QCUO Series SMD Oscillator, 5x3.2x1.6mm, TTL / HCMOS Frequency Output Level Level Duty Cycle Rise/ Fall Time Output Load Stability Over all Frequency Stability Supply Voltage Current Temperature Operating Storage Environment 1.5MHz to 125MHz TTL HCMOS ‘0’= 0.4 Vdc Max., ‘1’=2.4 Vdc Min. ‘0’=0.1 Vcc Max., ‘1’=0.9 Vcc Min. 50%  10 % (or 5%, see table below) 5 nS Max. for Vcc = +3.3 Vdc , 10 nS Max. for Vcc=+5 Vdc 10 TTL 15 pF to 50 pF (Specify) See Frequency Stability Table Below See Table Below 6 mA to 40 mA Max (Frequency related) 0 C ~+70 C (Standard, see table below for more options) -40 C ~+85 C 410-9Pam3/s Max.(by He leak detector) 75cm(Guaranteed for 3 free falls on hardwood surface from 75cm height) 402C, 90~95% RH (Guaranteed 1,000H at 402C, 90~95% RH) Sealing Shock Resistance Damp Heat Jitter RMS (1 Sigma) 1.5 to 75 MHz 76 to 80 MHz Max Integrated 1.5 to 75 MHz 76 to 80 MHz Max Total Jitter 1.5 to 75 MHz 76 to 80 MHz Part Number Guide Sample Part #: Symmetry Supply Operating Voltage (Duty Cycle) Temp T = 45/55 max QCUO 5 = 5.0V A = 0C ~+70C S = 60/40 max 3 = 3.3V C = -20C~+70C 5pS RMS (1 sigma) Max. accumulated jitter (20K adjacent periods) 3 pS RMS (1 sigma) Max. accumulated jitter (20K adjacent periods) 1.5 pS RMS (1 sigma -12KHz to 20MHz) 1 pS RMS (1 sigma -12KHz to 20MHz) 50 pS p-p (100K adjacent periods) 30 pS p-p (100K adjacent periods) QCUO-3ATA1T-10.000 Output Stability (in ppm) Tristate (Standby) Frequency A = 10 TTL/15pF HCMOS 1 = 100 T=tristate on pin1 B = 2 ~ 10 TTL 2 = 50 10.000 MHz 2 = 2.5V D = -30C~+80C C = 30 pF HCMOS 3 = 25 1 = 1.8V E = -40C~+85C D = 50 pF HCMOS (5V only) 4 = 20 6 = 2.7V 4 = 3.0V DIMENSION UNITS: mm Recommended Footprint 5.00 (+0.20) 4 3 1.60 (+0.15) - 1.20 (+0.15) - 3.20 (+0.10) 1 2 2.50 1.00 (+0.15) - 1.50 2.30 2.50 (+0.10) - Tri-State Function Pin 1 Open Enable Pin 1 ≥ 2.2V Enable Pin 1 ≤ 0.8 V Disable 1.60 PIN CONNECTIONS 1 NC / ED 2 GROUND 3 OUTPUT 4 Vcc QVS TECH INC 6965 El Camino Real, Ste 105 Carlsbad, CA 92009 Phone: 760-929-8677 Fax: 760-929-8077 email: sales@qvstech.com Specifications subject to change without notice (Rev D)




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6A75471TCの取扱い販売会社 株式会社クレバーテック  会社情報(PDF)    戻る

8 0001511120000  0161708070000 

6A00021303 6A0006-01ROHS 6A00251 6A00292401-03 6A00462102
6A01 6A01-097AHA 6A01-396AHA 6A-0165-103 6A01-6A10
6A01800377 6A01B000E6000 6A01B000TG401 6A01B000TL102 6A01B000VS000
6A01B000WG100 6A01B000XM300 6A01B000XS100 6A01B000XS300 6A01B000XT200
6A01B000XU300 6A01B000Y3000 6A01B000Y3200 6A01B000Y4000 6A01B000Z9000
6A01B0011B000 6A01B0011P000 6A01B0011R000 6A01B00143201 6A01B-G
6A01-G 6A01-T6A1TA 6A02 6A02500027 6A02B-G
6A-03 6A03-015AHA 6A03-051AHA 6A03-052AHA 6A03-072AHA
6A030A 6A030A2 6A03-116AHA 6A03-138AHA 6A03-161AHA
6A03-164AHA 6A03-171AHA 6A03-173AHAU2 6A03-182AHA 6A03-199AHA
6A03-200AHA 6A03-231AHA 6A03-246AHA 6A03-279AHA 6A03-287AHA
6A03500441 6A-039884 6A-03F 6A-04 6A04000940
6A-045 6A04900070 6A04FPBL2 6A04-G 6A04UPBL2
6A04URBL2 6A05 6A05-126AHA 6A05-139AHA 6A051841
6A-055 6A056A16A26A46A66A8 6A058A2 6A058A2SN6A058A2 6A05A
6A05-B 6A05-B0 6A05-B-D-RO1 6A05-BP 6A05-BWA
6A05E0 6A05EL90 6A05G 6A05GR0 6A05L-T6-
6A05L-T6T 6A05MINI 6A05MSCTND 6A05P600A 6A05R0
6A05R-6 6A05-RO 6A05-T 6A05TA 6A05-TP
6A05TR 6A-05TRI-BK-100R 6A-05TRI-BN-100R 6A-05TRI-RD-100R 6A-05TRI-YW-100R
6A05W 6A06 6A06000126 6A06041AHAU2 6A06196-002
6A06260AHAU1 6A066A6 6A06P600J 6A07 6A07100036
6A07200077 6A07300214 6A07534-001 6A07534-002 6A07600102
6A07603-001 6A078052635 6A-08 6A08000517 6A086A800V
6A08P600K 6A09 6A09-001DHA 6A09600039 6A0S-T
6A1 6A10 6A100 6A1000 6A10000198
6A1000VREF6A100 6A1009MM 6A100-BP 6A100G 6A100GR0
6A100R0 6A100S 6A100TR 6A100V 6A1-01
6A10,1000V6A 6A1010A10 6A10-121AHA 6A10-130AHA 6A10-139AHA
6A10-154AHA 6A10-165AHA 6A10-173AHA 6A10-179AHA 6A10-181AHA
6A10-210AHA 6A10-21D-001-AA 6A102G 6A10393 6A106-5
6A106A1000V 6A106A1000VEP600 6A106A8 6A106C2-1 6A-109-001
6A10-B 6A10B0 6A10B-G 6A10-BP 6A10-CCE-371-L-3-S18
6A10G 6A10GR0 6A10G-RL6 6A10G-RW6 6A10-KT
6A10M 6A10P600M 6A10R0 6A10R6 6A10RO
6A10S 6A10S-BP 6A10SM1C 6A10SOP16 6A10S-TR
6A10-T 6A10TB 6A10TB-DO201AD 6A10-TG 6A10-TP
6A10-TP-MS 6A10TRTAIWANSEMI100V 6A10TS 6A-11 6A11-007AHA
6A1-100G 6A11-015AHA 6A1-101G 6A1-102G 6A110VDC
6A11200076 6A11256 6A-11448 6A11459 6A11460
6A1150S 6A1-152G 6A11544 6A-11659L2 6A11725
6A1176 6A11-A0121-0050-0 6A11-A0121-0070-0 6A11-A0121-0150-0 6A11-A0121-0200-0
6A11-A0121-0250-0 6A11-A0121-0300-0 6A11-A0121-0400-0 6A11-A0121-0500-0 6A11-A0121-1000-0
6A11D 6A11-F2PCAE 6A11-F3PCAE 6A11-F3PCSE 6A11-F4H9AE
6A11-F4V9AE 6A11-F4V9AE-DWG1146 6A12000543 6A12-002AHA 6A12020
6A,120250V,5060HZ 6A120250VAC50-60HZ 6A120VAC 6A120VAC32A250VAC 6A120VAC3A250VAC
6A120VACSWSLIDES 6A121211 6A122000879423 6A12223 6A1-224G
6-A1234-A2D-1C0 6A12493 6A125 6A125-250V 6A125-250VAC
6A125V 6A125V3A250V 6A-125V-3A-250VDC 6A125V3A250VDPDTMOM 6A125V3A250VDPDTTOG
6A125V3A250VMOMENTARY 6A125V3A250VPUSH-PUL 6A-125-VAC 6A-125VAC05-125DC 6A125VAC3A
6A125VAC3A250VAC 6A125VAC3A250VAC1A125 6A-125VAC3A-250VACSWIT 6A125VAC6A28VDC 6A125VACKEY
6A125VFUSE 6A125VTOGGLESW 6A1-265-M2 6A12916 6A12928
6A12-N4 6A12-N4-F-M 6-A-12T 6A-12V-T2 6A-13
6A13467 6A13471 6A13474 6A13573 6A1-391G
6A-14 6A-1-40 6A14300322 6A1-470G 6A1-471G
6A1-472G 6A1-473G 6A148 6A-15 6A15000036
6A15-012AHA 6A15-032MXL06 6A15-1 6A15-2 6A15-3
6A153G 6A1-562G 6A-16 6A16000067 6A16000085
6A16000174 6A16000610 6A16-015DF2506 6A16018DF2508 6A16022DF2506