Catalog 1308242 Issued 3-03 P&B T77 series 10 Amp Miniature PC Board Relay File E29244 File LR48471 Users should thoroughly review the technical data before selecting a product part number. It is recommended that user also seek out the pertinent approvals files of the agencies/laboratories and review them to ensure the product meets the requirements for a given application. Features Coil Data @ 20°C • Small size for high density PC board mounting. • 1 Form A contact arrangements. • Creepage spacings of 6.5mm between contact and coil. • Ideal for appliance, office equipment. • 4,000VAC dielectric strength between contact and coil. • UL Class F (155°C) approved insulation system. Voltage: 3 to 24VDC. Nominal Coil Power: Contact rating 3 = 200mW. Contact rating 10 = 450mW. Coil Temperature Rise: Contact rating 3 = 35°C max. Contact rating 10 = 40°C max. Max. Coil Power: 120% of nominal. Duty Cycle: Continuous. Coil Data @ 20°C Contact Data @ 20°C Arrangements: 1 Form A (SPST-NO). Material: Contact rating 3 - Silver. Contact rating 10 - Silver alloy. Max. Switching Rate: 300 ops./min. (no load). 30 ops./min. (rated load). Expected Mechanical Life: 10 million operations. Expected Electrical Life: 100,000 operations. Minimum Contact Load: 10mA @ 5VDC. Initial Contact Resistance: 100 milliohms max. @ 100mA, 6VDC. Rated Coil Voltage (VDC) 3 5 12 24 Coil Resistance (Ohms) ±10% Contact Rating 3 Contact Rating 10 45 20 125 55 720 320 2,800 1,280 Must Operate Voltage (VDC) Must Release Voltage (VDC) 2.25 3.75 9.00 18.00 0.15 0.25 0.60 1.20 Contact Ratings @ 20°C with relay properly vented. Remove vent nib after soldering and cleaning. Contact Rating 3 10 UL/CSA Ratings Type Operations Operate Data @ 20°C 3A @ 277VAC Resistive 10LRA/1.5FLA @ 120VAC Motor 5.4LRA/0.9FLA @ 240VAC Motor 3LRA/1.5FLA @ 120VAC Motor 3A @ 250VAC Resistive 3A @ 250VAC UL General Purpose 3A @ 30VDC Resistive 2A @ 120VAC Gen. Purpose 3A @ 120VAC Resistive 10LRA/1.5FLA @ 120VAC Motor 5.4LRA/0.9FLA @ 240VAC Motor 10A @ 250VAC Resistive 10A @ 30VDC Resistive 10A @ 250VAC UL General Purpose 6,000 30,000** 30,000** 100,000* 100,000 100,000 100,000 100,000*** 100,000*** 30,000** 30,000** 100,000 100,000 200,000 *Denotes test at 70°C ambient temperature. **Denotes test at 85°C ambient temperature. ***Denotes test at 105°C ambient temperature. Operate Time: 10 ms, max. (excluding bounce). Release Time: 4 ms, max. (excluding bounce). Environmental Data Temperature Range: Storage: -40°C to +130°C. Operating: -30°C to +55°C. Contact Rating 3: -40°C to +80°C. Contact Rating 10: -40°C to +55°C. Vibration: Mechanical: 10 to 55 Hz., 1.5mm double amplitude. Operational: 10 to 55 Hz., 1.5mm double amplitude. Shock: Mechanical: 100g min. Operational: 10g min. Operating Humidity: 45 to 85% RH. Initial Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts: 750VAC 50/60 Hz. (1 minute). Between Coil and Contacts: 4,000VAC 50/60 Hz. (1 minute). Initial Insulation Resistance Between Mutually Insulated Elements: 108 ohms, min. @ 500VDC. Dimensions are shown for 420 reference purposes only. Dimensions are in inches over (millimeters) unless otherwise specified. Mechanical Data Termination: Printed circuit board. Enclosures (94V-0 Flammability Ratings): T77S: Immersion cleanable. T77V: Vented, flux-tight, plastic cover. Weight: 0.36 oz. (9g). Specifications and availability subject to change. www.tycoelectronics.com Technical support: Refer to inside back cover.



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