BURNDY Compression TYPE YA-A AND YA-A-TN DIE AND CRIMP INFORMATION COLOR CODED END CAP CLOSED BARREL ELECTRO-TIN PLATED HYLUG™ UNINSULATED ALUMINUM COMPRESSION TERMINAL CRIMP CRIMP CABLE ACCOMMODATION 1-HOLE DESIGN UL LISTED 90° C, 600 VOLT TO 35 KVx Features and Benefits Type YA-A aluminum tin-plated compression HYLUG™ terminals are dual-rated and designed for use on both aluminum and copper conductors from #12 sol through 2000 kcmil. They are designed for heavy duty applications to 35KV. YA-A terminals are prefilled with PENETROX®, and assembled with colorcoded end caps. Available with one, two, and four-hole NEMA tongues, the aluminum HYLUG™ terminals are designed for a permanent trouble-free electrical termination. CATALOG NUMBER CODE CONDUCTOR • STUD SIZE NO. OF HOLES IN PAD • C YA12WA-TN‡ 12 sol. 12 1 .41 YA12A-TN ‡ YA10A-TN ‡ YA8CA1 YA8CA3 YA6CA1 YA6CA3 12 str. 10 str. 10 10 10 1/4 1/4 3/8 1 1 .41 .50 .41 .50 .53 .60 .53 .75 .47 .75 .65 1.19 6 str. 1 1 • Factory prefilled with PENETROX® oxide inhibiting compound. ◊ Oxide inhibiting compound contains homogeneously suspended metallic particles to penetrate the wires' oxides, establish electrical continuity and forms an airtight connection. • Color-coded end caps inserted in barrel end. ◊ Prevents foreign materials from entering and contaminating the connector prior to usage plus identifies the proper color-coded die for a reliable connection. • Manufactured from high conductivity, wrought aluminum with heavy duty wall thickness. ◊ Provides maximum conductivity, low resistance and ductility for an excellent combination of electrical and crimp forming properties. • Electro-tin plated. ◊ Provides durable long lasting corrosion resistance. • Internally bevelled barrel. ◊ Provides easy cable insertion. • Meets UL486B 90° C requirements. ◊ Provides a quality electrical dual connection. • Connector is clearly marked with wire size, die index, color-code and the proper number and location of crimps. ◊ Provides easy identification and tooling recommendation for a proper compression which forms a homogeneous mass resulting in an excellent electrical connection. INSTALLATION TOOLING v DIELESS Y35, Y39, Y750, Y46* DIMENSIONS 8 str. C-111 D L N .50 1.19 .20 1.22 1.22 1.50 1.65 1.84 2.28 .20 .20 .20 .25 .33 .44 T Z MECHANICAL REF. MIN. TOOLING .08 .30 .08 .08 .09 .09 .14 .09 .30 .30 .40 .50 .42 .75 • Contact BURNDY for conductor, stud sizes and hole drillings not shown. x See tooling section of this catalog for complete tool and die listings. (1) No color code assigned. ‡ UL Listed for Aluminum only. * Use P-UADP-1 adaptor with "U" dies in Y46 Hypress™. x For applications greater than 2000 Volts consult cable manufacturer for voltage stress relief instructions. MR8-27 (1)-CRIMP v WIRE STRIP LENGTH (1) _ 5/8" U8CABT(1) BLUE 374 5/8" U6CABT(1) GRAY 346 3/4" DIE NUMBER (# OF CRIMPS) COLOR CODE _ _ _ MY29-3 (1)-CRIMP DIE INDEX HYDRAULIC HYPRESS MY644M (1)-CRIMP




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