbol Model name 8640AN Oscillation source frequency fo 600kHz Power source Max. supply voltage VDD-GND voltage VDD Operating voltage TSTG Temperature Storage temperature range TOPR Operating temperature Soldering condition (lead part) ∆f/f0 8650B 100kHz 8650C 96kHz L. input voltage -10˚C to +60˚C Package should be less than 150˚C ±5ppm ∗1 Unit Typ. Max. 0.8 V VDD IRL -30 -5 Reset=GND H input current (Reset) IRH 0.5 No load condition Three drops on a hard wooden board form 75cm Divider IC (without quartz crystal) Item VDD-1.0 VDD=5V, Ta=25˚C, first year 0.5mA max. ±10ppm max. Model name Input clock frequency Current consumption VIH VDD=4.5 to 5.5V VDD=5V Remarks L. input current (Reset) VDD=5V, Ta=25˚C ±5ppm ±3ppm/year max. +10/-120ppm ±10ppm ±10ppm ±20ppm ±5ppm/year max. H. input voltage Symbol Specifications Remarks 8650 O Reset=VDD L. input current IIL 5 (input terminal except for Reset) 30 IOL=1.6mA 0.4 L. output voltage VOL H. output voltage VOH VDD-1.0 L. output current IOL 1.6 H. output current IOH tTLH Output fall time tTHL 25 50 Reset delay time tE External signal input frequency tIN Oscillation start up time Output waveform 1/2VDD Except in the case of 1/3 and 1/5 % µs VOL t THL tW-∗ 1 1/2 to tW 1M Hz 8640N only TEST CLOCK ENABLE RESET 10 12 13 11 FOUT 4 3 2 CTL1 to 3 10 7 6 OUT 5 CTL4 to 6 1/1 to 1/12 Program Divider 4 3 2 CTL1 to 3 1/1 to 1/10 7 Program Divider 7 SPG-8650O only 8640N Pull-up and pull-down resistance 400 k (typ.) 6 5 CTL4 to 6 9 7.62 OUT 0.1 min. Program Divider 9 (Unit: mm) TEST 14 3.0 min. 4.5 max. CSEL 1/1 to 1/10 7 tw SPG 8650 B EPSON 0103B 20.5 max. 1/1 to 1/12 Program Divider B External dimensions 6.65 Block diagram 14 tE ∗3 s 1 ∗ 1 to=oscillation source cycle. ∗ 2 tw=1/2 cycle of preset frequency. ∗ 3 For more than 1ms until VDD=0→4.5V. Time at 4.5V is to be 0. EXC. CSEL. RESET tR VSS A µs 0.2 t TLH VOH ∗2 0.5 tOSC VDD 80%VDD 1.0 FIN External signal input pulse width VOH=VDD-1.0V 20%VDD 60 tR Reset release synchronous error 50% ns 1.0 tRW Min. reset pulse width mA µA 60 40 Duty Duty=B/A x 100 % RESET RESET timing IOH= -40µA V -40 Output rise time O S C. No load condition VOL=0.4V 30 13 About 2 mA tRW H input current 12 1 MHz max. lop RESET timing µA -0.5 IIH (input terminal except for Reset) 49 For output frequency, refer to the table in the next page -30˚C to +80˚C (VDD=5V±0.5V, Ta=-10 to +70˚C CL ≤ 15pF) Symbol Min. VIL 0 8651B 8651E 100kHz 32.768kHz -10˚C to +70˚C Under 260˚C within 10 sec. ±50ppm Aging fa Current consumption lop 1.0mA max. 2.0mA max. 1.5mA max. Shock resistance ±5ppm max. ±5ppm max. S.R. ∗1 Frequency tolerance of 8651 system shows the value guaranteed at the time of shipment. Item 8651A 60kHz 5.0V±0.5V ±20ppm Electric characteristics Remarks 8650E 32.768kHz -55˚C to +125˚C ±100ppm Frequency temperature characteristics Frequency voltage characteristics 8650A 60kHz -0.3V to +7.0V TSOL Frequency tolerance 8640BN 8640CN 1MHz 768kHz 90˚ to 105˚ 17.78 0.25










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