General Description of Light Emitting Diodes I Handling Precautions This product is sensitive to static electricity and demands a lot of attention. Please take all possible measures for static electricity and surge solution. I Lead Forming Method ;; ;;; Hold a lead pin firmly when forming I Installation (1) Installation on a PWB When mounting an LED lamp on a PWB, do not apply physical stress to the lead pins. (Notes)¡The lead pin pitch should match the PWB pin-hole pitch: do not broaden out or narrow down the lead pins. ¡When positioning an LED lamp, basically employ an LED with tie-bar cut or use a spacer. (4) Installation to the case Do not fix part A with adhesives when fixed to the case as shown in the figure. A hole of the case should be designed not to be smaller than the outside diameter of LED lamp resin. I Soldering Conditions ; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ; PWB Acceptable ; ;; ;; ;; ; Case Type of Soldering 1. Manual soldering 2. Wave soldering Conditions 295˚C ± 5˚C, within 3 seconds 260˚C ± 5˚C, within 5 seconds Preheating 70˚C to 80˚C, within 30 seconds Soldering 245˚C ± 5˚C, within 5 seconds (Notes)¡Avoid dipping resin into soldering bath. ¡Avoid applying stress to lead pins while they are heated. For example, when the LED lamp is moved with the heat applied to the lead pins during manual soldering or solder repair, disconnection may occur. I Cleaning Conditions described below shall be observed in cleaning. (1) Solvent cleaning : Solvent temperature 45˚C or less, for 3 min. (2) Ultrasonic cleaning : The affect on the device is different depending on the size of the cleaning bath, ultrasonic output, board size, and device mounting method. Test the cleaning method under actual conditions and check the abnormalities before actual use. (3) Recommended solvents are shown below. Melthyl alcohol, Ethyl alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol. When other solvents are used, package resin may be penetrated by solvents. Please confirm under actual conditions before use. ;;; ;;; ;; ;; ;; (2) When an LED lamp is mounted directly on a PWB If the bottom face of an LED lamp is mounted directly on singlesided PWB (1.6mm t or more), the base of the lead pins may be subjected to have physical stress due to PWB warp, cutting or clinching of lead pins. Prior to use, be sure to check that no disconnection inside of the resin or damage to resin etc., is found. When an LED lamp is mounted on a double-sided PWB, the heat during soldering affects the resin; therefore, 1.6A keep the LED lamp more than 1.6mm afloat above the soldering position. A Solder the lead pins under the following conditions. (1.6mm or more from the resin package) 3. Reflow soldering Not acceptable ; ;; ; ; ; ;; ; ;; ;;; ;; ; ; ;;;;;;;; ;; Avoid forming a lead pin with the lead pin base as a fulcrum: be sure to hold a lead pin firmly when forming. Lead pins should be formed before soldering. (3) Installation using a holder During an LED lamp positioning, in case of using a holder, holder A should be designed to be smaller than the inside dimension of lead pins. Holder B should be designed to be larger than the outside dimension of lead pins. (Notes)¡Pay attention to the thermal expansion coefficient of the material used for the holder. A Since the holder expands and Holder contracts due to preheat and soldering heat, mechanical B stress may be applied to the lead pins, resulting in disconnection. 2 Notice Internet In the absence of confirmation by device specification sheets,SHARP takes no responsibility for any defects that may occur in equipment using any SHARP devices shown in catalogs,data books,etc.Contact SHARP in order to obtain the latest device specification sheets before using any SHARP device. Internet address for Electronic Components Group http://sharp-world.com/ecg/












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