WS57C45 HIGH-SPEED 2K x 8 REGISTERED CMOS PROM/RPROM KEY FEATURES • Ultra-Fast Access Time • DESC SMD Nos. 5962-88735/5962-87529 • Pin Compatible with AM27S45 and — 25 ns Setup — 12 ns Clock to Output CY7C245 • Immune to Latch-UP • Low Power Consumption • Fast Programming • Programmable Synchronous or — Up to 200 mA • ESD Protection Exceeds 2000 V • Programmable Asynchronous Initialize Asynchronous Output Enable Register GENERAL DESCRIPTION The WS57C45 is an extremely High Performance 16K UV Erasable Registered CMOS RPROM. It is a direct drop-in replacement for such devices as the AM27S45 and CY7C245. To meet the requirements of systems which execute and fetch instructions simultaneously, an 8-bit parallel data register has been provided at the output which allows RPROM data to be stored while other data is being addressed. An asynchronous initialization feature has been provided which enables a user programmable 2049th word to be placed on the outputs independent of the system clock. This feature can be used to force an initialize word or provide a preset or clear function. A further advantage of the WS57C45 over Bipolar PROM devices is the fact that it utilizes a proven EPROM technology. This enables the entire memory array to be tested for switching characteristics and functionality after assembly. Unlike devices which cannot be erased, every WS57C45 RPROM in a windowed package is 100% tested with worst case test patterns both before and after assembly. PIN CONFIGURATION TOP VIEW Chip Carrier CERDIP/Plastic DIP/ Flatpack NC A5 A6 A7 VCC A8 A9 4 3 2 A4 A3 A2 A1 A0 NC O0 28 27 26 1 5 25 6 24 7 23 8 22 9 21 10 20 11 19 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 O1 O2 A10 INIT/VPP OE/OES CP/PGM NC O7 O6 NC O3 O4 O5 A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1 A0 O0 O1 O2 GND 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 VCC A8 A9 A10 INIT/VPP OE/OES CP/PGM O7 O6 O5 O4 O3 GND PRODUCT SELECTION GUIDE PARAMETER WS57C45-25 WS57C45-35 WS57C45-45 Set Up Time (Max) 25 ns 35 ns 45 ns Clock to Output (Max) 12 ns 15 ns 25 ns Return to Main Menu 2-21




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8 0001511120000  0991708050000 

57C401-10N 57C401-12JI883B 57C4013-12J883B 57C401E 57C402
57C4023JESB 57C403 57C404B 57C409 57C410
57C411 57C411-2H 57C412 57C413A 57C413B
57C415 57C416 57C418 57C421B 57C422A
57C429 57C43 57C430A 57C430B 57C43-35CMB
57C43-45T 57C435 57C43-55D 57C43-55R 57C43-55T
57C43-70 57C43-70D 57C4370T 57C43B 57C43B-3
57C43B-35 57C43B-35D 57C43B-35S 57C43B-35T 57C43B-35TI
57C43B-35TMB 57C43B-45 57C43B45D 57C43B-45J 57C43B-45T
57C43B-45TMB 57C43B-55 57C43B-55CMB 57C43B-55D 57C43B-55T
57C43B-55TMB 57C43B-55T-PULLS 57C43B-70D 57C43B-70FMB 57C43B70T
57C43C-25 57C43C-25D 57C43C25T 57C43C-35 57C43C-35CMB
57C43C-35D 57C43C-35DI 57C43C-35DI-PULLS 57C43C-35J 57C43C-35T
57C43C-45 57C43C-45J 57C43C-45S 57C43C-45T 57C43C-45Y
57C43C-55D 57C43C-55T 57C43C-70D 57C43CN 57C43D
57C45 57C45-25 57C45-25T 57C45-25T9439 57C45-25TI
57C45-25TMB 57C45-35 57C45-35CMB 57C45-35S 57C45-35-T
57C45-35TMB 57C45-45KMB 57C45-45T 57C45BEST 57C45C25T
57C45T 57C49-35D 57C49-55 57C49-55D 57C49-55DMB
57C49-70 57C49-70C 57C49-70D 57C49-75D 57C498-35
57C498B-45 57C49-90 57C49B 57C49B-3 57C49B-35
57C49B-35C 57C49B-35D 57C49B-35DI 57C49B-35DMB 57C49B-35J
57C49B35JI 57C49B-35T 57C49B-35TI 57C49B-35TMB 57C49B-45
57C49B-45CMB 57C49B-45D 57C49B-45DMB 57C49B-45FMB 57C49B-45S
57C49B-45T 57C49B-45TMB 57C49B-45ZMB 57C49B-55 57C49B-55D
57C49B-55DI 57C49B-55DMB 57C49B-55T 57C49B-55T24PINWSI 57C49B-55TI
57C49B-55TMB 57C49B-70 57C49B-70D 57C49C35 57C49C-35DI
57C49C-35S 57C49C-35TMB 57C49C-45S