[ /Title (LA Series) /Subject (Radial Lead MetalOxide Varistors for Line Voltage Operation) /Autho r () /Keywords (Harris Corporation, Suppression Products, TVS, Transient Suppression, Protection, AC Line, LA Series Data Sheet Radial Lead Metal-Oxide Varistors for Line Voltage Operation The LA Series of transient voltage surge suppressors are radial-lead varistors (MOVs) that are designed to be operated continuously across AC power lines. These UL recognized varistors require very little mounting space, and are offered in various standard lead form options. The LA Series varistors are available in four model sizes: 7mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm; and have a VM(AC)RMS voltage range from 130V to 1000V, and an energy absorption capability up to 360J. Some LA series model numbers are available with clamping voltage selections, designated by a model number suffix of either A or B. The “A” selection is the standard model; the “B” selection provides a lower clamping voltage. See LA Series Device Ratings and Specifications table for part number and brand information. July 1999 File Number 2190.6 Features • Recognized as “Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors”, UL File #E75961 to Standard 1449, Second Edition • Recognized as “Across-The-Line Components”, UL File #E56529 to Standard 1414 • Recognized as “Protectors for Data Communication and Fire Alarm Circuits”, UL File #E135010 to Standard 497B • VDE Certified. License Number 116895E • CECC Certified (42201-006) • Recognized as “Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors”, CSA File #LR91788 to Standard C22.2 No. 1 - M1981 • Energy Absorption Capability (WTM) . . . . . . . Up to 360J • Wide Operating Voltage Range VM(AC)RMS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 130V to 1000V • No Derating Up to 85oC Ambient • Available in Tape and Reel or Bulk Pack Packaging 14MM, 20MM 7MM, 10MM 4-24 1-800-4-HARRIS or 407-727-9207 | Copyright © Harris Corporation 1999




Amphenol Corporation




Founded in 1932, Amphenol has grown to be one of the world’s largest interconnect and cable manufacturers. The company designs, manufactures, and markets electrical, electronic, and fiber-optic connectors, interconnect systems, and coaxial and specialty cable. Today Amphenol has a diversified presence in high growth markets that it has cultivated over its 75 year history. Originally named The American Phenolic Corporation, Amphenol was founded by entrepreneur Arthur J. Schmitt in the Chicago area. Mr. Schmitt was focused on finding a better way to mass-produce vacuum tube sockets for the explosion of radio manufacturing at the time. He discovered that insulating plastic could effectively be used to produce tube sockets in a quicker and simpler method that using Bakelite or ceramic. With an initial order from RCA, Amphenol grew rapidly and has continued to profitably anticipate the needs of emerging markets ever since. Technology leadership has long been a corporate focus and Amphenol has been creating industry standards since its founding in 1932. We hope you enjoy the timeline below which gives a brief overview of how Amphenol has evolved into the global organization it is today.


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