6N138, 6N139 www.vishay.com Vishay Semiconductors High Speed Optocoupler, 100 kBd, Low Input Current, Photodiode Darlington Output FEATURES • High current transfer ratio, 300 % • Low input current, 0.5 mA NC 1 8 VCC • High output current, 60 mA A 2 7 VB • Isolation test voltage, 5300 VRMS C 3 6 VO NC 4 5 GND • TTL compatible output, VOL = 0.1 V • High common mode rejection, 500 V/μs • Adjustable bandwidth-access to base • Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see www.vishay.com/doc?99912 APPLICATIONS DESCRIPTION • Microprocessor system interface High common mode transient immunity and very high current ratio together with 5300 VRMS insulation are achieved by coupling and LED with an integrated high gain photo detector in an eight pin dual-in-line package. Separate pins for the photo diode and output stage enable TTL compatible saturation voltages with high speed operation. Access to the base terminal allows adjustment to the gain bandwidth. The 6N138 is ideal for TTL applications since the 300 % minimum current transfer ratio with an LED current of 1.6 mA enables operation with one unit load-in and one unit load-out with a 2.2 kΩ pull-up resistor. The 6N139 is best suited for low power logic applications involving CMOS and low power TTL. A 400 % current transfer ratio with only 0.5 mA of LED current is guaranteed from 0 °C to 70 °C. • PLC, ATE input / output isolation • EIA RS232 line receiver • TTL, CMOS voltage level translation • Multiplexed data transmission • Digital control power supply • Ground loop and electrical noise elimination AGENCY APPROVALS • UL1577, file no. E52744, double protection • DIN EN 60747-5-5 available with option 1 Caution: Due to the small geometries of this device, it should be handled with Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) precautions. Proper grounding would prevent damage further and/or degradation which may be induced by ESD. ORDERING INFORMATION DIP 6 N 1 3 # - X 0 # # T 7.62 mm PART NUMBER PACKAGE OPTION TAPE AND REEL Option 7 > 0.7 mm > 0.1 mm CTR (%) AGENCY CERTIFIED/PACKAGE UL DIP-8 SMD-8, option 7 SMD-8, option 9 VDE SMD-8, option 7 SMD-8, option 9 Option 9 1.6 mA > 300 6N138 6N138-X007T 6N138-X009T > 300 - > 500 6N139, 6N139-X001 6N139-X007, 6N139-X007T 6N139-X009, 6N139-X009T > 500 6N139-X017T 6N139-X019T Note • For additional information on the available options refer to option information. Rev. 1.6, 23-Jan-15 Document Number: 83605 1 For technical questions, contact: optocoupleranswers@vishay.com THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN AND THIS DOCUMENT ARE SUBJECT TO SPECIFIC DISCLAIMERS, SET FORTH AT www.vishay.com/doc?91000 6N138, 6N139 www.vishay.com Vishay Semiconductors ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tamb = 25 °C, unless otherwise specified) PARAMETER TEST CONDITION PART SYMBOL MIN. TYP. MAX. UNIT COUPLER Input capacitance f = 1 MHz, VF = 0 CIN 25 pF Input output insulation leakage current (2) 45 % relative humidity, Tamb = 25 °C, t = 5 s, VIO = 3000 VDC Resistance (input to output) (2) V = 500 Vpeak RIO 1012 Ω f = 1 MHz CIO 0.6 pF Capacitance (input to output) (2) 1 μA Notes • Minimum and maximum values are testing requirements. Typical values are characteristics of the device and are the result of engineering evaluation. Typical values are for information only and are not part of the testing requirements. (1) Pin 7 open. (2) Device considered a two-terminal device: pins 1, 2, 3 and 4 shorted together and pins 5, 6, 7, and 8 shorted together. CURRENT TRANSFER RATIO PARAMETER Current transfer ratio (1)(2) Current transfer ratio TEST CONDITION PART SYMBOL MIN. TYP. IF = 1.6 mA, VO = 0.4 V, VCC = 4.5 V 6N138 CTR 300 1600 MAX. UNIT % IF = 0.5 mA, VO = 0.4 V, VCC = 4.5 V 6N139 CTR 400 1600 % IF = 1.6 mA, VO = 0.4 V, VCC = 4.5 V 6N139 CTR 500 2000 % Notes DC current transfer ratio is defined as the ratio of output collector current, IO, to the forward LED input current, IF times 100 %. (2) Pin 7 open. (1) SAFETY AND INSULATION RATINGS PARAMETER Climatic classification TEST CONDITION SYMBOL MIN. according to IEC 68 part 1 Comparative tracking index TYP. MAX. UNIT 55/100/21 CTI 175 399 VIOTM 8000 V VIORM 890 V PSO 500 mW ISI 300 mA TSI 175 °C Creepage distance Standard DIP-8 8 mm Clearance distance Standard DIP-8 7 mm Creepage distance 400 mil DIP-8 8 mm Clearance distance 400 mil DIP-8 8 mm Note • As per IEC 60747-5-2, §, this optocoupler is suitable for “safe electrical insulation” only within the safety ratings. Compliance with the safety ratings shall be ensured by means of protective circuits. SWITCHING CHARACTERISTICS PARAMETER Propagation delay time to logic low at output TEST CONDITION PART SYMBOL IF = 1.6 mA, RL = 2.2 kΩ 6N138 tPHL MIN. TYP. MAX. UNIT 2 10 μs Propagation delay time to logic low at output (1)(2) IF = 0.5 mA, RL = 4.7 kΩ 6N139 tPHL 6 25 μs IF = 12 mA, RL = 270 Ω 6N139 tPHL 0.6 1 μs Propagation delay time to logic high at output IF = 1.6 mA, RL = 2.2 kΩ 6N138 tPLH 2 35 μs IF = 0.5 mA, RL = 4.7 kΩ 6N139 tPLH 4 60 μs Propagation delay time to logic high at output (1) IF = 12 mA, RL = 270 Ω 6N139 tPLH 1.5 7 μs Note Using a resistor between pin 5 and 7 will decrease gain and delay time. (1) Rev. 1.6, 23-Jan-15 Document Number: 83605 3 For technical questions, contact: optocoupleranswers@vishay.com THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THE PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN AND THIS DOCUMENT ARE SUBJECT TO SPECIFIC DISCLAIMERS, SET FORTH AT www.vishay.com/doc?91000




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型式 数量 D/C・lead 備考 選択
6N139 7000個    
6N139 500個    
6N139(F) 100個    
6N139300E 600個    
6N139SD 1350個    
6N139STAV 5000個    
6N139V 9000個    
6N139X007 1500個    
6N139X017T 475個    




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6N1 6N-10 6N10-20 6N105PC38 6N11
6N1136-X006 6N1136-X009T 6N12000272 6N120A883B 6N12200138
6N126-020E 6N134 6N134#100 6N134#200 6N134-300
6N134-31757 6N1345962-99-793-2945 6N134-71 6N134883 6N134883B
6N134883B#100 6N134883B#200 6N134883B#300 6N134883B300PCS 6N134883BAVAGO
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6N135023 6N135100 6N135-200D 6N135-300 6N135-300E
6N135-300EAVAGO 6N135-500 6N135500E 6N1356 6N1356N136EL4502
6N135C 6N135DIP8LITEON 6N135E 6N135F 6N135FSC
6N135G 6N135ISO 6N135-L 6N135LASTBUY 6N135M
6N135MPQ50 6N135NL 6N135OPTION3 6N135-PULLS 6N135R2
6N135S 6N135SD 6N135SDL 6N135SDM 6N135SDV
6N135SDVM 6N135S-L 6N135SM 6N135SMTR 6N135SSMD-8LITEON
6N135STA 6N135S-TA1 6N135S-TA1-L 6N135STA1PBF 6N135SV
6N135SVM 6N135TP1 6N135V 6N135VM 6N135W
6N135WV 6N135-X007 6N135-X007T 6N135-X017 6N136
6N136-000E 6N136-000EPBFREE 6N136-00ME 6N136#010 6N136-020
6N136-020E 6N136060E 6N136300 6N136-300E 6N136-300EAVAGO
6N136300EPBF 6N136-30ME 6N136-320E 6N136-500E 6N136-50ME
6N1365153 6N136-520 6N136-520E 6N136-560E 6N1366N136-L6N136
6N136DIP8TRANS 6N136DVM 6N136F 6N136FDIP81- 6N136M
6N136M-V 6N136PREPED 6N136S 6N136SD 6N136SDL
6N136SDVM 6N136SIEMENS 6N136S-L 6N136SM 6N136SMD
6N136S-TA1-LROHS 6N136STASMD-8 6N136STA-V 6N136SV 6N136SVM
6N136TH 6N136TP1 6N136TSR2VM 6N136TSVM 6N136TVM
6N136-U150A 6N136-U250A 6N136-V 6N136VM 6N136W
6N136WV 6N136-X001 6N136X006 6N136-X007 6N136-X007T
6N136-X009 6N136-X009T 6N136-X016 6N136-X017 6N136-X017T
6N136-X019T 6N137 6N137-000E 6N137-00ME 6N137-020E
6N137#060 6N137#300 6N137-300E 6N137-320E 6N137#500
6N137-500E 6N137-500E000E 6N137-500EAVAGO 6N137500EPBF 6N137-50ME
6N137-520E 6N137-560E 6N1375D 6N137A 6N137AGI
6N137A-X001 6N137A-X007T 6N137A-X017T 6N137D09 6N137F
6N137FSCROHS 6N137FSCROHSDIP-8 6N137G 6N137LF1,F 6N137M
6N137MDIP8ROHS 6N137M-L 6N137NL 6N137S 6N137SC
6N137SM 6N137SMTR 6N137SQ 6N137STA 6N137S-TA1
6N137S-TA1-L 6N137STA1PBF 6N137STA1-V-L 6N137STA-V 6N137STB
6N137SV 6N137SVM 6N137TP1 6N137TP1,F 6N137TSR2VM
6N137TSVM 6N137TVM 6N137-V 6N137VM 6N137W
6N137WV 6N137-X006 6N137-X007T 6N137-X009T 6N138
6N138-000E 6N138-000EAVAGO 6N138-020 6N138020E 6N138#300
6N138-300E 6N138-30ME 6N138#500 6N138-500E 6N138-500E6N138
6N138-50ME 6N1385569 6N1386N138M 6N138AVAGO 6N138-E
6N138F 6N138FDIP81- 6N138G 6N138HP 6N138-HP94
6N138-L 6N138-LTN 6N138M 6N138MCC670 6N138N
6N138R2 6N138S 6N138SD 6N138SDM 6N138SDV
6N138SGULLWING8PIN 6N138S-L 6N138SM 6N138SMTR 6N138S-TA1
6N138S-TA1-L 6N138SV 6N138T 6N138-TI 6N138TOS
6N138TP1 6N138TV 6N138V 6N138W 6N138WV
6N138X 6N138-X007 6N138-X007T 6N138-X009 6N139
6N139-000E 6N139-00ME 6N139-020 6N139-020E 6N139200D
6N139-300 6N139-300E 6N139-30ME 6N139#320 6N139-320E
6N1393S 6N139#500 6N139-500E 6N13950ME 6N139-520E
6N1395230 6N139-560E 6N1395DM 6N139DIL-8 6N139DIP8